Thursday, November 17, 2005

2nd Day at Work

Aww, no one commented in my last post?? =( A lil' sad but oh well, i know I will definitely read my blog. And i'd don't wanna regret not writing about it.

So, i figured out why my leg hurts. It's cuz i sat for too long. Funny isn't it? When have a stand up job u want a chair... when u have a sit down job, i mean an office job u'd wish to stand up more.

Ow, my leg... no to mention my eyes... staring at the screen hurts them. But i am much better today compared to yesterday. Much much better.

Time on the job really flies. It just goes by and money comes into my wallet! Just like that. Haha. No la, not cash of course... not yet.

By the way i'm sitting on the floor right now with my keyboard typing this. Stupid la my bro has SPM so i can't type loudly-- he's studying. I'm damn slow, its annoying.

So... one thing i've noticed today, since we were talking about tattoos and piercings, is that... we telemarketeers are so... err... unpresentable? My friend Ce has a lip ring, the other guy has tattoos all over his arms... 2 out of 3 of the guys have their ears pierced and all the girls except the lady in charge, lets call her L, have more than one pair of ear piercings! Haha

Now, i'm standing while typing.

One of the guys, the one without any earrings, haha, who happens to be the most efficient one of us, is leaving la. His last day today. They(the company) gave him a goodie bag, as a thank u perhaps? And i caught a glimpse of a teddy bear in it! Haha.

In the lift, the group of us were chatting, about him leaving and someone mentioned that American companies are like that. So nice right?? He says he has one been working there for a few days, since Hari Raya week.

Really really hope i'd get a souvenier too!!!

Small things like that reduce staff turnover i guess, i'd definitely stay longer to get it. Hehe. Besides, the pay isn't bad. The pay isn't bad at all. It's a lot more than 2 times my previous job's pay. Precisely 8/3 times more than my previous job's peanut pay.

Ohh and we get free drinks!! At first it was just a bottle of water, even that surprised me yesterday. And then i was told the refrigerator in the pantry is full of cokes and some ice lemon tea and we can help ourselves!!! =) Ice lemon tea's goooood!

Hm... what else? Oh ya. Haha. So most of the phone numbers in the data we have is wrong and we have to call 103 to get the new number... but surprisingly though all the fax numbers are the correct. I voiced this out to my colleagues and asked why, Ce said "Cuz life sucks!"

So true.

So when i call 103, an operator will serve u and then the number you requested will be told to u by a recorded voice. At the end of the recording they'd ask u to press 1 for repeat, 2 to be connected to the number. I always press 2.

Somemtimes instead of asking you to press 1 or 2, they ask you to say 'Repeat' or 'Connect'. Or 'Ulang' or 'sambung'.

Haha, yesterday, i was so damn shy at first, dare not say 'Connect'. I kinda MUMBLED the word and the thing would say "the request was not stated clearly' and the line went dead!!!

Haha, now i laugh but i was frustrated yesterday.

Today is totally different, i LOVED it when i get to 'Connect' or it's Malay equivalent 'sambung'. I even looked forward to it, it seemed so fun! Hehe. So cool-- 'Connect'.


Now i'm typing this with my aching leg on the table... Oh yeah, i managed to get my driving license back thankfully... and i accidentally drove with 2 and a half inch heels... oops. Haha, was wearing them and i forgot la after work. Felt pretty normal to me.

Hmm... i'll wear my new heels tomorrow... no, not the white ones, haha, an older new pair? Hahaha. I don't have any heels fetish ok? It's just that when u have a tall boyfriend your footwear grows taller and taller la. Haha.

Shit i haven't figured out what to wear. Not to work but to my mom's b'day dinner after work...

Tiring day ahead, g'nite.

Ps: Forgive (and help me correct) any spelling errors and other errors. It's geting really late


supplementals said...

telemarketing is the best for us lazy slobs.. get paid to sit and talk shit. (hey, it rhymes)
and u get free drinks too, how nice...

beats studying last minute anytime.

sue lin said...

Hahahaha. Yeah. Sit and talk shit. Pay's GOOOOOOD too.

Just have to get used to RUDE people lar.