Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hey, was reading SI's blog. Nice, never read her Blog before. She wrote about her this plump lady...SI, you're too nice, if i were u, i'd call the lady obese. So SI wrote about how Ms Obese rudely squished everyone in the lift in addition to looking awful.

The rude part cannot be excused. But... fat people showing flesh, ugly isn't it? But at some point, i admire their guts. No pun intended. I simply mean that although they're fat, they are daring. I have ugly knees and that stopped me from wearing skirts n shorts for a while. Knees. E said who would look at your knees?

Another person i admire is Gwen Stefani. Love her songs. But can't say the same about her fashion sense. But i really admire her for wearing revealing tops though she isn't huge up north...
I liked SI's ending. She wrote p/s: this is my personal advice to ms. plump: try walking the stairs, you need the exercise. trust me. Cool attitude. Funny too. And also have to thank SI for saying "ooo, cool hair dude!"in E's blog.

P/s: Personal advice to myself. Try Blogging less, u need the time to study. Trust me.


soo imm said...

hey girl!!
so surprised that u visited my blog!
"double" surprised that u actually wrote an entry about my encounter with ms. obese! (yep, decided to follow your cue and call her tat hehehe)
ooo, and elwyn's hair was so cool! you go girl!
just wanna say thanks for commenting and dropping by :)
i feel so flattered hehe.
c ya around!

sue lin said...

Haha, thanks for commenting here, soo imm. =)