Thursday, June 16, 2005

When We Choose to Blog is in Our Genes?

Ohh... i was just Blog-hopping and i just found out that J's darling, D linked to my Blog from his! =) So, i was reading part of his blog where he wrote about the rights of a blogger to choose when to write and when not to write. That reminded me of something (and i stopped reading his Blog to come 'ere and write... hehe, sorry! And the song in your Blog is cute, D! I like its.)

So, i was reminded about this article i read about twins. Twins who are separated at birth are so much more alike that twins that are brought up together. There was this pair of twins who were separated at birth... one named her child something like Andrew James and the other named hers the same names but in a different order, like James Andrew.

The article also said that, ironically, twins who are separated at birth didn't write on the same days... get what i mean? Example, i have a twin and we don't know each other... I didn't Blog today, and she doesn't Blog today too. Coincidence. Like that.

Birds and Bees: Then and Now

Second Bloggie that inspired me today: none other than my darling, E. =) He wrote about the Durex promotion booth in college yesterday. He was... appalled by the conservativeness of the staff of the student services department... since they were giving the... err... promoters a hard time over giving out free condoms.

He wrote about how this is the 21st century and how things changed. And guess i've gotta say i agree. My management lecturer (hmmm... i seem to be quoting her a lot...) said that the only thing that is guaranteed in life is change. Sex before marriage these days is common. Here's what i think:
Early 20th century: people get married young (in their mid to late teens). And duh, they have their wedding night.
Early 21st century: people get married older (mid to late twenties). So what if those in their early twenties are doing it? Yeah, it's before marriage... but... aren't they old enough??

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