Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cuz it makes me happy

Along Swanton Street, beside the City Hall, a giant chess game was going on between a punk and another guy. The board of the game was the floor and the pieces were half a meter tall.

E and i sat to watch... I wanted to play too, just to have something to blog about =)

And i did. People gathered around to watch... paiseh, malu, i'm no great player. My heart was beating so fast. But it was fun. And yeah, i lost.

Stuck around to watch another game and then i camwhored =)

That happened late April. The pieces are actually very light. Wanna go there again!

Late April was eventful. Crazy housemates and i flew a kite one winding Monday afternoon.

Housemates went to Toys R Us and bought a kite. A $19.90 kite!! Shit... can buy 6 kites from Batu Feringghi (however its spelled) in Penang.

Of course, we never fail to camwhore:

Look at our eyes... i'm looking at the camera. HS and CT are looking up but in different directions! Hahaha, makes you wonder is there really a kite in the sky??? If so, is it to the left or to the right? Definitely just posing! Hahaha

Camwhore until the kite went down!

Its ok, we'll do a sad picture.

We got the kite up in the sky again soon...

Really high. That's little ol' me. Home's on the left, just a few houses away. Thats the country side i have to walk through to get to class. Will miss this path some day

Monash is behind the trees. Can you see the railway crossing? This damn train made me late for many classes.

Once i looked in the wrong direction and nearly committed suicide!

Err... if the train comes from the left, it takes ages to reach the crossing, so its possible to run across... but if it comes from the right, it goes by really quickly.

Housemates and i also had a formal dinner at home. Look at the fooooooood! CT 's a gourmet chef!
Salmon main course! Killer good. And why are wedges also called banditos? We also had the alfalfa sprouts thingie for starters.

And camwhored for dessert!

You'll never get to do this in fine dining restaurants!

Last but not least:

The Burns Street girls. Haha, its common for us in Monash University Peninsula to refer to groups of people by the street they live on.

Another example would be the Malaysians on McMahons Street or the Singaporeans on McMahons Street. Its really funny that one house is full of Malaysians, the other has 5 Singaporeans and that they are neighbours! HAHAHAHA. All getting along very well.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

One Afternoon

The other day... i was walking home from town, carrying my groceries... and this elderly man smiled at me and said "How're u?", the typical Aussie greeting.

Was told that in Aust, u'd have to layan everyone. Be nice to everyone. So i smiled back, said "Good (smiles). How're you??", my automatic reply (if u ask me "how are u?" on the phone u would get me saying that)

Then he asked "where're u from?".
"Malaysia", i said.

"How long have you been here?"
"Three months", i answered.

"Monash Uni?", he asked.

"What're u studying?"


I found that very weird... and what's weirder was that he pulled out his name card and asked me to call him. "I just want to speak to you", he said vaguely, and told me he was rushing off to the ANZ bank before closing...

Looked at the name card. Its so plain. Makes no mention of an accounting firm or whatever. The guy's a director.

E helped me check up the company's ACN number and we found that the company has been deregistered 2 years ago!

Friday, May 25, 2007


U might wanna stop reading now. Consider that your warning.

Why do other people seem to be having so much fun (fr the looks of their blogs), why am i the only one who feels like a damned housewife?

Grocery shop. Cook. Clean. Wash.

Repeat process over and over and over again.

For many, studying abroad is the key to freedom. Not for me. I had my freedom at home, in addition to that i have a car, a credit card for petrol, i can go out almost as much as i wanted and when i go home, i go back to a home with food on the table, laundry done, floor cleaned, bedsheets washed everymonth...

For someone who's not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, i gotta admit i'm pretty spoilt. Not that i get all the material things i want, but i'm spoilt in the sense that i never had to do housework chores cook etc in Malaysia.

Father always believed in having all that basic needs taken care for us kids so that we could focus on our studies...

yet i never do well

How am i supposed to do well now? Haha, excuses.

This is my last year of uni life. I wonder if i can make it through with minimal regrets...

Ok, gotta go.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Every month there has to be a problem with the internet for me:
March. Our internet application took ages
April. We exceeded the limit by the middle of the month
May. The power sockets or whatever u call them aren't working in a few rooms (thank god my room's not affected), so there's no power supply for the modem. Typing this in the computer lab.

But that's not what hurts me... If i were blogging this at home i'd post the comment that stabs me

The assignment was last minute crap. I realized that i was out of topic on the morning the assignment was due. It was the first assignment i ever handed out late (i had about 400 words more to the minimum word limit 20 minutes before it was due).

Wasn't expecting to do well... and i DIDN'T do well. 23/40 for the assignment. But it really really sucks to read my lecturer's comment:

"Language is akward in parts, need to get someone to proof-read before submitting, otherwise good"

WHAT?? The crappy assignment is good?! And of all things, the shit that brought me down was MY LANGUAGE!?!????!!!!

Oh my godddddddddddd. I wrote 11 pages and 8 pages had grammar corrections! Including my abstract. Oh my god! Oh my god oh my god.

And it really sucks that many of the shit mistakes i made was simple stuff that I COULD HAVE CORRECTED ON MY OWN. Urgggggggggg.

Ahhhh! =( =( =(

Sigh... i guess proof reading and lagnuage is THAT important. The one and only assignment i scored 90% in was the group assignment with DL and DL. We spent 3 hours proof-reading (and arguing over) our assignment in the computer lab.


And at least no marks were deducted for my assg being late. And yeah, i purposely misspelled the title of this post.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wednesday Blues

Never had Monday blues at all this semester cuz i get Mondays and Tuesdays off... So its Wednesday blues for me...

