Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weird Day

Normal - Traffic jams in the city for no reason

Not normal - Traffic jams in the city caused by cows going mad! E slowed down cuz the cars in front slowed down. Saw a heard of cows in the middle of the road, on the grassy divider!!!

They were panicking. And there was a very active black cow going crazy. I saw it dash across the road in the opposite direction and got hit by a car! The beast flew! And landed on the sidewalk!

The car was dented badly! But the cow just got up and ran again! Shit!!! Pity the driver man. How? Go home and tell your father, "Pa... i banged a cow".

Got home early and it wasnt raining!!! =) I went joggging. Was alone and this guy started talking to me! Shit. Do u always go jogging here, he asked in BM.

Shocked, i looked up and answered "sometimes". I looked at the guy... then he asked me where i stayed. Cheras, i said, wanting to be as vague as possible.

He's not leaving me alone! Asked me if i was still schooling and instead of saying yes, i said "university". He looked younger. Probably 18??

I dunno... before he could ask anything else, i ran away!!!! Normally i walk more than i jogged but i ran bloody hell. Ran quite a distance.

Haha, good work out... if not for the scare, i'd just walk most of the way.

Thank god i wasn't followed.

Lately, my house has been infested with rats. Seen them scurrying around. When i was getting a glass of water on this particular day, at night, i was frightened by something moving in the sink.

Ahahahaha. A little baby rat. It can't climb out of the slippery sink, it's stuck. So cute. But scrawny.

I splashed some water on it... haha, what 4, dun ask me. Ran upstairs to tell my father. Also grabbed my stupid digi cam which really really sucks-- battery is always dying even after just charging, stupid, no pix of the cute thing.

So my father went down to kill it. Poor poor damn thing la. Father poured burning hot water on it. I heard it squeak!!! And it was running about in the sink. Can u imagine the mother rat hearing her baby squeak???

Soon it was lying in the sink, just twitching. Squeak squeak... slowly moved less and less.

Father used a spoon to scoop it and put it into a plastic bag to dispose it. It's body looked hard and disgusting. Yuck. Poor thing la, it WAS so cute.

Friday, March 24, 2006

My Problem// Pros n Cons about Bloggings

My Problem

Oh my god, that person looks SOOO much like ___!! Did he/she get a hair cut??? This person i'm looking at looks so much younger. And his/her posture is somewhat different. Haven't seen ___ in months. Trying to guess if it is him/her, i stared a bit...

In the end, i didn't say hie or whatever it is u do when u see someone u know. Our friendship is already shattered as it is. And i recently did something in attempt to reconcile the friendship (unsuccessfully). Damn it, by not saying greeting him/her, i appear stuck up. And it makes my all effort seem insincere.

I mean, would u forgive someone who claims she is trying to mend ties with u but doesn't even greet ya when she sees ya??

Sigh sigh. I find this paragraph from Memoirs of a Geisha symbolic to me. Just finish the book by the way.

"I'm quite sure she was right. I'd have an easier time over the following years if i hadn't gone on beliving that Nobu would one day forgive me. In the end i had to give up questioning Mameha whether he'd asked about me; it pained me terribly to see her sigh and give me a long, sad look, as if to say sorry i hadn't known better than to hope for such a thing".

Though i really really really wish that things would be like it was, that is not my main problem, it is a problem caused by my problem.

The main problem is i can't recognise faces well

I have a really hard time recognising someone. I need to look and look and think and think before i recognise the face of a person i just met... And because of that i can't really make friends. I mean... here i go talking to someone alot... blah blah blah... i remember the conversation, of course, but i can't remember their face well.

Then i see them around later on and i don't say hie! What the... if u were that person wouldn't u be offended??

In the above case i probably severed an already broken friendship... =(

And in the future it's gonna be a big problem. In business and practically everywhere, people skills are very important to get further in life. Die die die... i can talk ok. But i can't remember faces.

If i'm a witness of a crime scene... i can't identify the killer la, like that.

Die Die... What if i send the wrong person to jail??? What if the murderer is free to roam cuz i can't identify him/her??? That would be a much bigger problem. Sigh Sigh. Stupid.

Do u have any tips for me to remember faces????

