Sunday, August 28, 2005


My body, shoulders and knees in particular, are aching as i Blog. Cheerleading practise yesterday(Friday). The dance part was ok, the stunts were what caused me pain and suffering estimated to last at least 48 hours, but it's worth it.

On the contrary to what i once wrote, i wasn't the bottom of the pyramid, i was carried. Hehe. But it wasn't a 'free ride' as the captain says. We are supposed to use our hands to support some of our own weight, hence my aching shoulders.

It was so fun being up there, i actually stood up, but so did a few others la. My legs were wobbly, out of fear i guess?? But i wasn't scared... Captain said to me "Your heart is brave, but your legs are not". Hahahahahaha, got such thing ar?

Apparently with me lor.

My friend, D was scared, so scared she held onto the fire-emergency-water-sprickler-pipe thing on the ceiling. Hahahahaha. We had one of our hysterical laughter phase after practise.

Funny! Fun! But i think that'll be my first and last time being up there la. =( But must be considerate right? I'm not light, takkan expect them to carry me again right? For once i wished i was shorter! =)

Colours of My Day

That's my room! I was hoping u forgot that i recently cleared up my room... lets just say i haven't gotten to this side of my room. =P Look at my pillowcase, blue white and yellow butterflies, looking at it just makes me happy!

What else do u notice?? I'll ignore my picture and then talk about my charity wristbands! Written about them before but gonna write about them again, must brag. I've got 15! FIFTEEN. Hehehe. Go ahead and count!

=) I have a strong liking towards colours. Especially rainbows. Don't know how big this trend really is but it's got to me bad. Almost everyday i'll wear a few of them to college.

And i think the National Cancer Society Malaysia is a genius with coming up with this to raise funds. RM5 is not cheap, i'm a student unlike the owner of the Initial D replica, i wouldn't spend RM5 on those traveling volunteers but these wristbands, i'll look for them.

By the way, good news for girls, if u didn't already know, the wristbands come free with Seventeen and Herworld.

Did u nontice my foot near the label?? =P

Can't stop stressing how much i love colours.The picture on the right features my must-haves while studying. My army of highlighters, brightens up the dullest boringest book.

And my book-labeling thing. Makes me enjoy reading law, after completing each chapter i get to label it! =)

Haha, call me crazy. If u haven't already.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Year One, Sem Two, Part Five

Being in uni... or college, is a totally different experience from school. For one i remember being sooo happy i didn't have to cut my really long nails the night before my first day of college.

Hehe, and then i laughed sooo much when i found out that teacher's day is still celebrated in college but in a totally different way. Instead of making them play embarrassing games and a load of sometimes crappy performances, class times were cut into half so that all classes end at 12.30 and they could go out for lunch.

Now, in uni, i get to meet many different people. I've finally met someone with a lip ring, and we have out so much, i actually forget she has the lip ring. She has got attitude, but she's not a rebel or anything.

Then there's this girl who dresses up EVERYDAY. But she looks good unlike those people who overdo it. She's also in plays and comes to class with make up and blown hair after photo shoots. Don't think she's dumb, she's the one who asks the most questions and answers the most questions too. Oh, and she has a crystal glued to her teeth, she told me they used the same stuff my orthodontists use with my braces.

Then... there's a Miss Malaysia finalist! She has a lot of guy friends... but she's really nice and... kinda rude, but in an extremely funny way! We always laugh together, some of my friends say her laugh is scary and others say it's fake but i know its genuine and to me it's contagious. And she's totally humble about the whole Miss Malaysia thing. We didn't know about it until she appeared in the papers.

Then... the cheerleading captain is really nice! Not like in the movies. She actually spent most of my first lesson teaching me! And she said i learn fast... when i'm not sure that's the case, but she sure did boost my ego. Oh, and she's doing ENGINEERING. I am always amused and like "wow!!!" when i hear of a girl doing engineering. Since physics was never my thing.

