Thursday, October 27, 2005

They Speak & 7-Ups-presso!

Sorry for the lack of posts... here are links to keep u busy when i study for marketing and trade finance later.

A very short summary, of the incident, written from N's view.

From another perspective, E writes.

So. Things between me and her... improving =)
Me and her boyfriend. Never see him around anymore.

So, my day today. Worth writing about. And u know i wanna write, been starved of blogging, haven't blogged in days! Stupid exams la! Had law paper yesterday (Tuesday) and... at least i completed it. Hope that is enough to pass. Actually i really really want a credit or above, after all i did read the whole book okay? Read each chapter before tutorials u know? ... but it's law. 40% failure rate. Just have to wait n see.

Accounting today(Wednesady). Sad case. Knew how 2 do most of it but didn't have the time to. All predictions were true.

It's split milk now. I went to Ikea with E for dinner. He's been craving for the famous meat balls there. Honestly... it ain't that great. But the sauce is... but its not hot... =( But still, i was happy after the meal. Refillable coffee!!! Hehehehehehe. Expresso, cappuccino, coffee or tea. And hot milk. Drank 2 cuppas! =) And one expresso. Now suffering the consequences. Headache.

Actually... had headache when i tried to study marketing. But when i start to blog the heachache magically disappeared! Whoa, blogging is more than therapeutic, it has... magical healing powers?? Haha. Or maybe it's just psychological.

So. Drank 3 cups of caffeine. Since it's free and since i'm not shy to keep on refilling, (the damn cup is small ok?), i decided to make cocktails. I loved mixing Sprite with stuff like mango juice, Ribena and other soft drinks... So this time, i thought i thought of a simply genius invention.

I thought i could make sparkling coffee. Hahahahaha. Stupid right? But i thought it'd work. Of course it didn't work out well or i'd be keeping it a trade secret... i could patent it. Sell it.

Haha, wanna know how it went?? Well... i got a glass of 7-Up and a cup of expresso. Poured 7-Up into expresso and a volcano erupted! All the way outta the cup and onto da tray. Then it looked like a cuppucino.

Wish i had a cam phone la. Then i could post a pic of the 7-Up-expresso here and ask u to guess what it is before going into this story. It really looked like a cuppuccino. Like a latte. All that foam. Took off the foam before testing my 'product'. E laughed so much. Never seen him that way! Haha

Er... how should i describe it (besides it being a failure)? Hm... err... u know how soft drinks are full of sugar? Well, just turns out adding 7-up into the expresso is like adding sugar into coffee. With the volcano erruption effect. End of story.

No weird taste and no gassy feeling =( sigh, wanted it to be something amazing. =( =( =(


Then we walked around Ikea. Everything is so nice!! I bought these vases!!! I saw them earlier in a catalogue... when i was searching for furniture to draw for my marketing assignment. I drew this vase and i thought of buying it if i saw it. And yup, i saw it... fell in love with it. Just had to have one. But ended up with 2! Only RM5.90 each!!

So happy with my purchase. Showed it to my mom and my bro, they liked it too. Both of them asked me 2 get all the other colours and i'm u telling u, i will!!! Yay! Exactly what i wanted my mom to say. =)

Ps: I just read XiaXue's blog and i err... really admire her, yup, i hated the whole KL insulting post, but i admire this. Wish i could be like that. BUT her blog is her livelihood, she has to defend it. Mine is just a hobby, a deeply loved hobby. Sadly, my main purpose in life now is to study. And i can't let my blog take my mind off that.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should read this:

Joey said...

Ooooh, nice vases. Saw those in the paper. Yeah, get the whole set.

sue lin said...

Hallo anonymous. Are u the same person who asked me to read Kenny Sia's blog long ago?? Are u some sort of agent of thiers, promoting their blogs??? I'm sooo curious la... u just pop out asking me to read other blogs but never say anything about mine... Hmm...

Hie Joey! Hehehehe, glad u think so! =) Definitely getting the whole set! Have 2 act fast. Hehehe

sue lin said...

Oops oops, read wrongly, i seeeeeeee anonymous. Nice nice, thanks for the add!

sue lin said...

Hie, er, since i have this policy agaisnt editing my most after it's been published for more than a few hours... i can't edit this post.

But i to say, i do not read all Xia Xue's post, too many for me 2 catch up with. Plus i put my friends before her.

I admire the sole fact that she is defending writing about using handicap toilets. I think there is nothing wrong with that. I am unaware of all the other sensitive stuff until i read xialanxue's blog.

sue lin said...

And since i don't wanna post about another blog so much already, i'll just comment in this post over and over again until i've said all i wanna say about all the blogosphere drama.

One thing good about writing in comments is that not many people would read comments. Especially when the post is past. That means i can type like i'm chatting. No need to bother about my language. Hehe.

So, yeah. Erm, i wanted to say that after all that reading i've done i realized a lot of things. I realized that Xia Xue was joking a lot of times. But of course, the bigger the number of your audience, the higher your chance of offending people who happen to misunderstand your joke. Like my friends have been saying. It's the price she pays for being famous.