Pros of Blogging

1. Blogs are places where people express. Complain. Where they write about their lives.

So if i complain about how i got cheated by a company, others may know about what i went through if they read my blog and then avoid being cheated...

Right now i'm researching a company.

Should i invest RM150 in them?? Would i get my returns?? Their industry is a very very risky one. I have no idea if they are well established... i wish someone has blogged abt them so i'd know more about them. Not much shows up on Google...

By the way, if i do decide to go ahead and invest in them, i'll remove their name from this post...

2. If u go to a therapist, they tell u to write down your feelings, so blogging is a form of therapy.

Cons of Blogging

1. Well, if u complain about a company and u defame them, they could sue you. So most people, would not write the name of the company they got conned by. Therefore, i'll never know if a company is good or not.

Even Ms Famous Blogger is getting her latest post proof read by various agencies.

2. By blogging, conflicts could arise. I lost the friendship above because i wrote down my feelings in my blog.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Year 2, Sem 1, Part 5

Stupid! Busy! Can't blog much. =(

Sold donuts for CPA club for charity yesterday (Monday). Took up 2 hours.

Have to help out with the car wash for MBC tomolo (Wednesday). Also for charity i guess?? Malas la, dun wanna get stand in the sun n get wet... have to change before going to class. Irritating cuz i dun stay at the hostel. Even if i did stay at the hostel it's gonna be such a long irritating walk.

That's why donating blood rocks. So easy peasy. Best charity.

Then got the quiz. Hate that subject! Cost info for decision making. Boring shit sial.

Then got cheerleading. Yay, i'm secretary. Muahahahaha. Happy cuz i just found out that secretary is one step below vice president man!!!

But have 2 do work. Gotta make a list of the committee members. I don't know their full names!!! I dun even know how 2 spell their names! Urg. Please please please dun ask me for the lists tomorrow!!!

Thank god Thursdays are off. But probably have to go to Sunway anyway. Group discussion for international marketing. Aiyah.... assignment due dates looming closer...

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Decided at the last minute to go. Wanted to experience one of these outdoor rave things. Keep seeing them on MTV and Channel V.

Would have been better if it was a day b4 my bday than one day after my bday. Hahaha, then can say that i did it when i was a teenager.

Really last minute. Transport to the rave was available. But can't say i enjoyed the long wait. They left KL for Sepang at 5?? But we only got to the rave at 10.10pm.

In the meantime, i dunno how many people hung out in one 3 star hotel room. Half the room were smoking guys who did something illegal as well. And the other half were ah bengs and skinny midriff-bearing ah lians...

WS and i were sitting in middle. We went for a walk too. I was kinda bored, but have to admit that it was a good experience watching them do the illegal thing. I read about it in Gossip Girl so it's not exactly a culture shock to me...

Still, it was like, wow!

Finally we left for the Limousine Lounge or whatever its called in KLIA. It was fun there... music's good. And it's pretty much what u see on tv. Just no one getting carried by the crowd la...

And the way people dress... hmm... all sorts, from simple Body Glove t-shirts to bikinis... All sorts of people were there. Good looking, not good looking. Different races. There was an uncle who dances as if he's a teen!!! He's with a 3 ladies... all in the thirties perhaps???

Oh ya, it's quite safe there. No stampedes. No molest. Some security...

Have to apologise that there would be no pictures la. I didn't wanna be burdened with a cam. U can stop reading here. The rest would be me just being me...

Err... the group we're with didnt really go into the crowded part... which is nearer to the stage. They stayed at the side, near the drink stands -- more spacious there. Sucked for me cuz i can't dance and they were shuffling like pros which made me so self-conscious that i can't let go and have fun... which made me move less which made me look stupider which made me feel out of place...

And those midriff bearing ah lians. They wore jackets in the hotel. But at the rave the only wore bikini. Wah their stomach is so damn flat ok? And they wore those baggy pants la, hip hop style la. Yet they look freaking thin man.

Drains my confidence away. =(

Thankfully a few of us did go into the middle of the crowd. Where it was more packed and everyone's not shuffling. Better view of the stage there. Had more fun. Less self conscious. =) Happier.

