Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hey... i was just reading J's blog, great stuff. Good link she has there, her darling found it for her. Sweet of him.

Another blog i read tonight: my darling's. Mean... if u've read it and noticed the "p.s. there was a not so good experience ... but it shall not be blogged about .... only a few would know ...." of the Wednesday 30th March post, the not so good experience is refering my cooking. Hahahahahahahahaha, funny.

See... hotelite mate C and i decided to cook la that day, Wednesday. We settled for 'fast east cheap' food a.k.a. porridge. Our concept was, dump whatever we want inside. So there was potatoes, too much carrots, too much onions and too little salt. Hehehe, but it was edible and filling la, for C and i, even C's neighbour from her hometown liked it.

Only HE couldn't really stomach it... i'm not 'merajuking' (is there an English word for merajuk?), i'm telling u it's FUNNY. Kesihan betul, hehe, all the onions went onto the sides of his bowl... and his expression was priceless! I kept on laughing and saying sorry.

But he was nice enough to eat most of it... hahaha, he only stopped when i told him not to force himself. In the end, C and i accompanied him to the Condo Cafe (our back-up plan) where he had a decent plate of proper food. Haha

Ahh... so that was my cooking experience at the hostel. Will there be a second one? Maybe just instant noodles. We want to finish up the leftover minced meat for the porridge. Supposed to have that for dinner today but Block A in the hostel had no water, so i went home, C went to K's house.

Hmm... the next experience i should try is laundry. Haha, i sound like a spoilt brat but yea, i always bring my laundry home for my maid. But i will try laundry one day. Could even be fun, haha, u know, go over 2 C's place and we can scrub clothes together on her balcony like housewives? But i won't wash much. Hehe

Ohh... by the way, C's unit has this little balcony. Mine doesn't. It's really cute. And really cooling at night. On Wednesday night, we each made a cup of Milo and sat there (on the floor) in the balcony drinking and chatting. It was nice.

Err... even if nearly poisoned someone with porridge, that doesn't mean i can't make a cuppa Milo, ok?

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