I was reading some stuff on her and i found that she had 2000 readers last year. And about 4000 early this year. 27000 now. Shit man, sure la she receives a lot of crap and haters. I mean... i only have less than 20 a day and i successfully got myself into a mess.

One of the articles i read about her says "Writing the blog has severed many friendships but it has also made her many new pals". I mean... of course, it's written in a positive light. Making many new pals is good.

But i don't wanna make new pals at the expense of losing old friends. C and i may be alright one day, but i don't think the friendship with A will be revived. It's such a waste. I enjoy hanging out with them. It's fun kutuking him face to face. It's sweet hearing him talk about C when she's not around. Now i don't think i can look at him without thinking he's doubting me all the way.

Sigh. In the past, i've never made enemies... or none that i know of. How did i manange to do that? Well, makes perfect sense to conclude that i keep most of it in, or i complain to a net friend who definitely will not talk to the person concerned. I miss my net friends!

Who are/were my net friends... there's CM... there's JK... there's SD... and RK... and... JH, haha, JH... Then there's BA... and... err... err... AG... and ... i think that's it. The rest are not worth mentioning. Maybe i'll go download icq again.

Been a year without icq.

That's all for now.

No no... ya... er... errr... i relate to Xia Xue la... that's why all this drama crap bothers me.

But at the same time i like xialanxue. So Gossip Girl. That's my favourite book. In Gossip Girl, this girl owns her own .net where she gossips about people. All twisted truths, juicy and scandalous. Minus any photo shopped pix. And all fiction.

Xialanxue reminds me of the book. Like Gossip Girl, xialanxue remains anonymous. Something i don't condone.

See, from the whole mess i got myself into, i learnt, from T and N, that as bloggers we can write whatever we want. But we have to take responsibility for what we write.

That is why i've always put up my real name anyway. To take responsibility for what i write. Xialanxue doesn't do that. At least Xiaxue does.

Xialanxue just slams Xiaxue and eats out of her success. By being anti-Xiaxue, she just rides the waves XiaXue creates. Shit, why am i so poetic? I just mean that, by digging up dirt on someone famous, u are surely bound to receive a lot of attention. 76000 hits since June. That is a lot.

Yup, i get your message Xialanxue, good ones at that. Like the laws u created. Like the "Xiaxue's trademark cycle". All in the link above provided by anonymous.

But remaining anonymous is cowardly.

sue lin said...

The last sentence is specifically directed at xialanxue and her anonymous supporters.

sue lin said...

Correction, N and T said that we can write whatever we want but we have to face the consequences. To me 'face the consequences' and 'take responsibility' are the same. But dunno how my paraphrasing could be misinterpreted, u never know.

That said... erm... i cannot... expect to have the freedom of writing whatever i want in these comments just cuz not many people would read them. Someone is bound to become suspicious of this post with a strange number of comments.

So i'm refraining from writing ALL i wanna write about. If u wanna know, just send me an email/friendster mail/ask me online or in person. I don't mind telling, in fact i want to tell. I want people to know my opinions and my side of the story in dept. But... i also want to know who knows. And that way, the information is not for the public, at least i have a record of who knows. I can also refuse to provide the information... but most likely i'll give if requested.

sue lin said...

Been reading more xialanxue. Want to comment there but better not, not yet. Since i'd attract traffic and they'd see my lastest post that is so dumb blond. Haha.

Anyway, i see now, that people are mad not about the toilet issue on it's own. They are mad about the way she wrote about the toilet issue. Which is said to be very rude. I've never read the particular post. Since, like i said, i don't read all her posts. Can't seem to find the toilet post... will get to it later.

Joey said...

Haha...tot u said u r busy? Told u not to bother bout this whole drama la. haha...notti girl. It's s good s writing 2 posts. :p

Anywayz, u can comment without leaving ur link ma. Unless, u want readers who read Xialanxue to come to ur blog. Lots of funny characters there. Better be careful

sue lin said...

Haha, hie. U got me. I knew someone would.

Dunno, just feel that i should take responsibility for whatever i write/say. But how do u comment without leaving your link??

Thanks for your concern. Guess i was lucky this time. Someone left a comment with a stronger impact.

Haih... i hate myself... should should should be studying.

Joey said...

haha...actually, elwyn told me. Really ah? Who? nvm la. heheh

Oh, bout the commenting. It's up to u la. But if u want, u can juz comment under "Others" than put ur name but not ur link.

Now go study...hehe

sue lin said...

Haha, i see i see... but good also la he told u... feeling bad now! Haha, cuz i really should be studying!!

I feel la, that commenting under others is the same as commenting as anonymous, cuz anyone can put your name there.

sue lin said...

I have 8 days to my next paper, so let me indulge in some drama for a while la...

Ya... so after some more reading. I realized that it's wrong for me to say i admire the way she defends her blog.