Sunday, January 29, 2006

Friday the 13th, January 2006

It's been 2 weeks. But it's something i have to write about...

Happened on impulse... of course, we were both sure,... ready, and we wanted to do it.

And i can tell u, it isn't as bad as it seems. At all. Actually, it's almost really nothing... maybe that's why people get addicted to....


I want another one!!!

But my parents... i told them about the one i got after getting it. They were like "WHY???" and stuff, a little awkwardness, some scoldings but it wasn't too bad lar, said if i were to ask, they'd say no... and NO MORE (ADDITIONAL) TATTOOS OR PIRECINGS... =( Have to obey that... till i start working maybe.

WS went first. She said she didn't wanna see me suffer or she'd chicken out. So there i was, holding her hand... or rather, being... tortured by her iron grip. She held my hand so tight that i was the one crying out in pain..... Haha

THAT's what friends are for.

But after a while, she was smiling for the camera. =) Thanks, E for being there for me. To take pix and to watch in fascination =P

We got a tattoo each on the same part of our body... lower back, right. Coincidence. =) Nice coincidence.

Finally she said, ok, u can go. Yay! I was thrilled. Happy, i would say i wasn't scared, just excited but my tattoo artist, Lina said that she could see the fear in me... hmm... maybe i was afraid subconciously?

Getting started!!!

Oh Oh, Lina's great, she's so nice, bubbly and friendly! I was grumpy before i started but all her chatter made me happy and enthusiastic! She helped me design my tattoo too.

Soon E went back to work and WS was done. WS and Lina were chatting and i just listened in on the conversation. Just a bit here and there.

WS was all "lanci" already! Haha, she started talking about getting her next one, blah blah blah... while i was still getting mine is only halfway done... that bitch! Hahaha. Who was so scared at first ar?? Hehe

What do u perceive it to be? What do u think it is??

The tip of the wings really hurt! The higher up on your back the tattoo is, the more painful it is. And lines hurt more than colouring. Lina said my tolerance to pain is quite high! Yay. I could see the whole ordeal in the mirror on the wall...

And at times i was like, SHIT... MY TATTOO IS HUGE, i didn't know it was gonna be huge! It was so long over my back... took about 45 minutes to complete!!!

WS's was fast! Who asked me to go get something so complex?? The design... was from a catalogue! Serious! Just flipped through a few pages, not knowing what i want and came across it. That's the one i want.

It just caught my eye, in a page full of designs in green and red, i saw this lil creature and... it was love at first sight?? Haha. Of course, i did ask for a few minor adjustments... and i did think about it for a week...


Don't think i should put up a pic of WS's tattoo, cuz it's hers. I'm quite afraid of someone stealing my design... as u can see by the way i possesively label my pix.

Less than a week later it started to itch like bloody dunno what hell. And u cannot scratch! Or it'll get infected!!! Made me so grumpy! Somemore, mine's coloured. If i scratch, the colour may come off.

Can u see where it's peeling??

Took damn a lot of pix cuz i wanna remember every moment. This is supposed to be my one and only tattoo... we'll see about that.


And last but not least... a picture of how my tattoo looks like on me, almost all healed.


No, i dun have a great body. I just have a.... uh... decent back?? If u see the front, u'd vomit, my tummy is... UGLY. Plus, if u stand up straight/sit up staright, ur pix tend to look nicer... just add the label and it's done...

Also, i love Levi's and look at my beautiful curly hair! Hahaha. Support Malaysian Grand Prix too and...

BORNEO INK is a great tattoo parlor! Satisted paying, RM150 for mine.

Happy Chinese New Year!! Hope u've enjoyed my Blog!

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Friday, January 27, 2006


Sometimes the only one u can turn to is your DIARY.

Can't blog about this.

So Dear Diary, i know it's been so long since i last wrote....................

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Time to Let Go

Ever had a pet u loved so dearly leave this world untimely?


Mine ran away and came back with some disease and had to be put to sleep. 9 years ago. A year after Happy's death, i laid white flowers where he used to eat.

