Saturday, August 13, 2005


The haze is subsiding. As compared to yesterday (Thursday), reached a hazardous state of 304 in PJ, that's where my uni is located. While schools had the day off, we, private university students ate in the cafeteria instead of heading to the medan, Malay stall or the Pink and seek refuge in the library, while some searched for empty air-conditioned rooms.

We found a room to 'study' in (we ate there and chat, mostly). A was playing around with one of those surgical masks. He's is one of a nice design and the guys were creating fashion to suit the 'current trends' since many people were wearing masks or covering their nose with tissue. A wanted to paint his mask black to look like Darth Vader. E wanted the... err.. i dunno what kind.

And we made up stories; we compared our situation to The Day After Tomorrow, where we hide out in that room! Haha, but our 'movie' is titled after the number of the room we were in: 319.

But don't get this post wrong, haze is bad, i don't understand how that Malay guy we saw on the way home could just cycle soooo slowly and so selamba at the side of the road as if he were in the kampung one fine misty morning.

Sensible Words

E and i had a rough day. Everything's fine now. The reason i'm writing this is cuz of a chat a had with my friend. "U gotta help me, what do u think of love?" she asked.

I thought for a second and wrote 'complicated'. Cuz it is, isn't it? Then she asked for more adjetives and words just started coming to me.





considerate, communication

Those are the words i got out before she said it's enough (for her essay). Don't know, but i guess after u've had a rough day with your special someone, u'd think of all the sensible words to describe love instead of 'bliss, heaven, lalala'...

Ps: To those 3 who voted in my poll thingie, thanks sooo much!


yeeli said...

well, nobody thinks that love is easy, but in the process u'll learn a lot. so, dun give up loving yea =)

sue lin said...

Hie Yee Li,
Yup, i learnt a lot, and of course i won't give up. =)