Saturday, July 30, 2005

Year 1, Semester 2, Part 2

Business students doing in Monash have only 4 days of classes, some even have only 3. All depends on how u arrange your timetable. I'm one of those who has 3 days. Having 3 days of classes has it's drawbacks. Those 3 days are heavy! Classes end at 4 or 5.

Yesterday was one of those loooong days, rushing from class to class till i couldn't reply E's smses. In the final lecture, which was 3-5pm, i sat in right in the front row with my friend D. Boring lecture... uninteresting and confusing. This being my last class, i was worn out. At about 4.30 i complained to D, i said "I'm so tired". And guess what? The lecturer HEARD ME!! And u know what he did?? He went through the rest of the lecture in lightning speed. Hahaha. Happy i could leave earlier, avoid the traffic. But i also know i'm gonna die reading up.

Law lectures and tutorials ARE fun. The stories of cases are nice and u learn a lot. But... that doesn't me happy to take the exam. Ya, it's open book, but i'm still sooo scared larrrr. Have to read this and that and that... and i know la i'm supposed to be a nerd... but... i'm so... lazy!


Jazzy*Pam said...

Only 3 days of classes in a week?? that's awesome! ;) I would love it! but yeah, it does have its drawbacks.

see?? i told ya law classes is fun! u don't study criminal law do u? that would be more fun! *grins*

She's Jess said...

sue lin.. you are so much louckier than me.

my law exam will not be in open book.. tsk tsk tsk..

tough tough tough..

sue lin said...

Haha, yeah Ceryl, 3 days has it's pros and cons. Still.. 3 days is better la, although it's tiring, i mean it's better than 3-4 hours breaks in between 2 lectures.
=) Yup, the subject is fun... will write more about it in my next post

Jess! u have law exam that is not open book??? How can??? I thought all law exams are open book??

Jazzy*Pam said...

MY law exams are NOT open book type. but i wouldn't have time to open book and check anyway, due to the short exam time. we had to write at least 4 pages in 45 minutes! pure torture!

sue lin said...

Really Cheryl? Aiyoh... okay... But it's always not enough time one, my last semester management lecturer told us that students failed not because they can't answer but because the lack time management... very annoying. Give us 6 hours la. Hehe

Jonathan said...

Hah~! heh

i think i told you ive got 4 days in a week
and thats REALLY heavy