Sunday, April 27, 2008


I cant tear myself away

Two or three on weekdays

Five yesterday

Hid in my room from 6pm till now, declined to go clubbing with colleagues.

Just lay on my tummy the the whole evening...

...watching 6 episodes of Prison Break

Should i make it 7episodes for today? All thats left is the season 1 finale!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I hate that i cannot blog whatever the Fcuk i want. But i gotta deal with it.

Anyways, to cut the long story short. Patience paid off. Luck is on my side. Perhaps a wish came true? =)

I am gonna go to a fashion company for an audit tomorrow! =)

Its only a day thingie though. Totally unexpected =) Senior D smsed me out of the blue.

She... or maybe he (unisex name, someone i've never even met) says that i'll be doing vouching, one of the most SIEN part of auditing but whaddaya expect, newbies like me gotta do da sh!t jobs eh?

Nevertheless i am HAPPY!! I LOVE this brand. I wear their merchandise! Their office dress code is casual, i get to dress in their apparel!

No collar shirts and heels tomorrow, i am gonna wear jeans and sports shoes to work, yeah! =)

Ok, enough, i know u can see me smiling already

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Week 5

Happier now that my vibrator is working. Damn attached to it and reluctant to get a new one.

Hahah, let me rephrase that. The vibrator in my phone is working again! I dropped my phone quite frequently a few weeks ago and it stopped vibrating when there are calls and messages.

Never had time to bring it to the repair shop to get a quotation and then ehhhh, suddenly its working again! =) MAGIC!

Other than that week 5 really sucks and i dun wanna relive it here. Last night's steamboat dinner with E and his mom was heavenly though! Great company great food. A couple of cockroaches running about in the restaurant though.

A baby one on our table damnit, crawled under my plate and it jumped on ME! But i will still go back there again. Thats the POWER of Malaysian food.

When we called for the bill forgot about the lil pest, damn cud have asked for some sorta discount? Hahah

And thats Malaysian attitude.

Wednesday morn at work was cool. Did Property, Plant and Equipment sighting. Kinda exciting. Obtained a register of Fixed Assets and randomly picked what i wanted to see. Nice touring various parts of the school as opposed to being cooped up in the office. They have damn good musical instruments in the music room and a student broke this metallic blue guitar... had to note down that one of the assets- the guitar is broken. It was only purchased last year!

Spent most of Thurs n Fri in the office. Reunited with another Ausmat friend, C, we weren't that close in Ausmat but she's so helpful and chatty. And she's getting married at the end of the year!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Left for client's place at 7am. Finished work at 11pm.

Manager was here till almost 7. She drilled us with many whys. Not fierce but very stern. And we were left to do so much more additional work.

To make matters worse my application was rejected by my the company for the ICAA examination. They dont wanna support me if i wanna take that professional paper.

I thought of asking why but i didnt. Damn. Now i gotta call back tomorrow to ask... senior told me to ask and try appealing. Dunno how that will turn out.

Sighhhhhhhhhh, really sad and dunno who to talk to about this, i mean, its really a long story and not many people know my position regarding the stupid exam.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Somewhere in between Seremban and KL...

The wireless is SUPER fast here! Maybe cuz my senior and i are the only two people utilising the college's entire wireless network? The students here are on holiday, lucky them!

All to ourselves! Hehe, all 6 parts Malaysian Dreamgirl loaded concurrently within 5 minutes!
But i havent watched it yet. Busy catching up with blogs, i didnt realize i havent been reading u guys punya blogs since i started work! Over 3 weeks wei. Minta maaf ye?

So, my very first day at (actual) work yesterday:

I stepped in the client's place, tried to make sure that my senior was the first to walk in and i, a couple of steps behind. The clients were super nice and they kinda announced "The auditors are here"

Man, my heart raced as i heard that, its like shit, thats me!

Had lunch first, was brought to the canteen by the Bursar... kinda like equivalent to a CEO i guess! Nice person. Served us drinks man! Haha. Finance Head showed senior and i to our shared room.

Then we set up our laptops in this room in the office which is to be the auditors room for the duration of the audit.

My feet were sweating like MAD. Started working at 2 something and by 3 o clock i already put into practice what we learnt in training: interviewing the client.

