Wednesday, January 26, 2005


So i've decided, i'd go for the party, it's a... rare gathering that won't happen often. I can go shopping anyday. Plus, just last Saturday my bestfrend couldnt hang out with me cuz she had her own farewell/gathering to go to. Settled

Multiple Farewells

Hey, a friend i met in Ausmat called, the one who lives in the same taman as me. I thought she was calling to arrange transport to college this year or something but guess what she called just to chat. That's when she told me she's leaving for Australia soon! On the 13th or 14th of Febuary!

Quite a number of us are leaving for Australia in Febuary! Australian universities start in Febuary, i guess thats when their summer end. I'd start MY uni on the 21st Febuary as well. If i get accepted.

But i won't be going abraod so soon. That is both a good and bad thing. The friend i refered to above, she's going totally ALONE! Neither one of her parents would accompany her, not even for the first few days! Wow! If u read my past post, i had jitters just thinking of moving into the hostel

This Friday, there's a party, sort of a farewell for those leaving and also a birthday party for a friend... 7 of them leaving, not too close to half of them, but i'm going for the fun. And just to be nice i'd have to get them all small gifts. Thankfully i'm sharing with my bfs... err... i mean my boyfriend and my bestfriend. =P

Be back, i've gotta make a choice.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bridget Jones's Diary

Just in case ur wondering, the outing with my friends was a success today. We just hung out, joked around, laughed and caught a movie. Bridget Jones's Diary: The Edge of a Reason.

The movie's great, i'd reccomend it to u. It's more of a comedy this time... not like i remember the first movie well. In short i wasn't so keen on watching this sequel at first cuz i didnt enjoy the 1st, but i'm glad i DID watch it. It's funny, and u don't need to watch the 1st movie to know what's going on in this one.

And, i didnt face any bad traffic today! =)

First comment!

Oh oh... and a few days ago i wanted to give my appreciation to the one who praised my blog. Only one person has done that so u know who u are! Thanks! =)

And also must thank the person who gave me my 1st comment. I was really excited to read it... Too bad it's not a great comment. But then again, at least it wasnt a bad comment either.

First Touch

Hey, B... Sorry i said be right back the other day but i didn't come back.

Anyway, remember i mentioned my emotional time? So, i thought it was over but looks like it isn't completely over... I say so because last night i felt tensed up. And then when i watched this drama series First Touch, which was introduced to me by Isabel, i cried. I don't know why but i found it SO touching... that i cried three times in that one hour!

That's one example. And let's leave it at that. For now

Friday, January 21, 2005

Keepin Busy

Hey hey, B (as in Blog, u know the same way people write "Dear Diary"? =)

I just realized that i've wasted 3weeks doing nothing much. 2 of that 3 weeks were spent being moody and grumpy and sooo emotional. My bestfriend and fellow Pisces said that our kind were going through a tough time then, she read it in a horoscope. So glad we had each other 2 relate to.

I guess i was alright after a good shopping trip! Lots of discounts! And i also decided to start going out everyday like i used to in December. Yea, school friends wouldn't be available now in January but college friends would still be! And i'd better hang out with them before some of them leave for Australia

So, i've got a lunch outing planned out for Thaipusam, hope that'll work out. Then I've got an ice skating trips lined up, i'll have to plan that, i'll have to plan everything, everyone else just bloody won't. If i don't no one will and i'd just be stuck at home going online 3 to 4 times a day and chaffeuring my sister home from school.

Ok, that's not the point, I'm gonna plan an ice skating trip. If possible i'd make it into 2 ice skating trips! Hehe, i juz love skating. And school days are the best time to go skating, u won't get pesky kids in your way. Haha, i just mean that it'll be a lot less crowded in the rink.

Remind me i'll have to send an sms and check my Friendster mail.

Be right back

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Alone, i went to apply for Monash University.

University, damn it, i'm 18, in 2 months and 2 days i'd be 19. And there i was, alone, feeling so lost and lonely, wishing my daddy was with me. So unsure of what to do...

This is stupid, how am i going to study abroad? I've always been eager to study abroad, anxious to. And i've always thought that going somewhere, where u dont know a single soul, would be exciting, since u get another go at a new beginning

But look at me. I'm pathetic. I went to apply for the hostel as well. And then it hit me. It just HIT me, i got scared!

Why am i scared? It was MY idea to stay at the hostel for a few months, just for the experience. So i guess i'm experiencing cold feet??

BesidesI have some friends from my pre-u days who are studying there. Come on, it's just 20km away from home, and i have my car, i can always drive home anytime... only pride won't let me.

Speaking of pride... what am i thinking, pouring my heart out for all to read?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Piercings to be

*Sniff sniff... cough. Smiles*

As u can see, i'm still unwell. But as u can see, as well, i have to write, just have to write.

Okay, so gotta tell u, i plan to pierce my right ear one or two more times in March.

Ok, that's nothing great. But to some of u, this might be. I plan to pierce my belly on March as well. I hope the plan works out... Here's the plan:

My bestfriend, she's been planning to get hers done for some time now but has never gotten around to doing so.

So i decided to decide on a date and we go get it done together. So she'd finally stop procastinating... and i'll have a teman (companion). Not to mention she knows THE place to go.

Please don't tell my parents until after it's done. =P

Friday, January 14, 2005

Still Sick, Still Deciding

I'm feeling no better than yesterday, to tell u the truth i woke up at 11.45am, did what i have to do, which is fetch my standard one sister back from school, ate a donought and drank some soya bean and went right back to bed till late evening.

My nose is itching like hell! =( And i've gotta read up on the majors and subjects and whatever it is on the business and commerce degree in Monash. Can u hear the laziness in my voice??

