Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Thursday Public Holiday

Won't be blogging tomorrow, the day after or anything soon ( if i know what's best for me), so Happy 49th Merdeka Day!

I got the year correct this time right??? =P

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Monash Street Party

Held at the Sunway University College carpark at 6pm onwards. At 5pm it started to rain. And rained. And rained. And it got heavier.

It was so pathetic, i was in the front tent on the right...
There was performances by local artists and an mc and stuff in the main stage. There was completely no one in the middle due to the rain.

Even when my shift ended i opted to stay in the booth cuz i didn't wanna venture out into the rain. Though the shoes i wore were beat up old FAKE Adidas, i love them and didn't wanna get them wet. But when i went home my socks were wet... hm.. so they did get wet? Hahaha

Anyway, so, everyone had the same rational as me- stay in the tent. We were just standing there doing nothing. No one is paying to play the games, the satay man was running late... the hotdogs were good though.. or maybe i was THAT hungry.

Ex-CPA accounting club president told me that this activity costs about RM10000! Shit right? For the events management company, the tents, the local artists i guess and compensating Sunway for using the carpark!

Cheer Club + Engineering Club booth had problems. Selling a set meal-spaghetti and meatballs, a drink and jelly. RM9.00. And their stove is not working! Cheer Captain's face was really sullen, she wasn't her usual cheerful smiley self, she was just sitting there looking at the ground.

R and J went to get another stove and R got into an accident! Nothing serious though.

At about 8 did the rain start to subside and things got better lar. I went over to do my duty at the Cheer Club + Engineering Society booth. Teribbly SESAT!

I suck at waitering! I served well... and then banged the table and the drink spilled! So clumsy! And then i didn't have the brains to think of getting tissue to wipe the table... just left it there until i later! Why am i so stupid?

Luckily after that i was made "cashier", easy easy, just tear the coupons, and count the cash...

Friends who couldn't finish up their coupons and wanted to leave gave me their leftover coupons! Hehehehe. So i could afford the spaghetti, not bad not bad! Had to eat alone though =( All the other girls had the early shift and the captain is busy preparing spaghetti. Her boyfriend's the cook! He really helped out a lot and he's not even from Monash.

They were so sweet together. Made me miss E !!! =( Not to mention there was another lovey-dovey couple around, HR and CL, hugging to keep warm

Not that i was cold but, aiyoh, i was so alone. Checked my phone and saw a long sweet sms from E telling me about the plans for our 2 year anniversary! =) I smiled. But didn't reply. Sorry lar E for not replying. I dunno why i didn't.

Walked around a bit after that. Found some of my friends! Yay! Haha. And took pictures which didn't turn out well. Hate my camera. Actually, i hate myself for being NOT photogenic.

Then i heard my one of my favourite local songs being played! Went to go take pix!
K-Town Klan by Red Dragon, if i'm not mistaken, i don't really pay attention to who sings what, sorry! But i know and like the song lar.

Towards the end of the event, every club was trying to sell off their goods at lower prices. The accounting club too, i tagged along.

Girls-in-black sweet talked girl-in-white's boyfriend into buying fishes for RM5. Poor guy had to give in! And then we made him take a picture for us! Hahaha

Ms President
, who is my "i dunno what am i gonna do without you when i go to Australia" study partner is next to "shitty fat looking" me in red, if u wanna know.

Really grumpy the whole week before event, reluctant to man the booths for the 3 clubs i'm in. Doing so just to get certificates. Usually i am like that before any events- grumpy, irritated. But i end up enjoying the thing.

And thats what happened again. After all the trouble i went through to get the early slots so that i could go home by 9pm, i ended up staying there on my own free will until after 11. =P

Ps. Eh... how to study without 9 highlighters? I feel so handicapped! =|

Thursday, August 24, 2006

What Have You Done to Me?

E! U've MADE me into a morning person! Its barely 9am and i've been awake for 2 hours and fifteen minutes already!!!

This is not me, this is not ME!

I can't even remember the last time i woke up after ten am. Can u?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Then Why Blog?

Been having headaches a lot lately.

Damn stupid assignments, does everything have to be in the same 2 weeks? Cost accounting on Friday, Auditing on Monday, Law and Accounting issues on the following Monday.

Dead.No clue what Auditing is about. Whole lot of theory. If not for the very kind ex-Accounting Club president who loaned me the books he borrowed from the library, i would have given up hope on the auditing assignment before even starting it. Yeah, HW, if u are reading this, ur bf is a great person!! Thanks! =)

Eh... and then. Cheer club, damn, hahahahaha, after months of doing NOTHING although i am secretary, the work started pouring in. And now i'm drowning.