Then there are those annoyingly sickeningly rich people. Walk through the carpark, u'll know what i'm talking about. And there are people who stay back many many years repeating the same course or subjects. I don't hate them... i'm just jealous. =)

How can i not be jealous? This girl... she's from Penang, she'd fly to KL for ONE day just to shop. And there are people who have San Francisco Coffee for breakfast often. Shit, RM10 for breakfast?? That's my one college day's allowance. (Nasi lemak RM2.50 for break fast, cheap coffee for RM1.20 and then chicken noodle RM3.00 for lunch and then maybe a snack later...)

Last month i lent my digital camera to Is. When she returned it i looked through the pix she took. Guess what i found? A car parked in college that is a replica of the car featured in Inititial D, the movie. Rich man's son!

"Pa... i want THIS car."

Sunway/Monash students, i'm sure u recognise where this place is.
I closed the old poll, and i checked the dictionary too. The correct past tense for shit is shit or shat or shitted.

10 people voted. 40% said the past tense for shit is shitted and 40% said it was shited with one t. While 20% said it was shat. So those of u who put shited with one t.... correct your spelling ok? Haha.

I've got a new poll up and I made the first vote!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Animal Lover

About a year ago, a few friends and i went to PAWS, an animal shelter, compulsory project for Moral Studies. The other two girls and i didn't like cats, we're dog people... haha.

One of the puppies at the shelter.

Now... the other 2 still don't like cats, maybe even hate them. But i am an animal lover. If my boyfriend had a pet spider i'd love it, love looking at the spider la, don't think i'd touch it. No wait, spiders i don't mind...

If my boyfriend had a pet lizard, i'd love it too. To tell u the truth i like lizards la. A few years ago, my friend told me she was shocked to see this other girl carrying and playing with a lizard affectionately when one went into their classroom. After that, i somehow developed a soft spot for them. Now i find those house lizards cute u know?

I even had a horrible dream abt a lizard. The one in my dream... it didn't hatch from an egg. Instead... err... it just came out of my left inner ankle! Like one of those movies with special effects. And it hurt like hell in the dream. But when i saw how cute it was as a baby, i couldn't kill it and decided to keep it as a pet. It was dark brown and grew big and fat really fast... don't remember the rest of the dream.

I still like lizards despite the scary beginning of that dream. I don't catch or touch any of the lizards in my house, and i still hate the black and white souvenirs they leave behind, but i enjoy looking at them.

Ok, 3 paragraphs about lizards is enough, i've proved my point. Next animal, cats. My boyfriend's family has 5 cats. And throughout our almost-a-year-long relationship, i've grown to love cats. Still can't carry them, don't know how to but i love them. I kissed El2(pronounced el-two) today. Among the 5 cats E has, this really naughty and quite-ordinary looking but pretty El2 socialises with me most. Really smart cat she is, when u call her name she'd respond with a 'meow'. And err... when we kiss in front of her she gets jealous and meows too. =)

Then there's the other cat Anja, short for Manja which means pampered. I know, typical Malay name for a cat, huh? That's what i thought when first told of her name. But trust me, this one lives up to her namesake... Oh! And i lurrrrrve looking at the stray kittens near his house. They are soooooooo cute! Just feel like squeezing them, they're so tiny and they look so innocent when they look at u.

I now love kittens and cats so much that, the other day, when my father and sister were painting i decided to join them. My lil sister gave me a Peter and Jane book to look for pictures i could copy. I found one of a cat and her kittens. I painted only a kitten and my parents said it looks real! What do u think??

To dog lovers out there, like J, i still love dogs! I dun spend much time with my German shepherd but he'll always be my little puppy. And the other day, when i visited my friend D and her sister, A, i had a nice time with their terrier, Gin. Gin's such an active girl, few years old but is still active as a puppy, running here and there and chasing her tail, so cute...

Word Verification

In a couple of my previous posts, i got spams in my comments. So i've put on word verification... Sorry for any trouble caused.