Father knew of this and said "My Sue Sue is so sentimental". Didn't know what it mean then.

That was the first time i heard that word. And yes, it describes me.

My pre-teen to early-teen years, i loved the Sweet Valley series. Then i stopped reading them... Found out they went out of print last year. Quickly, i MUST get all books i don't own. Found a girl off the internet who sold them to me for RM2 per copy.

Bought a stack.

Happy with my prize, i picked up one of them and began to read. Oh my God, it's toooo... young for me? It's been 6 months and i haven't read even one from that stack.

Guess i grew out of it.

We were told that we could take our assignments back for marketing last semester. I gladly took mine. Ce asked me what for?? I said i like to keep my assignments. Then she said "Your house must be full of junk".

Hahahaha, she's soooo right! Found receipts of school fees from 2000!! There were so many little time capsules in my room.

Time to trash some stuff.

2005 was... a year filled with many new experiences. So many. From entering university and staying at the hostel, to having my first office job, to crashing my car...

That's just naming a few. It has been one hell of a year. Being 19. So much has happened. Being vague here cuz this is my Blog and all of 2005 are in the archives...

Made many new friends, kept in touch with some of the old and fell out with a few. Regarding the few... I longed for things to be like they were. But maybe... it's time to let go.

As hard as it is. I have to let go.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Creating Waves

Never written about it before but there are days when i go to sleep and wake up the next day with relatively curly hair. I look into the mirror and like it. Then i deliberately skip combing my hair. In hopes of having the curls all day.

Pathetic huh? Haha. Then there are days when i look into the mirror and say i'm so SICK of my hair. It's so flat. Makes my face look ugly and long and round...

So i decided to curl my hair. Against my mommy's word.

Sat there shit long. Played with my cam. Butt hurt.

Gonna change one of my blogging policies. Used to never put up clear pictures of me unless there are so many girls in the picture that u won't know who i am if u don't know me. Unless, u look at all the pix i posted and figured out who i am.

Because i don't see how i can blog about curling my hair without actually putting up a pic...

WS's done and i still look like THAT.

Hair turned out well. Happy with how it looks.

But price sucked astronomically. RM250. Was told me RM120 at max... Stupid, all cuz it's a Saturday. No hairdressing students there. So proffesional did my hair. Yeah, she said that it would have cost RM380. But still.... RM250 kills. And it's only going to last 2-3 months.

Depending how u take care. And i'm so freaking lazy to care of it. And i have to fork out another RM30 or so to buy gel... it's a necessity... I'm too used to having free and easy to manage almost virgin hair... maybe that's why it was ugly before?

Wasn't exactly ugly before, it was nice in fact. If u look at it from behind. But it doesn't make my stupid face look nice la. And yes, i was always proud of the fact that people mistaken my natural hair texture for straighten hair texture.......

Anyway, AFTER i've paid only did the saloon lady tell me she put treatment on my hair. Mannnnn... i only wanted to curl... i dun wanna pay for the treatment... i wasn't told... no wonder it took so long. And so expensive, had to borrow! Found it hard to continue smiling...

Yeah, it's my fault! Why didn't i ask how much it would have cost beforehand??? Must not be shy to ask!!! What happen to new year resolution #1??? =(

Mummy scolded me... =(

Is this worth it?

Argued with E over smses while doing my hair. Then argued with my mom when i got home.

Then argued with my brother. Stupid. That white Kancil in the house was my car for two years and then i came home 2day and referred it as 'my car' and i got a very fierce reply 'it's not YOUR car'.

What the hell? Even if it's not mine alone exclusively anymore, can't u see it's already a habit to call it that? I'm not ready to accept that my car is not my car anymore. Damn it, just thinking of it makes me cry. Shit.

Next topic...

W's b'day / small school reunion
Was fun. Was never close to all of them... but got along more than okay. =) Fun bullying W... Great catching up with C.

Had Chinese food there. Yum. Damn, when i'm done eating every grain of my rice, i looked to the right. Shit, WS did not finish her bowl of rice. Look left, C did not finish hers either. Straight ahead, S didn't too. Shit, is it some sort of RULE to waste food? Aiyoh. Sickening la, i felt so sad.