A report for the dance contest. Another report for the upcoming Street Party thingie... Writing is fine with me but what really really really sucks is that i have to get the full names of all winners for the contest. No one knows anyone's full names in Uni!!! Urg, time for me to harass people.

Not to mention drawing up a duty roaster for cheer club for the Street Party. Everyone wants the early slot. Including me. HELLO, MUSA, next time make it at 4pm-9pm lar. What do u want me to do in uni while waiting for the event ar? Not like i stay in the hostel and can take a shower!

Soooooo irritated.

Oh yeah, er, watched Monster House, free! Hehe. On the way home there was an accident and we busybody a bit. Stopped the car, at a proper parking spot of course, to go watch. Aiyoh, car overturned, mowed the grass and chopped some small trees before hitting a big tree. The driver and passengers were already out of the car... the police was investigating and people taking down the car plate number...

If not for my stupid asssignments, i would have went home, got a camera and watched the whole investigation + clear up. Wasted. Nice upside down wreck ok?

Back to the movie. Not worth your money. Assuming u were to pay for it.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Handicap

Born with two left feet: I can't dance!!! Arrrggggggghhhhhhh!!! I screwed up in the contest, i know i did. Too nervous.

Brought a video camera and the whole contest was recorded. But ta-dah! Found out that everything is in the camera except for Spirit's dance! Perfect, i cannot watch it to be assured that i wasnt so bad.

Maybe it is a blessing in disguise. Maybe i was THAT bad, and the fact that the file is missing means i don't have to see how sucky i am. Sigh sigh sigh, winning 3rd place in a contest with only 3 competitors!! Hahahahaha.

Oh well, at least i made friends with these very nice people! Hardly spoken to them before this. The girl in pink beside me is captain of Spirit. One gal's missing, she rushed off to finish up her AFW3050 Financial Accounting Issues. I should have done that too. Underestimated the time needed to finish up the assignment.

We actually finished it in time =P But we had to re-write everything in pen. Didn't realize it'd take us FOUR HOURS! We allocated 2 hours. So we were two hours late, me and my best study partner ever: HL

The both of us copying like mad! E took the pix cuz my cam was lying around. We never realized we were perfectionists. We wanted the assignment to be the best it can be. In the end its turned out a lot worse.

Sat there for 3 hours, copying straight. Hand hurts from being forced to remain in a very unnatural position (holding the pen) for so long. HL said that its like shipwrecks and corals... we are the shipwreck and the pen is the coral that grew onto us. Laughed like mad.

Skipped lunch: we just had banana cake each. She was busy as the president of the accounting club, i was busy with cheer practise. She stained her formal wear in the rush to finish the assignment, i didn't have time to change into jeans. So irritating getting stares from people, never see a girl wear pleated skirt before ar?

Lecturer already left when we handed the assignment out. Had to slip it under the lecturer's door. It got stuck! Ah!

Lunch with E at Sri Hartamas before his appointment of pain, if u know what i'm talking about. Noodles in a crispy bowl. Good but very oily and small.

Unrelated picture, found it in my camera, my little Coco with puppy eyes. Right after her shower. And that thing in front of her is a banana. =P

Ps. I sucked in my stomach in the first picture =P =P =P And i did the put one leg in front of the other trick. Always does the trick!

Now i shall condemn charity.

Condemn the organizers of charity events to be exact. I hate the Forces of Natures Carnival one that is on tonight too. I wanna go!

But to be truthful, how much of the RM80 goes to charity? Hm?

How much of it goes into cost?

The charities i've done in uni. Selling donuts. Dunkin Donuts. We had to buy it at consumer price. By the dozen, and mark it up a lil.

Of course sales are good whenever u say "its for charity". But in actual fact, only a small amount actually goes to charity. The rest goes into the cost. Dunkin Donut are making hell a lot of money from students who run charity drives, aren't they? Its not like they slashed the price so that more of it goes to charity, do they? If they did, do inform me.

And remember those bands?

At least McDonalds disclosed the amount that goes to charity. Only a mere ten cents. How much did each band cost? RM2.90? Or was it RM3.90? But where does the rest go????? To Justin Timberlake for singing the I'm Loving It Song?

And people say its for charity. Right, can i be charity too?