A lot less formal than the simulations we did but so insanely similar! I see the accounts assistant and she refers me to the Finance Head, just as in the training!

So thankful that i am blessed with DAMN understanding clients for my first assignment unlike the mean ones the trainings aimed to prepare us for! =)

I know auditing aint as fun as say, modelling but u know... i was excited and happy for a good few hours there. Worked till 9pm and it didnt feel like a drag...

Had dinner in this small town at about 6... the drive feels like i'm on holiday, the trunk roads were so smooth the KL jams at 6pm seemed a lifetime away...

This morning i got up at 7.55am! MUAHAHAHAHA, thats like... 1 and a half hours later than i normally get up. Cooooool =) Got dressed and then senior n i drove to the office which is like 1km from the hostel but wtf la. Hahahahahah

Gonna do a bit of work now...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Week 3, the rest of

3 weeks of training ended with a 'graduation' night - a dinner with family and leaders at Le Meridien!

Back row: C, E, N, MY, LT, C, AL, V, H and me
Front row: errrmmm... i never got his name, HE, JC and Triple C

This is just a sample of us. There were 22 tables there that night. Quite a big group of us assurance people had an after party after the dinner. At a place near work, lol!

E was damn sweet to come all the way to pick me up from the club at midnight =) Thanks baby!

Now i gotta prepare for the college i am gonna audit, sooo sooo lazy! I havent started. Plus i gotta pack! =((( I am driving there, i dont care, so that i dont have to pack light i can pack a whole Kancil full of stuff =P

Whaddaya know, the manager told me that its an elite boarding school, a private-RM20,000plus-a-year secondary school! Come on, the hostel has gotta be decent! Not too much to expect aircon in the room la right? Hehe

Anyways, work laptop disallows msn so i'll be MIA for the whole of next week. I shall be reading True Singapore Ghost Stories at night... or maybe not, hostel and ghost stories aren't such a good mix eh?

U know, some stuff of being an auditor can be really cool. Am gonna get to check out various offices, poke around public companies' financial statements and question them! Indirectly politely accuse them of fraud and money laundering (of course, if they provide proper documents, they are off the hook =).

Damn funny yesterday we had a training session on Anti Money Laundering. Half the class were talking about the upcoming after party on Sametime, which is kinda like msn.

We shown this form to report companies for money laundering... in the form u gotta fill out a name and an ic number of the company u wanna report.

Usually when u see forms that asks for a name, u wud think of filling up your own name right? HAHAAHAH, imagine if someone didnt pay attention in training and then reported THEMSELVES for money laundering. I laughed hysterically. Ok i am lame.

I'll talk about the cons of my job when they come around, when i am in tears. Hey! This week i didnt cry at all! =)

But shit, tummy is HUGE! Have been well fed by my company! Been eating like mad. And the boarding school will provide food as well! Shittttt... is that a good thing or a bad thing?

In the company's HR policies, we are given RM30 a day for outstation work... so if we are provided food, does that mean i forfeit my RM150 for the week i spend away from home???? =(((

Time will tell. Gotta go!

Oh, and a BIG hello to Z, u know who u are! =) Ur ex-housemate in Caulfield N and i spoke! I never knew u read my blog! Hope i dun bore ya!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Week 3 So Far

Another half day off Wednesday! =) The last of its kind.

I've received an email regarding my first audit job next week! I will have to leave for work on Monday and come home on FRIDAY! Or so i gather from this line in the email:

"The job is in XXX. We are staying at the college itself for the whole duration of the audit work. We are expected to finish the audit within one week."

Auditing a college? I have no clue what i will have to do!! Exciting and scary at the same time. Hmmm... i wonder if their hostels are as good as Monash Condo...

DREAM on la...
this is NOT Lim Kok Wing,
this is NOT Nottingham...

So today, I stayed back to do up my homework, chucked my laptop in the safe room before leaving the office to go SHOPPING! Hahahaha

Detailed listing of 16 items i bought for permanent work (i previously bought some working clothes for my internship).

I also got a FREE genuine FRESH pearl from Cosmo Pearls cuz i spent RM50 in Isetan. Kinda kesihan the oyster... the guy actually cut the thing open, pierce its flesh with a knife and out came the shiny pearl as u normally see on jewelry. Right in front of my eyes