Girls!!! Eeee, sometimes i hate them man!!!! I wasn't even full ok? My stomach only filled up after i enjoyed a 2 cups of tea, okay?


Ohhhhh... and received compliments from my friends on my hair!!!!! =) Thanks guys. They also complimented me on another thing... =P Will write about that another day.

WS loves my hair too. So much she seems to be scarily sounding lesbian!! Hahahaha.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Super Jackpot Bonus

Stupid, remember this??

Something due everyday this week for me

Just got better.

Presentation got brought forward.

And a million other things had to happen today. Bad day. Plus everything else ALSO has to fall this week. Like trying on our cheerleading uniform. And renewing my driving lisence.

Don't i have enough things to do???

Mafan. Wanna complain but no time.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Torture, Pure Torture

Did not log onto msn... avoiding my group mates for the consumer behaviour (CB) assignment. I haven't done my part! This is horrible.

And a while ago, my friend was smsing me. She's out, having fun. Said she was talking to this hot guy. Don't remember her exact words and can't refer to the sms cuz i deleted it on the spot. Jealous la, she's out n stuff while here i am, supposed to be doing HOMEWORK.

"He's sweet", she said in her next sms.

Aiyoh... jealoussss... i want my boyfriend!!!!! =(

Pure torture.

E also... torturing me! Called me to check on my progress with my work. Shit la. He recited everything i said to him, man! He's got every detail right:
- the fact that i wanted to get into honours,
- the fact that i didn't do well in fat man's class,
- he remembered that i have a presentation for company reporting and a
- group thing for CB...

Wa.. he actually listens to me when i complain about school work! Hahaha, good job, good job.

But... it was annoying lar listening to him... sounded so mocking... so irritating... doing his job... making sure i do well... it's for my own stupid good and i know it.

My parents can make me stay home but they cannot make me study, they won't. I stayed home all of today cuz my mom was pissed at me yesterday -- i went out too much, haven't been studying in the past few days and i kinda did something...

But today, i ended up reading the magazines my mom bought and chit-chatting with her... and also tagged along with mum to watch a bit of the shooting for this new local movie entilted Tiffin...

And here i am. The mere thought of the amount of uncompleted work i have makes me shudder... i couldn't swallow my coffee...

There's a lump forming in my throat. Cuz of anxiety. Gotta go do my work now. After i edit this and bold some words...

P.s. E will kill me for blogging. And i really wonder what'll happen to me if my group members knew i was blogging instead of completing my task... Shit, the thought kills. I do not wanna be known as the unreliable...

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Class Cancelled and Shopping Advice for a Singaporean

Tossing and turning till after 3am, horrible dreams that woke me up with a jolt. Waking up late with thoughts of going back under my blanket and skipping class.

Yet i forced myself to get dressed and travel 20km, fighting the vicious Sunway toll jam. Got a cup of coffee.

Only to enter class and find that the lecturer is not there?? Please let her just be late.

But if she was just late, would i be blogging?? Sigh. No tutorials as well.

So i went over to the computer lab... Receieved this email.

i saw ur comment on xx's blog.. it was the post on kl..
can i find out some shoping places which u feel are betta n more wothy
of d time n $?
would appreciate ur reply..
thanks and cheers!!.. =)"

ASAP, I replied like this...

"Hey hey, wow, she accepted my comment?? =) It really depends on your taste...

If you're looking for botiques, price range around RM25 for spaghetti straps and about RM100 for dresses, Boho style tops for around RM50, there is is Jalan Telawi at Bangar and Uptown Damansara as well as Sri Hartamas. There are many night blubs there as well...

There is also this flea market thing on weekends at The Curve (nearby Uptown Damansara) and there is one in Mont Kiara (i'm not sure about it) but that's risky because u might not find stuff u like and they don't have many other good shops there.

If you're looking for Taiwan-style clothes and espadrilles like XX, Sungai Wang (Bukit Bintang) is a great place. Though some stuff IS ugly, the shop-lots in Petaling Street during the day do offer some good stuff.