Yeah, i'm a sucker for buying those bands. Cuz frankly, it was not just charity, its also a fashion statement. The for charity part is just to induce you into buying.

Heart softener.

I hate it when people say "its for charity" when only 30% or so of profits or so goes to charity.
Socks for Charity
Sale price : RM10
Cost price: RM2
Profit: Sale price - cost price = RM10 - RM2 = RM8
And if 30% of profits goes to charity, RM8 x 0.3 = RM2.40

So u paid ten bucks for the socks "For Charity" when only RM2.40 actually goes to charity.

The other RM5.60 leh? Big company's pocket is it?

Not fair right?! U make people pay ridiculously "for chairty" when not much of it actually goes to charity.

That's why donating blood is good, all of it goes to the person in need, not like the hospital owner can take some of your blood for himself. =P Hahahahha

Note: None of the statements are to defame Forces of Nature, Dunkin Donut, McDonald, any organizer who coincidentally happen to be selling RM10 socks for charity or any other fund raisers. None of this statements are implying that any these organizations are unethical. This blog entry is solely and entirely questioning the usage of the term "it's for charity" and the detriment the term "its for charity" has on kind-hearted consumers.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oh... Eh... And...

Eh... watched Click with Adam Sandler it in. I cried! Hahahahaha, seriously, i cried. Another one of his movies that made me cry.

Attended a transfer talk, damn it i have to start applying and all that for Australia. Do u know how lazy i am? Arrrrghhhh, i just wanna hop on a plane n have everything settled for me. Makes a mental note to dig out my straight Bs and one stupid C pre-university results. That is all i need for now.

Oh and, E Google-mapped Melbourne. Our campuses are about 60km apart? Really really far, had to scroll a lot! =( Imagine the scrolling translating into minutes on the train? Shitttt =(

At least we'd be in the same city =P =P =P

Eh... Assignment due Friday, another one the following Friday. One more for Monday and yet another on the following Monday.

Oh, small cheerleading contest this Friday! Wish me lots n lots of luck, i totally suck!

What else... ah, STILL haven't gotten the PCD pix. One friend never went online when i am online, the other one hasnt gotten it from the other friend... Urrrg

That's pretty much my life these days. With some Fitness First and... thats about it.

Oh yeah, i'm the base in cheerleading, for the pyramid. Since obviously i'm too big n fat to be the flyer =P Not bad, just doing thigh stand - Flyer stands on two people, the base's thighs. I am base. And i can proudly say my legs dun hurt even after practicing everyday! =)

And my tattoo... it has been soooo dry after the touch up... the skin on my tattoo looks horrible! =( Put more cream... Aiyoh, its just one dot!! Why i touch up ar?

Written n posted on Thursday night, which is actually officially Friday morning already:

Eh... this sucks, lot more to do for my financial accounting issues. And sucks, the fumes from burning too much midnight oil is bad for us. I don't know if i'll have enough energy for the cheer contest tomorrow...

And i've got tonnes of pimples. Not cuz of stress itself, but cuz i keep staying back in university till real late n keep on sweating like a pig.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I will horn less today and henceforth

Promise! I'm the kind who horns a lot. Kancils have two horns, one on the right n one on the left of the steering wheel. The right one is dying... that is how much i horn! (Can't beat D, who totally spoiled hers by the way =P)

Was really scary today. Was low on petrol. Driving along the Bukit Jalil highway, the one that goes past Puchong, parellel to Kesas, towards Cheras. Brother in pessenger seat, lil sis in backseat.

Driving on the right lane at about 60kmh cuz i wanted to conserve the little petrol i had left in the tank. Kinda slow, but the people on the left were slower what!

A glance at the rearview mirror revealed a stupid Honda tailgating me. No idea how fast he crept up behind me since i didnt notice him. He started to overtake on the left. So i slowed down a bit to give him way to cut in front of me n speed off.

Instead, for no damned reason, the idiot went in front of me and deliberately slowed down A LOT.

I horned. My mistake
, but if u were me, wouldn't u be angry? The fella was tailgating u, now that he is in front of u, he slows down?!

Fine, i switched to the left lane. Accidentally left my turning left signal a bit too long.

When i turned it off, the idiot changed lanes too! Looks as if he wanted to stop, i went to the right, no way am i stopping. Drove past and saw the idiot's face, he had his window winded down. The face of a typical troublemaker.

Don't exactly remember what happened but i knew i was playing with fire. Had to play it safe. Drove behind the idiot on the left lane.

