Saturday, April 16, 2005

Its been a while since i last blogged. Reason is simple: assignments. One more had to be completed, Accounts this time. Looked easy but it wasn't. Trust me. I thought i could finish copying my rough answers onto the computer within an hour but that proved to be impossible. I dint wanna fight with Bill Gates so i ended up handwriting everything. Even if handwriting IS faster, it still took more than double the time i estimated, making me sleep for only about an hour that night.

It isn't that bad larrrr. I slept from around ten to 12am, got up to do work till 6am then slept another hour, so in total i slept for 3 hours? But i still couldn't get up despite 2 wake up calls. Hehe.

And i get stupid horrible dreams, scary freaky stuff... i dreamt that i happen 2 get a double Decker bed in the hostel. Strange thing was that there were two mattresses on my bed... Then one of my roommates told me that the reason there is 2 mattresses is cuz the girl who used the bed b4 me never... err... never wore what she was supposed to wear during that time of the month when she sleeps. So the original mattress is full of her blood stains. Disgusting and scary. The second mattress is supposed to cover it. Then i don't know what happen but we decided to get rid of the stained mattress... Don't think we were successful in throwing it or something in the dream... and somehow... after that, blood stains keep appearing on me! On the back of my t-shirt. Wet fresh blood, flowing from my neck! But I wasn't bleeding, i wasn't injured. It's not my blood. And no matter how many times i changed my shirt, the blood would appear.

Stupid dream right? Haha.

So anyway, one more assignment done, 5 to go. I've got 3 weeks before the next one is due. But i can't relax or take my time doing the next assignment. Cuz two of them are dued the same day, one of them is a 2500 word management essay, and we all know how much i hate management. They are both dued on Friday, 6th May and the Monday right after that, the 9th of May, my economics assignment is due. That's scarier than my dream. If i don't get it done earlier. That's why i did one part of one of the assignments before i wrote this post. Just one part, long way more to go but i just felt like Blogging

I still feel like writing but nothing interesting comes to mind. Later.


Joey said...

Hey, busy bee. hehe... wassup with the weird dream? hmmm...shud get a dream interpreter to tell u wat it means

sue lin said...

Haha, dunno... i just think i'm stressed out. But i have this book on dreams, so i'd check out what blood signifies... Thanks for the comment Joey! =)