Friday, December 23, 2005

Clubbing: My Experience

Starting off this post with a thank u to J, who included and invited me out clubbing last night. =)

Except for a bit of foundation to avoid the very obvious shine on my forehead i get when i sweat, as always, i skipped the rest of make up part of the whole getting ready process. But that's the only diffence between me and other girls.

I do open my messy closet and claim i have nothing to wear! I've never shopped for clubbing. Borrowed stuff from my bestfriend next door. (= That's a poser picture of what i wore... very simple right?)

By the way, that's my new Levi's. Not a clear picture =P Try not 2 expect any clear pictures of me here ya?

Got there slightly after 11? No, i remember the parking ticket saying that we entered the car park at 10.50... Glad it was quite easy to meet up with the others.

I felt sesat for quite awhile at the beginning. Self conscious too. And my contact lenses were killing me, haven't worn them since October.

Was it Is who told me 2 get my drink? Ladies night so it was free. The bartender told me to try gin. So i was okay, gin and coke it was for me. I was also told to bring my glass back there for refills... and i sipped at it... a bit and then a bit more... until it was finished.

Our friends were talking... they said we HAD to open a bottle to get a table. Huh? Stupid, i wonder how much money the club makes at a night like that. Cost us RM380. About RM38 per person. In my head i paniced, was like shit!! Damn it, E already paid cover charge and u want him to pay to open the bottle? Thankfully i had the guts 2 tell them and they agreed to charge only me. Just gotten my pay from my telemarketing job as well as my Monash Open Day job, so i said yeah without thinking.

W asked if wanted to drink, so since i paid so much, i might as well get my money's worth la... not that i did get back my money's worth, not that big a drinker... Squinted in the dark to read the label on the bottle, Chivas Regal. I had Chivas Regal n coke.

Unlike J who didn't know what hit her, it took awhile (and some alcohol) for my self-consciousness to wear off. My contact lenses stopped giving me trouble. After that it was fun. Danced with the girls, danced with everyone, with E... =)

It felt good, u know, not being shy. Felt like staying there till the club closes, felt like tagging along with my bestfriend the next time she goes...

E didn't feel too well and sat down, moved to the beat a bit while seating. I sat him him, doing the same, wanted to be on the dance floor but as long as i got to be with him i'm happy. Actually, i felt that it was nicer sitting down....

Had another glass of gin, this time with sprite, from the ladies night thing. My 3rd glass for the night. The fourth was another Chivas+coke.

A lady was walking around handing out sachets.

There was some Durex promotion going on! Haha. People went onstage to win prizes... they had to do stupid stuff like use the new product in a creative way... Can't really see the stage from our table.

One more glass of gin and sprite before leaving, didn't finish that though.

Would like to brag that i wasn't drunk... but there was a difference lar. Balance a bif off. And i looked right when E asked me to look left. Dumb... Hehe.

But i could still think, i think. Cuz before leaving, at about 1am, since E had to work, i asked W for our change. E paid for me first and hasn't gotten back the balance. I knew that it wouldn't be easy getting the money back if we didn't request for it then and there... after some discussion, they said they'll pay us back another day. I'm sure they would. But i'll have to do a lot of reminding... and when i don't know, since it's Christmas and we wouldn't be seeing them for a few days...

Next time must save up loose change, preferably in tens and keep them handy at a night out like this.

There was a road block on the way home man! So lucky E never drinks... except for accidentally drinking a bit someone else's Chivas+Coke. Got home around 1.20am... before leaving his car i felt my neck itch.

Took a few pictures of myself and took a long shower. My allergy to alcohol hit me bad in the shower. My hands were so pale, i was shivering... got out fast. My skin felt like i had very bad sunburn, it was so tender, i couldn't wrap my towel around myself, it hurt. I loosely put the towel around me, rushed to my room, dressed, brushed my teeth, went straight to bed.

Didn't sleep well, woke up so many times. I felt so cold yet i can feel so much heat coming out from my body! It was so hot under my blanket. Yet i didn't sweat. My whole body itched. My hands were swollen and the skin at my finget joints hurt.

Much better now but the itch would come and go for a few days. Not like i never suffered consequences before. Ice therapy works...

Note: I'm not blaming anyone for anything at all. I am fully responsible for my own actions and decisions.


Joey said...

U allergic to alcohol?? R u ok now? Must be really bad since even wrapping a towel would hurt. need to thank me for inviting u. Well, I had a great time and hope u did, too :-)

Yeah, totally disagree on the sneaky way the club makes money.
:-p But oh well.

Joey said...

Oh yeah, there was a road block? Wooo...good thing Elwyn didn't drink.

Btw, not to worry, at mamak, everyone was settling the bill at Rush. It's sorted out so I think they will pay u asap. :-)

meL.a.Nie said...

next time dun consume ahcohol 2 much since u knew u're allergic 2 it..well,sounds u really do had a lot of fun,minus da contact probs n looking right when u supposed 2 look left..hahaha..funny la u~!

sue lin said...

Joey, of course must thank u! =) Had lotsa fun!

Yup, i'm allergic. But i'm also stubborn. Hoping to build some sort of resistance or something la, i've heard of quite a few people who were once allergic.

Hehe, Melanie that means i won't drink any less la. I know i know 5 glasses is a lot, my bestfriend who goes clubbing regularly says so. So i'll set my limit at 5 glasses... dun wanna suffer a worse allergy. Plus, fattening la alcohol and soft drinks!

Hehe, i forgot to write about other funny things i did man... i started dancing in the shower! So unlike me. But i'm aware of it and stopped la. Hehe. And i dunno why but suddenly my shampoo smelt soooo nice... normally i'm so used to the smell that i dun notice it. =P

Ya lor Joey, the road block! Such a coincidence right?? Soooo lucky.

Joey said...

Shampoo?'s like Wilson saying his mee goreng was VERY GOOD...but Isabel and I tot it was just so-so. hahaha...

Our senses gets a lil blurry with alcohol

MaS said...

hhahahaha ..... but she got a bad allergy reaction after the alcohol ..... real bad .....

paranoid said...

maybe u should try martinis, i haf got some frens who r allergic too. martinis seems to be fine for them.

sue lin said...

Haha, Joey, shampoo, mee goreng... what next!? =)

Mas, yup really bad, u heard me complain about my feet! The skin on my feet felt so dry and so stretched when i stand after sitting for a while.

Paranoid, thank u sooo much for commenting! Will try that when i get the chance.