And sorry no posts lately, wanted to write a long one today but ended up chatting... now i'm really tired.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Year One, Semester Two, Part 4

Now that i'm in uni... my teachers from my pre-u are more like old classmates from pre-u. When i see them around, we smile at each other and say hie. Last semester, i had lunch with the accounting teacher.

Yesterday, in the cafeteria i was taking a break from Business Law, i was hugging E. And the English as a Second Language teacher, Mr J saw us. We waved at him and he was smiling at us. Big big smile, then he sat at our table and asked us if we read the newspapers. Haha. He then told us it's banned for people to hug on tv. Since i do read the papers now, i did read that.

My only defense was "this is not tv!". Mr J is pretty cool, just smiled at us a lot and then said he better get back to class, adding "I'm so jealous" before he left. Haha.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Year 1, Sem 2, Part 3

It's still the same, stressful, lots to read, blah blah blah. Of course there's a but. But i found something to look forward to. Really excited about it. Can't keep it from u guys any longer!

When Monash gave us surveys about life in Monash, I picked strongly agree in the multiple-choice questions to the statement ‘Monash offers a lot extra-curricular activities’.

Because... Please don't look at me like i'm crazy when i say i took up belly dancing in Monash. =) Yeah, I did. And cheerleading too.

See, the Saturday before last my 7 year old sister performed ballet for an event, solo. Watching her, i felt jealous (proud also la, but i'm here to blog about me ok? Haha). I never had the chance to join such 'useless things' as my father used to call it.

That night i realized that i should join the belly dancing recently offered in Monash. So i hunted for their notice and sms-ed the gurl in charge. I went for my first class last Wednesday and it was sooo much fun (after i got over my self-consciousness), really looking forward to going for my second class. We have to pay RM3 per class. I think it's worth it.

Cheerleading... i joined because i've always secretly wanted to. Hahaha. I went for their General Meeting but haven't attended practices yet. Looking forward to that too.

I can be the bottom of the pyramid... Good way for me to build muscles... so i can punch u hard if u make fun of me and my cheerleading and belly dancing! =P

7 people voted in my poll!!! =) It's stupid but thank u sooo much, whoever u are.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Been Tagged, again

What are the things that you enjoy even when no one around you wants to go out and play?
1. Read magazines i can find in my mom's room
2. Sleep
3. Go online and play Neopets
4. Or Blog.
5. When i'm done with all of the above, i'll study

What lowers your stress/ blood pressure/ anxiety level?
1. Shopping... works for most girls
2. Blogging... it's J's way of lyfe and it's my therapy.
3. Sleep... cuz i can push away all thoughts. But i get bad dreams when i sleep too much...
4. Read... there's just too many interesting things to read, magazines, books and newspapers! Haha
5. play Neopet games

Tag five friends and ask them to post it on theirs. goes..
Like last time, it ends here.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


The haze is subsiding. As compared to yesterday (Thursday), reached a hazardous state of 304 in PJ, that's where my uni is located. While schools had the day off, we, private university students ate in the cafeteria instead of heading to the medan, Malay stall or the Pink and seek refuge in the library, while some searched for empty air-conditioned rooms.

We found a room to 'study' in (we ate there and chat, mostly). A was playing around with one of those surgical masks. He's is one of a nice design and the guys were creating fashion to suit the 'current trends' since many people were wearing masks or covering their nose with tissue. A wanted to paint his mask black to look like Darth Vader. E wanted the... err.. i dunno what kind.

And we made up stories; we compared our situation to The Day After Tomorrow, where we hide out in that room! Haha, but our 'movie' is titled after the number of the room we were in: 319.

But don't get this post wrong, haze is bad, i don't understand how that Malay guy we saw on the way home could just cycle soooo slowly and so selamba at the side of the road as if he were in the kampung one fine misty morning.

Sensible Words

E and i had a rough day. Everything's fine now. The reason i'm writing this is cuz of a chat a had with my friend. "U gotta help me, what do u think of love?" she asked.