Yerrrrrr... stupid stupid Maxis. Network busy all the time. Just like New Year's eve. But not as bad. But still bad. So damn hard to get transport back. I wasn't comfortable with WS having to make friends with her friend's friends to hitch a ride back. These people drank and smoke, the illegal thing, and i didn't know them. And the ride to Sepang was... errm... thrilling la. Dunno how the ride back would be...

52km... i'm scared of cars wrapping around trees. And we did see an accident on the way home. The car was smashed on the driver's side. And we can see the driver stuck in the driver's seat. He passed out and we can see the top of his head!

Shit. Can't see blood though. There was a crowd around. These are the exact things i'm afraid of. Just too tragic.

I just couldn't trust people i don't know to drive me home. So i called E to give us a ride back. He's sooo damn nice. Coming to KLIA all the way just to fetch me n WS back.

So hard to call him to meet. The music was too loud. I can't hear what he was saying which annoyed both him and me. And i got burned by cigarrette!!!! Owwwwwwwww. We were both in a bad mood after that.

And my poor poor E was so tired. He had triple eyelids. He gets that when he's super tired. And he had to put up with bad-mood me... Thank u so much E.

And it really sucked to see that other people were having so much fun when i had to leave. Why is it better towards the end of the rave?? Exactly around the time i'm about to leave??

This would be my first and last rave. Unless.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Turning Twenty

They say u turned a woman when u get your first period, so what's this about turning an adult when u turn 18, twenty or 21??? Wasn't i already a woman all those years i shed blood??

Haha. At work, all the other girls, i mean women, had lady-like wallets. Sleek. Grown up. While this is mine...

Shit la, embarrasing! But laziness overcomes the embarassment. I bought a nice red wallet some time ago. Only RM50 after 50% discount, but i've been too lazy to start using it.

Fine. When i turn twenty i'll change my wallet. Gotta keep up to date.

Also, after years of not seeing each other, Form2 bestfriend Db started uni in Monash. Glad we could click just as easily! Had a long heart-to-heart recently. Sharing experiences. Made me realize how much we've grown up!

My parents are spending some money on my bro's 18th birthday party. They try to be fair, so if i wanted a party i could have an equally expensive one. But nah, malas.

So one day my mom was flipping through magazines and she saw a very nice, matt silver ladylike formal kinda metal watch. DKNY.

Oooh, pretty! So i said, since i'm turning twenty and i'm not spending on a party, can u get me a watch like that?? She said yeah.


I can't wear a Baby-G forever, unlike guys who can wear G-Shocks forever. I especially can't wear the Baby-G for formal funtions, not like i have any yet, but if the event arises... =)

After all, i've just turned twenty today.

Please note that this post was written in advance and none of the events that happened on my birthday itself was recorded here.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thirrrd Time

They pricked my finger, took a droplet of red red blood and dropt it into some blue liquid, my blood didn't sink! It floated. Was that normal??? I panicked!

Nurse told me i had low haemoglobin. She then asked if i just had my period. Yup, it just ended last week =( =( I couldn't donate. Was soooo sad.

I drank lots of soya bean. Had pork ribs for dinner. Made sure i ate a lot of it. Protein, yum, to build my blood cells!! Hahaha. Had long beans too. Egg (in the form of roti telur) for breakfast this morning. Beancurd (Fu chock and chee cheong fun) for lunch today.

Tried testing my blood again today. This time it sunk fast! But only to the middle, where it floated a bit... But the nurse said i could go ahead =) Yeah!

They increased the amount taken from me. 450cc this time.

Don't ask me what cc stands for but it's the same as ml. The past two times i donated blood i was totally fine. But this time i gotreally tired. And my head was spinning a little... =(

Oh yeah. It's totally fine to donate blood even after i had my tattoo done... the doc did show a lot of concern though. But i was confident that Borneo Ink could be trusted. I'm fine.

The stupid prick on my finger hurts more than the one that goes into my inner elbow... cuz they actually inject something into u before the put in the bigger needle in which they use to drain your blood. Only found that out today.

Good thing i could donate today or i'll have gotta go all the way to Sunway tomorrow although it's my off day and prick my poor poor finger again to see if i could donate. Ouch!

New friend M was surprised i was so eager to donate. She thought i was damn kind hearted. =P I told her "No la"... i enjoy donating blood cuz it's the cheapest easiest form of charity around. U just lie there, do nothing and get pampered...