Then there are always huge malls such as Midvalley and One Utama (very near Uptown Damansara) with many outlets like MNG, Vinci, Hang Ten, Elle, Guess, Calvin Klein, Padini, Body Glove, Roxy...

Then there are Isetans in Lot 10 (also in Bukit Bintang) and KLCC, but the Isetans here are very different from those in Singapore. During sales, Isetan is pretty decent.

Hope i helped. Any further question, don't hesitate to ask, i really hope u'll have a great time here if u do decide to come. =)

Sue Lin

Please please tell me i said the right stuff!! Anyone else have more tips for her?

Or should i just forget all about my studies, fail everything, hunt down the whole KL for specific bargains and become some tour agent via blogging with posts of good bargains with photos and honesty???

Note: The tips above is all MY opinion, from my experiences as a consumer and a self-proclaimed shopaholic.

Note #2: Shit, i made a grammar error... =P Any further questionS.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Summer School 2005/2006 Part 6

It's not that i love to sleep late, it's not that i love to do my work at the very very last minute. Aka starting to do the work after the 11th hour. At night.

But if i don't feel the stress or any urgency, i tend to REALLY slack. I slept for 12 hours last night cuz i knew today's a public holiday.

So anyway, nothing interesting in my life at all. Just studies, studies, studies. Next week's gonna be tough, i've struck a jackpot.

Jackot of assignments la. Everyday something's due. First Consumer Behaviour Quiz (5%), then Company Presentation presentation (3%) the next day, then Consumer Behaviour group report (20%) on Wednesday and then Company Presentation assignment 2 (15%) on Thursday.

And then on Monday i'll have an individual Consumer Behaviour presentation(15%). But it might be brought forawrd! Urrg. Isn't life beautiful??

So won't be blogging lar for a while. Nothing interesting to blog about anyway. Like if i were to blog now i'd blog about the Consumer Behaviour group presentation yesterday. It was great, 4/5! Yay.

Our group's topic is on Fitness First and it just so happen that our group members all dressed casually to sportily, 2 of us in black t-shirts and 2 of us in white t-shirts. Looks good, u know!

And our group consist of 2 girls and 2 guys. So u have one girl in black shirt, one guy in black shirt and one girl in white shirt, one guy in white shirt. Funny man, it's just a coincidene.

Another group did a presentation on KFC. And right after class, my group mates and i felt like eating KFC! Funny...

Oh, if u happen to come across any e-articles on the fitness industry, do save it for me and send it to ok? Thank u sooo much! Or if u see anything in a newspaper, tell me what page and what date.

Not a very interesting post, right? Hopefully once Friday is over, i'll have something good to write about. With lots of pictures. If the plan goes well. Wish me luck.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

6 Days into 2006

As a big sister, i had to chauffer my lil sis home from school on Tuesday. Incidentally her school was my old school, so there i was in the all too familiar traffic jam, waiting for her, when it hit me. The form fives now are 3 years younger than us! Shit man. We're old.

Not too long ago, my lil baby sister was in pre-school while i was in pre-u. Now she's in standard 2!!! And i'm in my 2nd year of Monash University now.

Yeah, i said i'm usually all happy about the English New Year but nostalgia hit me bad on Wednesday, that's the day i started classes for the year 2006.

Dragged my sleepy ass to Monash on Wednesday morning, felt super stressed because i didn't manage 2 get much work done in my long long weekend. Felt like shit.

Just felt like going to some secluded corner and start crying.

But somewhere along the way i turned positive, thinking that it's a new day, blah blah blah. But it didn't last long, another unwanted trip down memory lane traveled me. I realized that it's the beginning of my 3rd year at the Sunway campus. Already? Shit.

Thankfully all that emotions didn't last long, a shot of coffee and a dose of MKW2402 consumer behaviour kept my mind of the fact that another year has gone by. Again.

After that, rushed to finish Company Reporting assignment, met up with a friend to discuss n check the answers. Can't believe we actually did work continuously from 3pm till 9.30pm!!! No dinner. I was dying.

