Friday, April 27, 2012

Door Trainer

First time buying a home exercise equipment and it has pictures of a man on the box!! :P

DIY - this girl was surprised to find five bars n screws in the box...

It looks nothing like the box. I look nothing like the man on the box

Read the instructions and managed!

I'm da MAN!! I fixed it!!!:D

Wait a minute...

One screw left... This can't be good... 

Oh that's the screw driver/nut bolter tool, it's meant to be left in the box

I knew that, I used it!! The last pic is just for entertainment :) 

Here's the workout i do. 

Step 1: Hang with both knees bent. This is what my teacher calls Lady Legs

Step 2: Bring knees to chin

Step 3: Straighten legs. Lift the bum a little bit more

Step 4: Smile at the camera, that's the straddle! 

For more of a workout, from the straddle go back to lady legs and without touching the floor, go into a straddle again! Killer! I only manage to do that a couple of times. Works the arms, core and the legs. 

What i dont understand is... i can do all that shit but i still have a tummy! =( The other girl at class has a totally flat tummy and abs but she cant do the straddle. Beats the hell out of me!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Twenty Six

Come to think of it, the last time i bothered planning a birthday celebration was when i was twenty one!!!

Five years later

My smart friends surprised me with a lighted candle on the dessert i ordered! =) 

So sweet of them! Was truly surprised =P 

I do not have a close knit group of friends who know each other inside out. I do not have a bunch of girlfriends to meet like the girls of Sex and the City. Out of the six of us that night, each person didn't know more than one person other than me! So glad they were a good sport to show up for me =) 

Just Peking Duck dinner, followed by Koko Black dessert where this photo was taken and then some alcoholic drinks at a restaurant. I was thrilled that everyone got along soooo well! At one point they were all talking about the tv series How I Met Your Mother, a series i do not watch. I just spaced out and watch them talk and even though i dont have a clue to the conversation, i was happy just watching my dearest friends get along!

7hours of hanging out, pretty impressive!

More like perfect =) 

Also on the eve my birthday I had Korean BBQ dinner =) =)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Five Minute Friends

When in Laos, i made damn sure i went Tubing (click here), even if it meant going alone! 

There were bottles of body paint and stencils

 That's Anna's bum being stencilled with a pink heart

Me, Natasha, Stephanie, and Anna 

My Five Minute Friends
In the world of Backpacking, which i did in August and October 2010, Five Minute Friends are friends u meet, hang out with for a bit and then part ways. It doesn't really mean 5 minutes of friendship, it could be a day out tubing in Vang Vieng like this 
or 25km of downhill cycling in the mountains of Chiang Mai 
or a sunrise camwhore side kick in Koh Tao.
Five Minute Friends is just a term concocted by a Korean American i met. 

You are never alone when travelling alone. People are friendlier

I dont remember how i started talking to the Natasha and Stephanie, the Canadian girls but we ended up trusting each in the sense that i'd look after their bags when they go sliding into the river and they do the same for me!

Yours truly with long hair back in 2010 =) 

There's this generalisations that the Japanese are always early. 
Met Nissan while waiting for the tuktuk to go tubing

Being kiasu Malaysian, i got up early to get a longer day tubing. But i ended up waiting for over an hour at "the Shop". The tuktuks that will take u up to the river bank where you float down, will not leave "the Shop" until there are at least 4 people in a tuktuk. 

Nissan and i were the only ones waiting so we started talking. I gave up and went back to my accommodation to go online. 30 minutes later, there were SO many people at the Shop. Lazy 'normal' travellers slept in, only insane Asian travellers woke up early! HAHAHAH

Me cuddling a puppy in front of a make shift flying fox structure. Photo taken by Jeff, Anna's husband

Nice couple Anna and Jeff from Chicago
Bumped into them later on in Vang Vieng, they were staying in the same backpackers as me! 

Flying solo, having the time of my life

The tubing shop that rents out the tubes wrote some Laotian wording and number on my left hand. Systematic method of keeping track of their yellow rubber tubes perhaps?

Wild water theme park by the river. Alcohol served throughout the day, attracting throngs of visitors a year.  
Part two on Tubing, click Here

Monday, April 09, 2012


I knew i parked my car near the Guess and Quicksilver outlets but i couldn't find either one!

To make it an FML position, i decided to buy two bottles of two litre Pepsi that day!

I walked around and around with them! I thought my arms were going to ache the next day.

But guess what, no pain at all!!! I'm strong!! =) Heheh. Four litters of Pepsi, plus 800gram of meat and walk around closed shopping mall? No sweat!

American Pie

My girl friend and i were walking to the cinema to buy tickets to the Hunger Games. We walked pass by a billboard for American Pie: Reunion. She asked me if i have seen it. I said "I havent, have u?"

She said no and then i asked her if she wanted to watch that instead! She said ok n we went for American Pie! We both absolutely loved it!!! Gotta love the part where the main character wakes up with a hang over and WITHOUT HIS PANTS and he uses the transparent pot lid to cover his jewels... And yes, it was shown it in the movie!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Aerial Hoop Beginners

Typical of me to be part of the latest fitness craze!
Completed the Beginners Aerial Hoop course in December last year

Click here to watch Hoop videos of me!

The basic Sprinkler Pose! 

When i first  tried hoop in September 2011, i couldn't even get up there on my own! My teacher had to push my butt up! Hahah

The strength i build in Pole complements hoop. Its all interchangeable =)
Part of strength training is hanging upside down like a bat and doing crunches! Tough! I'm SURE i have abs... but they are hidden by this layer of fat =( I see some of the more advanced girls in hoop and pole are still fat. Worries me. My Nutritionist says that women need to exercise AND diet. Men can get away with just exercise alone. Sigh, being born the weaker sex! I love my food =(

Sprinkler Pose from the front angle =) 

I've always liked my back. Muscular now!! 

Just having fun. Not a pose we learned in class

The Lady in the Moon pose

Its very comfortable sitting there like that =)