They also screen your blood for HIV and hepatitis. And would contact you within 2 weeks if u have anything. Which is good, free blood screening.

Muahahaha. Notice the word FREE.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Way I Spend 2

A continuation...

11. When i buy stationary i buy in bulk. Like erasers in a pack of two from Popular. And my pen refills... bought ten of them! Cuz if i buy a lot, i can ask the auntie to give me discount.

12. When there is sale in Watsons or Guardian i stock up on what i need. 10% discount is better than full price... So i buy more n keep them.

Which reminds me. Only one bottle of blue eyedrops and only one red one. Gotta buy more! Hahaha

There's not much left to say already... so here's a picture of my poor poor jeans...

Yeah, it was a bit torn at the pockets for fashion when i bought it. But after years and years of taking my phone in and out of my pocket, it's gotten so bad... which is still ok. For fashion.

But the rip on the right scares me... it's small but what if it gets bigger?? I don't know what to do!!! Help

13. Oh yeah. Same goes for printer catridge. I bought four of them cuz it was on special! Hahaha. It's also good for emergencies... i once had an assignment due in an hour and my printer ran out of ink...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Way I Spend

I'm damn stingy. Even the palm reader can see that. Cuz of family upbringing i told her.

1. If it's supper and i order food at a mamak, i'll just ask for ais kosong. And if i can i take chicken only, who needs the extra calories from rice? Besides we're paying too much for white rice! And if i eat rice, i eat every grain on my plate.

2. I eat chicken noodles at Sunway almost everyday for the past 2 years because it's cheap RM3 and there's lots of chicken. But ahhhrg, why did i have to get sick of it this year?? Why? =(

3. I hardly ever buy tops above RM25. Yeah. That's me. That's why my wardrobe has been turning ugly... i guess i'll have to change this.

4. I hardly buy pants. Full stop. I wear the same old jeans all the time. It's getting torn... =( I'll blog about it one day.

5. Skirts... are brandless. Unless i'm with mommy... hehe.

6. I don't call. I sms. And if i have something to say but it can wait, and the person i need to sms is a 012 user, i'll wait till i'm in Monash to send the sms. Just 1 cent.

7. I know all the Hotlink rates. And top up card prices and their validity date. I know which shop sells RM60 top up cards for RM57.50.

8. I never watch movies unless it's free, or student priced. Unless a group of friends i've never seen in ages asks me to watch a movie on the weekend, then i have no choice.

9. I try to pump petrol only before 11am. So that i get more petrol. U know, because it megecuts at night and mengembangs (expands) during the hot day? Shitty right me??? =P

10. Never take cabs. If i can't drive i'll take LRT or the bus, even if i have to walk. Haven't taken the bus in a long time though. Hehe =P

What about u?? U can't be worse than me...

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Year 2, Sem 1, Part 4

Note: I'm a geek, i'm a geek!! =) Skip this post!!!

Man, i'm a sucker for certificates (certs). In school, it was really shit to get one stupid piece of paper. Needed to accumulate hell a lot of points. And an event like Merentas Desa only gives you 2 miserable points... Managed to get about one or two.

One or two ertificates, not points.

In University i couldn't be bothered much the 1st semester. Only joined the Monash Business Club by mistake. Hahahaha, i thought i was signing up for Monash University Students Association (Musa) but oops!

Second sem however, i suddenly recalled the way i was in form 5. Hence my active participation in cheerleading, belly dancing and thanks to the very very sweet and supportive editor (i joined the editorial department of the Monash Business Club), i did the bare minimum to get a certificate for the Business Club! It's so pretty!!!

Too bad there's no cert for cheer n belly dancing... gotta talk to captain... wanna get a cert 4 cheer. Hehehehe.

This time i joined the CPA Australia, it's an accounting club. They're very active. And i guess i need to go for their talks and stuff. I'm sooo clueless about the Big 4 accounting firms and whatnot... time to learn! In addition to collecting another cert... =P

Besides my friend, she's the vice president, is sooo nice! Introducing me here and there!! And sms me with info, in addition to emails to remind me! Urg, gotta drag myself to university for 6 hours tomorrow. It's a Saturday, damn it!!