But working on the assignment wasn't too bad, made new friends-- other people who were struggling with the subject. And don't care what u think of me but i LOVE accounting wan... at the end of the day i was happy n positive already!

Happy n positive until i realized that i haven't typed up all my answers yet... then i was down a bit again and poor E had 2 help me as well as put up with my mood...

Oh yeah, Sunway/Monash has just gotten this canggih parking ticket machines. Like the one in shopping malls -- u get a ticket when u enter and pay using the machines before leaving. Guess it's in response to the phasing out of the RM1 coins. Here's my resit.

See, i stayed at college for 13 hours just to do work!!

After Wednesday, everything's normal for me, i write the date 2006 without accidentally writing 2005 n i attend classes without falling asleep (with the help of coffee)(and i still do yawn till tears fall from my eyes)... just the usual.

Guess i've come to accept the new year?? Ate my favourite Sunway College Cafeteria's dish ever-- Chicken Kuew Teow for lunch and joked about how i'd NEVER get bored of it though it's the beginning of my 3rd year eating that same dish on an almost daily basis...

Speaking of food, i had steamboat for dinner!!! Remember how nuts i was over steamboat a few weeks back?? Thank u E, for inviting me 2 join u and ur friends for dinner. They're so nice, fed me prawns! Haha. And funny la they all, though i dun understand half the stuff they say...

3rd new year resolution: TRY to MAKE AN EFFORT to ATTEMPT to learning A LITTLE bit more chinese.

So yeah, i'm fine. And happy. Though very busy and tired.

And reluctant to carry out my 3rd resolution.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Jinxed New Year??

Could it be with this post, i jinxed it??? I wrote about how lucky i was to never be molested and then 2 days later, it happened to me.

Nothing serious. Happened in crowded, crowded Bukit Bintang, where i was, with E, 3 of my closest secondary school friends- PL, C, A, E's good friend S and S's friend In.

Please note that in, i refer to everyone by their initials, and sometimes initials overlap, so try not to bother figuring out who i'm talking about- u might get it wrong. The initials are for me to remember the events that took place in my life, not for u to 8.

Please also note that this post will be long. And probably not very interesting...

First, a random picture i find appealing... =)

In a blurred snapshot of Bukit Bintang by nightfall,
C's ear... my head... E's eye

Okay so, if u are unfamiliar with Bukit Bintang and how it is like on a celebration like New Year's eve... The street in between Sungai Wang and Lot 10 are normally closed. And in place of traffic jams are hordes of teens, mostly. In the hands of many are those spray cans, containing coloured foam, purchased at RM10 for 3, if u bargain well u might get them for RM10 for 4.

So to get from Times Square to a decent fireworks viewing spot, we had to venture into the throng of people. Somewhere along the way, E's hand was on my left shoulder and i was holding his hand with my left hand. And then i felt a hand on my stomach...

At first, i was sooo blur, i thought it was E!! I actually held that hand with my right hand LOVINGLY. Shitttt, then did i realized how can E have 2 left hands!?!?!

I looked down and saw this unfamiliar disgusting black plump hand... yuck! And i was holding onto it?! I tried to scratch it or whatever, to inflict some pain on the molester but i dun think i was successful. I should have held on tight to one finger and dislocated it.

Didn't tell E nor the others until later, didn't want to spoil the night.

Despite that and all the weaving through the crowd, i enjoyed my countdown.

The night started off with running in the rain. We parked super far away. The others were worried about the weather but somehow i was confident the rain'll stop before midnight.

Dinner at Marche World Restaurant, that's where the other girls met up with us. Haven't seen them in so long and as usual we had sooo much to talk about. We were more interested in talking... that's all we did yak yak yak. Haha. =)

Ohhh, and i'm sooo happy, C said that E looks better than his pictures! =p =) PL said he looks better with short hair...

Stuffed full at Marche

After dinner we wandered aimlessly before going to Times Square for a while, split up with the guys... the 4 of us girls just found a bench and continued chattering away. Haha. The guys seemed bored when they joined us...

