Wednesday, November 16, 2005

1st Day at Work

So tired... could drop dead... my feet hurts and i wonder why, wasn't i in a quite comfortable chair the whole day?

Telemarketing... obviously u'd expect rude people right? But i only got one of those lar... nope, i'm not super lucky... the reason why i only got one of those is cuz most of the phone numbers in the database are invalid. I call and it just goes tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot, toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot. And then i call 103 for the operator to get their number. More often than not they're not listed.

Dumb. The guy who briefed me on the job told me they said the data is one year plus old but he thinks it's older than that. It's obviously MUCH MUCH older, practically (99%) of the numbers are changed. Make that 100%.

The first few calls were ok. Even got a really nice person... it was a wrong number but the man on the phone was real nice about it, even told me he was interested in what the company i'm working for offers. And therefore i get one more "Updated" contact. =)

Those that are not listed become "Disconnected" and we are to have as little of this as possible. But since the data is from the dinosaur age or something, most it is "Disconnected".

So about the rude lady... she was on a break when i called and she was a total bitch. You could hear it in her tone, she was looking down upon us. She asked for my name and I didn't like the way she called me. It sounded like such an insult, just the way she said my name itself.

Left me on the verge of tears.

Luckily, right after that call, my colleagues were going out for lunch. They're real nice, they included everyone and as a group we went out to eat. Just followed them to this hawker centre with cheap chee cheong fun!! Yay!! Actually it's of normal price, but i thought everything was charged at inflated prices since it's THAT area.

We got back to the office building before the break time ended so they played foosball. And they're sooooo nice to include me and my friend who's also new. Oh yeah, the girl in charge really nice too. One of us. But she's not the one who hired us... That's her boss too...

So i forgot about the rude woman. The other people called... receptionists i guess are easy to talk to, not "u little piece of unworthy being" on me at all. Really cooperative and casual...

Ohh... and u know what's really the stupid? I called 103 to get the number of say... XXXX, but they only had XXYX's number... i was kinda desperate so i just took that number and decided to give it a go.

Wrong number and i said sorry... wanted to hang up but the person just carried on asking questions. First it was normal stuff like what's your name and how long have u been working there, fairly friendly and normal. Then irrelevant questions. Like saying "you have a nice name"... and then he wanted to give me his number and wanted me 2 call him! Shit persistent.

Finally, i said "hold on" and called the lady in charge... guess the idiot figured what i was doing and hung up. She then told me not to panic in the future and told me what to do if that ever happened again. Who, me, panicking? I'd like to protest (here) that i wasn't panicking! But maybe i was?

The whole department (about 7 people) were looking at me and enjoying that. Lucky them, entertainment from the newbie.

Guess what? Smart smart, very very careful me left her driving license with the security. How typical. Why do i keep leaving my documents behind?? (Left my ic at the gym before and once in a taxi).

Planned to go later tomorrow but now i'd have to go there early again tomorrow... less chances of running into a policeman.

Know how early i was today? Even after taking the wrong turn and going one big round, i got there at 7.40am. Work starts at 9. The others all arrived after 9.

I sooo wanted to make a good impression/blah blah blah and i ended up waiting and waiting and waiting, irritated... the later i start the less time i have 2 complete my quota... but it's not like i could scold my boss for being late, can i?? It goes the other way around.

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