But to be positive... who knows, at the end of the day i might have many new friends! =)

Next cert i'm gonna collect... drumrolls please... A CERT FOR DONATING BLOOD!!! Yeah man!!! I saw their poster in the cafeteria, blood donation drive next week! Who-hoooooo, yay! I'm so happy!! So happy!!! Come join me?

I get so excited when i get to donate blood!


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Friday, March 10, 2006

Year 2, Sem 1, Part 3

Was stressed over was cheerleading, captain put me in charge of the notice board for induction week. Where all clubs n societies set up a booth, kinda like a drive to get new members... Once preparations were done and the booth was set up, it was fun meeting up with the other girls and guys on the team to jaga the booth.

D and i taking pix! =) My face was very oily and shiny... but that can't be seen... muahahaha, i edited the pic =P

Yup, that's my uniform at the top right corner of the pic. I like the skirt. But the top... is really really hot la... just trying the uniform makes me sweat, don't like the material it's made off! Plus it's turtle neck and LONG sleeved.

Sadly, we didn't win the prize for best booth. Not even third! =(

Classes were alright. I prepared for Financial Management. It was sooo add maths. I loved add maths... but i haven't used my brain that way in sooo long, that i got frustrated and irritated... smsed J to compain! Hehe

But it was great when i entered class. I wasn't clueless! Hahaha, made me high la. So happy sitting there in class. Mind can wonder and when i start listening again i know what shit tutor is talking about. Made me damn happy! Muahahaha.

And then i know how 2 ask questions cuz i did my work... so 5 marks for tutorial participation, come to me!!!!! Hahahaa... The tutor damn semangat (enthusiastic) too. Make me more semangat. Happy happy.

I actually did extra work for this subject!! Crazy right?? I wanna get High Distinction for it... MUST KEEP THIS UP.

Call me a geek, i really wanna be one!!

Cost Info tutorial was alright, glad to have friends to chat with! But the subject is really dry la... yucky...

And International Business was great! Didn't know anyone when i on the way to class. Outside class bumped into a friend and she said "Neh, u've got a friend" and pointed. I looked at him, he looked at me, we dunno each other. She introduced and that's it, i've got a friend! Hahahaa.

But tutor was great la, she had class activities that got us getting to know all the other students. There was a girl from Sabah... another from South Africa, a guy from China and a couple of girls from Indonesia.

We did this activity...Three things about me is true and one is fake. We're supposed to go around letting others read our slip of paper and they are supposed to guess which one is fake. Can u guess?? Answers in my next post!!

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Love Summer School

Haha, just saying that cus it's over and done with. And made some senior friends... which means people to buy books from! =P

Anyway, what's up with my blog? I can't enter???? It says:

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Huh??? Aren't i the owner??? So if u can see this... well good... but i just hope it's a temporary thing... Hope i can blog longer tomolo!! =) Nights

I wrote that yesterday... couldn't post. Today, when i came online planning to Blog, same thing. Too late now, sorrys! Just came here to register for something. Night

I Love Summer School

Haha, just saying that cus it's over and done with. And made some senior friends... which means people to buy books from! =P

Anyway, what's up with my blog? I can't enter???? It says:

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Huh??? Aren't i the owner??? So if u can see this... well good... but i just hope it's a temporary thing... Hope i can blog longer tomolo!! =) Nights

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Busy Already --Year 2 Sem 1 Part 2--

Note: Boring post, mainly for me to remember, so... u just skip it or read really fast

Yaaaaawn!!!!!!!!! Sooo many things to do but all i wanna do is sleep! Period pain now... sakit... waiting for it to fade... already took the pills to reduce the pain...

What a way to start a post!

What else do i have to do? Yeah, homework... =( Dun wanna do but it says that we have to prepare for at least 9 out of 12 tutorials to get 5% for class participation... so no choice. This is for AFW2361. Err... that's the code for... Financial Management.

In AFW2020:Cost Info for Decision Making, it's worse 10%! =( Really have to do tutorial work now... And to be able to do it all semester round, i'll have to make a good start... aka today... but i'mstill here... complaining...

It really sucks cuz i don't have the textbook... it's of a new edition so we cant buy secondhand PLUS it's not available in bookshops. Great.