When Times Square was about to close we headed out to Bintang Walk, that's where the molest case happened... and C got sprayed with those foam thing in the mouth... and in the process of avoiding being sprayed further, our group got separated for what seemed like forever. Phone networks were busy-- smses did not get through and neither did calls. Luckily, we were lucky enough to be reunited thanks to E...

Aside that, we continued down the street without a destination until we managed to get to the junction outside Giordano's and McDonalds.

The guys wanted to use the toilet there but the queue was too long. E was kinda pissed at me (bad choice of words...) and i heard him utter to S that "they -referring to me- never planned properly", which was true.

C is aware that these kinda celebration goes that way, a lot of waiting and nothing much to do during the long wait till midnight. Still, i felt really bad cuz it was my idea to go to Bukit Bintang, and immediately made a decision-- which was to find a spot to view the fireworks, though it was barely eleven o' clock.

PL helped me out. She abruptly stopped right smack in the middle of the normally jammed up junction and claimed it to be a good spot. Explaining that at the junction we could view firework whether it's from Times Square or Star Hill. We girls decided to stay there while the guys went toilet hunting.

They took about 20 minutes plus plus... =P I know cuz C and i kept looking at her watch anxiously, willing the time to go by faster.

There was still traffic at the spot we chose, but only one slow moving lane, unlike the regular 3 lanes. And the good thing about our spot is there were a lot of policemen around, as well as DBKL trucks and workers who were already starting to clear up some litter. I felt-- and we were-- somewhat safe.

During that long wait, PL started blotting her face with facial blotters... and she offered us some. Gladly A and i accepted, my face was so greasy! Then i burst out laughing.

I found it amusing, there we were, a tight group of 4 girls, standing in the middle of the road at night, in a beautifully lighted bustling city, among many many others, to celebrate the end of 2005 and to usher in 2006, blotting our faces?? Hehe.

They laughed with me and A took out her camera! =)

We're still laughing away!

Looking at the people around us i noticed that some parents brought their little kids to the countdown! Sweet of them but i wouldn't recommend it.

Traffic through that junction ceased. Also around us i noticed many couples. Made me long to be in E's arms =p Haha. What's taking the guys so long to get back us!?

Soon they found their way back to where we were. The wait after that wasn't so long. And it was sort of stupid, u know, the management of Bukit Bintang or whatever never bothered to put up a digital clock for countdown like they do in previous years.

So u had one group here counting down to Zero and then whistling and screaming to welcome the new year, while, at the same time, there was another group there starting the countdown at 10, 9, 8... and then there was an idiot who laughed and booed those who counted down too early... and then more people booed too... and some people thought that the booing indicated that it was midnight already and started cheering... and then more people cheered and hollered... and snowing foam...

But where are the fireworks??

All u had were the monorails honking away real loud... Haha, really unorganised and funny when i write about it.

Red and white helium balloons were released into the midnight blue skies above. Really beautiful and something unique i've never seen before... even if there were no fireworks, i'd be happy!

But E was mad at me again, blaming me for this choice of venue.

"It's still early..................." i said, to him, but more to convince myself, when--

--the fireworks started!!!!

Yay! Saved! Hahahaha. The crowd cheered even louder and it was spectacular. Glad to have the girls with me, to scream crazily with, wave idiotically at each other yelling "Happy New Year" like a bunch of smiling retards =) Glad to have E by my side, as 2005 comes to an end and 2006 begins.

I am thankful to have such great friends and a loving, caring, boyfriend (i'd make second a resolution to try to be less blur, to annoy u less). It's also nice to know that i get along alright with E's bestfriend, S.

To the others who weren't with me that night, i do cherish the part u play in my life, thanks, simply for just being my friend. =)

Again, Happy New Year.

Please Note

This is to inform u that i have made very minor adjustments to my disclaimer. While the second disclaimer has been changed to 'Copyrights'. I have also added a 'Notice' section. So, please read the stuff on my sidebar, yeah?? =) Thanks

And i'm in the process of writing and gathering photos for my long new year's eve post. While struggling with my accounting (company reporting) assignment. Enjoy the last day of your holiday!