I thought for a second and wrote 'complicated'. Cuz it is, isn't it? Then she asked for more adjetives and words just started coming to me.





considerate, communication

Those are the words i got out before she said it's enough (for her essay). Don't know, but i guess after u've had a rough day with your special someone, u'd think of all the sensible words to describe love instead of 'bliss, heaven, lalala'...

Ps: To those 3 who voted in my poll thingie, thanks sooo much!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Busy Week

Just letting my blogders (pronounced blo-jer) know that i'm having a real busy week at uni. So no new updates for a while k? I'm thinking of adding a new section... i think i'll do that before i write another post cuz i'm tired, i can't really write. See ya.

Ps. about the new section. Comment here ok, if u have anything to say... and maybe, just MAYBE i'll put up a tagboard.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


She'sJ commented in one of my June posts. She said "u asked your blogders to wish u luck..." And that's where i first heard that word, blogder.

Today i found out that it's a short form of blog+reader=blogder in a famous Singaporean Blog. And the blogger said if u heard it from somewhere else they copied her. Dunno if she's just being her or if she means it.

Whatever the case, i'll create my own word la. Actually not create. When i first saw the word Blogder i mispronounced it as blodjer. Haha, dun ask me why. U can see what i wrote in reply to her comment. Only today, did i realize my mistake, Blogder... but sounds odd la, to me... blog... der...

Not nice! I'll just stick to my mispronounced word, blodger. Hehe, but change the spelling la, cuz it doesn't make sense. What is a blod? So, it'll be Bloggere. Rhymes with here.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Letting Out Frustration.

Don't u hate it when people pass the wrong message?

I don't know what exactly u heard but so what if we were just expressing some sadness? Can't we moan and whine a little? Why is it that u have to send such a mean message?? Did we make that big a fuss?? Did I?

And what's the point in joining a contest if we could afford the prize?? And if we won u would have been well compensated, there are 3 ipods as prizes, you will definitely get one. If they only gave one CD, we already agreed you'll have it. Maybe u weren't informed of your share but how indecent do u think we are???

I know u didn't not answer the phone on purpose but why send such a hurtful message?? Why? I was fine about losing the chance to win the damn thing, it's okay, it's just a stupid contest, but the message really hurt me.

I'm sure, she who i'm writing about wouldn't read my blog. In a way, i want her to know how i feel, after all she spoke her mind without caring how i felt.

Oh my god! Why am i such a goody-goody? Here i am, blogging about it to feel better when i should have just given her a piece of my mind! Why the hell did i apologize to her in a message? Damn it.

I hate myself. I should have just lashed out there and then. To do that now would be too late.

Note: To read the whole story, click here and then click on post.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ever Googled Your Name?

I have. There is a Dr. Sue Lin-Chao, who has Dr. in front of her name, so cool and she's with microbiology... sounds cool but i don't think it's that cool.

Then there's Sue Lin Chu... Sue Lin Chong... and eeee, there's a Sue-lin and Julie, sounds so lesbian... let me click on it, haha, no it's harmless, just 2 Chinese ladies in a photograph. A very decent photo, they're in winter clothing and a few feet away from each other.

Then, the medication for diabetes insulin is pronounced IN-sue-lin. But this is not new to me la. In school ppl already related my name to it. That and air suling (distilled water)...

Let's not talk about what i found on page 2.

There are over 10 pages of results, which is good, in a way, no one can easily find my bloggie!

Shit Shit!

Guess what i found when i typed bay-bee-tea?? I hate what i found, and i bet u guys wouldn't know about this. Ever heard of blogshares?? I haven't and i'm sooo shocked! There's this section that says Valuation and apparently my blog is valued at B$2,502.26. What the hell is that??

I thought blogging was just for fun! =( I clicked on my friends' blogshare and i hate seeing other's valued at B$5,000.00++ Makes me feel competitive and err... useless? Like i'm losing. I don't know anything about Blogshares but i HATE it wey!!

Oh and all because of it, i made an effort to put up links. I was originally putting it off. Hehe.