And can u hear how whiny my voice is?? I just wanna wail and complain to my bloggie here. Why are sooo many people doing the same course as me?? I hate being one of millions... Isn't there anything unique i can do? Isn't there anything SAFE and unique i can do?

Guess not. I keep hearing of people who want to do psychology but are held back by the lack of job prospects

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Me sick

My eyes are half closed and my nose is blocked as i write this. You could say i'm sick, cuz i guess i am. And i thought i have become immune to the common cogh n flu, didn't get these sicknesses in a while.

Guess that's impossible. Since, as stated in my biology notes, bacteria constantly evolves. So some mutated bacteria must have infected me. Stupid bacteria...

Yawn... isn't this a stupid post?

Saturday, January 08, 2005

2nd Hand Booksale

Unlike some people who were lucky lucky, i was unfortunately unlucky. In the booksale. I didn't eat anything for a whole 24hours, except for a Fisherman's Friend sweet Ms R offered me. And two cups of coffee and two carton of 230ml chocolate milk.

When i was downstairs selling my books, there weren't many Ausmat newbies... so i went upstairs, which wasn't easy. Up there, it was no better. Since i had 2 compete with convincing A-grade-sweet-talkers who are friends of mine. Note the last part of the last sentence, friends of mine, so i had 2 give them face and keep my cheap-o prices to myself. Then another friend told me that sales are much better downstairs.

So with my trolley of stuff i went down. Too late, cuz the place was like a market. Hectic. A market with too many sellers and too few buyers. A seller's nightmare and a buyer's paradise. Some of us old Ausmat students were just giving away stuff cuz they wanted to go home, fed up.

After attempting to sell my calculator and all my chemistry, both of which are still with me, i was ready to give up. I mean, i did tell myself that if there aren't good offers, i'd keep the stuff. Guess it's fated that they stay with me?

Fine, i had other stuff to do. More important stuff. Gotta see Monash councilors. And Ms R to certify my statement of results... So, my chem stuff in the trolley went back into my car. Wasn't easy lugging the it around. Stupid hot weather, i started sweating. That's when i felt it, such hardship (a little dramatic but true), i felt like someone in a flea market who didn't sell anything. Depressing. I realized that i haven't eaten too. I only had a cup of coffee for breakfast and a carton of milk. No lunch. Most of the food in the cafeteria was sold buy then.

I didn’t want to end up feeling like that everyday. So i'd study hard this year

After loading my books into the car, i had to rush, two hours left before office hours ends, decided to see Ms R first, since she's always busy. And yea, she was. I'd rather come back later than wait. So i went to Monash, stopped by to talk to a few friends here and there... don't think i was that sociable last year. I guess the time apart makes the bond stronger? At least we get to have a reunion

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Love blogging!

Just gotta add... i thought of doing mass communication cuz i love writing, why else would i blog so much?

university booklet reading

Hehe, another break from university booklet reading...

I'm proud to say i've made progess with the deciding thing. Although i still have a long way to go. So anyway, 4 now, i will NOT be doing designing. Since most jobs that are related to designing doesnt require a degree, it's just advisable. And then i'm 75% sure i'm not doing science, don't think i can take it.

Also, i'm definitely doing twinning, as my father wishes (financial problems). And i'm almost definitely doing a double degree. To feel more secure

I love choices. But i hate choosing.

Since i'm online, i feel like expressing more of my feelings.

I love choices. But i hate choosing.

Arrrrgh, i don't want to study, yet i want to study everything! Mass comm sounds cool. So does Designing, but i agreed that i wouldn't do that. And science is fun, mid 2004 i said i don't want to study it anymore but i felt a wave of sadness when i was in my last lab class. Seriously, i don't mind doing econs and accounting too.

Oh and i'm supposed to have a narrowed down my choices by friday, tomrrow. Was supposed to look through booklets on Monday night but ended clearing up my Ausmat notes and papers(to be sold, hopefully). Then on Tuesday night, i went online and got hooked. Was emotional on Wednesday and wasn't fit to look through the stuff...

So, here i am on Thursday, on a 'break', stating my reasons, as if i was protesting in court.

*Dramatic sigh*



"Like children, our computers can give us immense pleasure and endless frustration in the blink of an eye" is what the display name of an msn contact of mine.

I couldn't agree more. Cuz i HATE my Winamp, don't really know how 2 use it and it refuses to play some of my songs without a reason, it also keeps on playing the same songs! I used to love those songs but i got fed up after a short while...

So i switched 2 listening to CDs. Using Microsoft media player. I don't know how 2 use that darn thing either. Not user friendly, in fact i think it hates me. I have no idea WHY it can't play the songs as they are arranged on the CD, why does it have 2 play the songs randomly? And why is it so hard 2 change that??? Stupid!

In a camp i went to in 2003, the facilitator who spoke on music said that the songs are carefully arranged on a CD for a reason i cannot remember. But i have 2 agree, it is MUCH nicer listening to the CD non-randomly. This CD anyway

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Beginning of 2005

Resolutions. Which includes one on regrets, another on survival, and one on learning a new language. There are minor ones too like controling my jealousy and balancing my time as well as being more soiciable

I think that's about it for now. I've gotta go browse through some booklets on Universities. Just to inform those who don't know, I've recently completed Ausmat (Australian Matriculation), a one calender year pre-university course in Sunway College. I did alright for the final examinations, there are many who did much much better but i am thankful to have quite a few options with my score.

And with choices comes the difficulty of choosing. Which i have to do right now. Got to know what i want to do this year by Friday. I promised a friend i'd tell her by Friday, a good deadline, a not too distant deadline. Time is running out