The international business subjects are less irritating... but still... have to work hard too... =(

I got back my summer school results. Achieved what i minimally hoped for. Distinction for Consumer Behaviour and Credit for Company Reporting. At first sight i jumped with joy.

On second thought... 67 for Company Reporting??? SHITTTTTTT. 3 more marks and i'd have a distinction. Shit... and i didn't answer 20% question of the paper u know?? Bad time management and only left with 15mins for the last question... i panicked and didn't write a thing for that question... aiyohhhhhhh... what a waste!! Spent too much time on the other question...

My Distinction..... =( Gone just like that!

Ahhh... the palm reader told me that i worry too much about my studies. But i'm actually fine... yeah. I'm fine... A credit and a distinction for summer is the best i could expect for after i sat for me exams... still... if i didn't work all THAT hard and manage to achieve this, why don't i just work harder and do much much better???

That's what i always say to E... why can't i follow my own advice???

And trust me. I didn't study that much for consumer behaviour. Only the night before. That's it. About... 6, 7 hours??? Of course i followed the tips religiously, attended 24 out of 25 classes... And yeah, assignments and miniquizes were okay... about 37/50...

Oh and i DID read ONE set of lecture notes in Cambodia... hahahahaha... cuz E sent me an sms encouraging me to study that day... muahahaha.

That's it la, i've been online TOO long. Shit.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Slimming Programs Part 2

U may have remembered this post... I never followed up. But i guess now's the time.

This is also in respond to Je's post. Initially didn't wanna write about this issue, same reasons as to why (most) people never admit to plastic surgery...

So after the trial i wrote about in that post, i did fall for their schemes. I said to mum "Let's share a package". She would never have given in if not for me.

So we bought a package. About RM500. For 10 sessions. 5 for her 5 for me.

I went once a week for three consecutive weeks. And then assignments and stuff prevented me from going. In the end my mom went for 7 sessions... she just told them i went to Australia... muahaha.

So anyway. It's useless. Completely useless. Painful, boring and a waste of time.

Whatever i lost i gained back by the next session. And it's not like i'm eating more than usual or anything!

The girls working there are super skinny. They wear this baggy lab coat kinda robe yet they look thin. Makes u feel obese, when i wasn't even fat in the first place la... i may have fats in areas i don't like but it's not like i NEED this crap.

Regret i wasted my mother's money. Father doesnt know anything about it. Please do me a favour and not tell him.

So. Each time i go for a session a different girl would assist me. This is cuz the one who is supposed to assist me is on leave on the days i go there. And they're all the same. As usual they measure u up once, before each session.

When they see that my measurements didnt match the 'after' measurements of the last session, they'd ask me if i diet!!! What the bloody fucking hell???

I know i've never said the 'f' word here before but, i mean it, what the bloody fucking hell?????

I HATE DIETS. If i wanted to diet why waste RM50 to see your stupid skinny asses???

Answer me u shithole of a slimming centre, if i had to diet, why the hell should i travel all the way to Midvalley, go round and round hunting for stupid parking and then pay you a stupid RM50 for one stupid hour???

One stupid hour includes

- u undressing in a tiny, high tech room into nothing but a towel and a disposable thong (which i accidentally stupidly wore the wrong way around)... measurements taken... steam (like sauna) for about 10 mins...

- and then a girl would knock on your door and she'll give u a small towel to cover you boobs while she'll put on some sort of bath scrub on your tummy, thighs, calves, arms... even your bare butt... hahah

- go back into the steam thing for another 5 mins or so... they'll call u when time's up. Go get a shower and go back to your tiny room.

- girl would put gel onto you, butt and all... i forgot what's it called but it's mahal shit. You lie on their table bed thing, it kinda look lie a doctor's. The girl would strap u up to machines and ask u if u could feel the thing... she'd increase it to as high as u can take... and leave u there for 30 mins with a bell for u to call her if anything goes wrong.

- they measure you up again and jott it down. Leave you to dress up.

- a drink, that is supposed to increase your metabolism rate would be given to you. Tastes nice. Not sweet at all... they let u see your results and asks u to sign then pester u to make your next appointment...

That's it. That's what went on in the slimming program i took. And no, i didn't lose anything neither did my mom. Except all that money...

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