Was a nice long weekend (met up with relatives, bought Adidas shoes, Max Brenner, ST's bday, Spiderman )... now i'm slightly depressed cuz gotta start with tute work again. And then soon prepare for the exams. No mood to write up a nice picture post. Maybe tomorrow.

And everyone's prepared or preparing for their mid year holidays. I've got nothing planned and i'm too lazy to plan... makes me kinda depressed.

Oh, and E forced me to weight myself in Melbourne Central. I gained 3.6kg... i'm at the highest weight i've ever been in my life, i'm now 57.6kg!!!! Arrrgh... i cook too well perhaps?

E gained 10kg! Hahahahahaha... thats super funny. But he doesnt look any fatter. Besides his tummy... which housemate HS named Mr. Smith! Hahahahaha... and he accepted the name
by saying "By the time we reach home (long walk from train station), Mr Smith would be hungry"!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

For Once

Been a really lazy and relaxing week with all my assignments outta the way. Just chatted online for hours and hours and talked to MY in Perth over Skype...

Procrastinating is not always bad... i procrastinated doing my assignment last week by reading lecture notes and doing tutorials. Then i started doing the assg.

When the assg was handed out... i became sooo free cuz i've done all my tute work! Hahah! It was fun saying "finish already!".

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Who Knew I Could Cook?

The very basic ravioli bolognese...

However bolognaise is spelled. Out of a bottle. I have a thing for decorating dishes.

And i have been eating more tomatoes and carrots here. I NEVER eat carrots at home. By the time i go home i wouldn't need my specs, lots of vitamin A.

Looks better than it tastes...

Black pepper chicken and tomatoes and left over rice. Lunch.

Tastes better than it looks...

Tonight's dinner. that's E's chopsticks in the picture. Received a "Not bad" from him and silent eating. I loved my spicy fried honey chicken. (Marinated overnight procrastinating assignment... hehe)

Sambal chicken that doesn't look like sambal.

Killer hot but damn good. Housemates and i enjoyed it even though we had to run to the sink many many times to get glasses of water.

Tuesdays are known to be spicy food days... hehe

Black pepper prawns. Looks watery, so i added more black pepper sauce... turned out damn HOTTTTT

Last but not least...

Was wondering what to cook... and then HS picked up this Herald Sun newspaper pull-out on the train. Recipes inside the papers. I saw this and scanned through the ingredients and cooking time.

Simple ingredients, not time-consuming! And we finally get to use the rosemary that grows in the backyard. This is how it is supposed to look like:
I altered and adjusted the recipe a bit... and...

THIS! is what yours sincerely cooked up:

Damn proud of myself kay???? =D Beams, grins and smiles!

Looks and TASTES good okay? U wouldn't BELIEVE how sweet and juicy the baked apples are. The pork's slightly bland... mostly just its natural flavour, some pepper and salt but when eaten with the apples and rice... oh my gawddddddddd.

Housemates loved it! Finished everything that night. Except the salad lar. CT was too busy enjoying the pork 2 touch the salad.

Grins and smiles again!

Saturday, May 05, 2007


DH3:20's issue was on gossip... Which reminded me.

Gossip was a factor.

The last thing A said to me was something along the lines of
"Do you believe that some people hold grudges?"

I said "depends on the person".

"Depends on the person.", he confirmed, nodding. He then turned away.

And that was the end of it. Took him 6 seconds to get over us.

Took me more than six months to get over them.

I still wonder about C though.

But that's all, i just wonder.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Money and Me (Updated twice)

March, i spent A$13.20 on mobile phone calls from our fixed line house phone. Damn upset.

April, i made a total of ZERO mobile phone calls fr our fixed line house phone. There's nothing to be proud of because i knew i was capable of it, as cocky as that sounds.

Call me anal, whatever. I am... what i call a Bargain Bitch.

Saw this skirt i loved at Target, Bayside. $29.00 in March. Not even 20% off. Sadly put it back on its rack.

May, recalls the skirt, wonder how's it... went back to check if its still there. Ohhhh, 50%!!!! More than double the discount i asked for!

Yet, i hesitated...

What do u think? A$14.88 or Rm43. Go for it?

Ps. Love their fitting rooms. Spacious and good mirrors... not those sucky mirrors that stab your self-confidence. The people who designed Target's fitting rooms and its lightings are really smart, if u know what i mean.

Added 4.35pm... Stupid weather... just as i was planning to go out and buy the skirt... i see this.
Maybe its not meant to be...

Added: 8.10pm
. After that update... it didnt rain at all for 45mins. So i quickly got dressed expecting damaging winds and a thunderstorm. I wore a spaghetti strap under a 3 quater sleeve polo tee. Leggings under my jeans. $2 gloves. And the thickest warmest MNG bubble jacket i have.

By the time i reached town... was a little warm... went straight for my beloved skirt, purchased it. =) And then proceed to grocery shopping, i'm making pork chop with baked apples tomorro (promise u a post on food i cooked post one day, and i still owe you the kite flying day, formal dinner and giant chess).

What great exercise it is to carry 3litres of juice and 1kg of pork, tomatoes, lettuce and apples home. 20mins walk. My jacket was BLOODY hot! I was sweating like mad and cursing the weather when i got home. Changed to shorts and spaghetti strap and stood outside in the wind for 5minutes!

At least i got my skirt! =) Housemate says i should have gotten it a long time ago or kill myself! Haha. If u are reading this, hie H S !