He was going infuriatingly slow in front of me. At about 30kmh to less than 40kmh. I had to alternate between 3rd and 4th gear, whichever needed to keep at a safe distance.

It was unbearably slow, cars queued up behind me. Brother said that if he were driving in the Perdana he'd overtake the idiot. Cars overtook us and the idiot. My brother asked me to overtake. I knew overtaking would be a mistake.

Crawled patiently, i had to turn left soon anyway, after the Astro building. A little trick formed in my head. I prayed the idiot wasn't going left. I didn't put on the left turning signal on purpose, i didn't want him turning left...

Stayed alert. After the idiot past the divider, i made a sharp turning to the left.

Thank God the car behind didn't ram into us! Thank God, the idiot made me and the car behind drive that slow. I put my hand up in a word of thanks/sorry to the car behind.

Glanced to the right. HAHAHAHAHA, the damned idiot cannot get me! Not like the stupid can reverse on the highway and then turn left to chase me, he'd get creamed by other cars, which, would be good, but i don't think he's stupid enough to do so.

Couldn't resist lar, horned! Hahaha, then quickly shifted to the 3rd gear, stepped on the accelerator, widening the distance between us and stupid. Changed to the fourth gear and went onto a crowded highway.

Safe. Went to fill up my empty tank at Petronas. My hands were still shaking... none of us spoke in the car for the rest of the way home.

I'll listen to E from now on, he warned me many times to look at the person behind the wheel before horning. Be careful everyone!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Just got this idea to write a lil small bit about Malaysia whenever i blog this month. Just something small as our 49th Independence Day is around the corner.

Don't know why the sudden urge to be patriotic. Just sentimental i guess, i remember how we were forced, each year, for the whole month of August to sing and do things patriotic in school. I hated it sooo much.

But now... 3rd year after graduating, i willingly feel patriotic? Hahahaha, i saw flagpoles in universtity and wondered why they don't have any optional Negaraku singing or whatever every Monday or so...

Haha, if its optional, i'm sure the hall would be empty.

Even i won't promise my attendance. But once in a while, like now, once in three years, i wanna stand up straight n sing the song la...

Haha. Another celebration lies at the end of the month for me as well =)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Malaysians are not so bad

20% off True Singapore Ghost Stories iif u are a member of Popolar bookstore. Damn, i don't have the card, damn the thin book costs RM16, damn it costs RM5 to apply for the Popular card.

So i did what i always do, hehehe.

I find a target, a girl who was at the cashier with her book, the card on top of her book. Hehehe, thicken my skin, smiled and asked "You have the Popular card ar? Can i borrow it and i'll pay u 1 dollar or something". Since the discount for my book would add up to RM3.20.

She said she'll pay together, then i'll pay her back. So i did. And when i wanted to pay her extra, she wouldn't let me. Not even twenty cents!! She chased me n returned it!

I was like, no need lar i borrow your card... n she was like never mind, i use it (the Popular discount card) so much.

See, Malaysians are not so bad what!

Thanked her more than once and read half the book the same day i bought it! Hahahaha.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Vegetarian No More

Yeah yeah yeah, u dunno how happy i am!

Chickens, u shall die for me! Hahahahahahaha.

1901 Soakin Ted (it's just the hotdog, no bun), chicken not beef for a light lunch yesterday before Fitness First. After Bodypump and killing myself further burning 460 calories in 1 hr, ten mins + many breaks, i had my McDonalds Spicy Fried Chicken. Hmmmmm, so happy!

Went to pasar malam with besfriend after ages of not going. Felt like eating everything but too bad i was still full from the McD... damn it... the Uncle Bob's fried chicken looks, smells so good...

Microwaved more chicken hotdogs for supper! Wahahahaha.

Chicken drummets for an early lunch today. Planning to eat chicken rice later...

Oh, i love chicken! =) =) Hahaha.

Friday, August 04, 2006

New Experience

Study partner, L 'ajak'ed me to double date: steamboat dinner in Manjalara. She asked almost 4 weeks ago! Hahhaha, a week before the semester started and even before i started work!

We only recently got down to it and it was good! After eating, L and i were playing with the leftover food and the 'sisa-sisa makanan' such as egg shells. The boyfriends were rolling their eggs at us! Hahahaha

Before the dinner, E and i had about 6 hours to kill after classes. L asked us to tag along for this Talent Fashion Outbreak thing by Kolej Bandar Utama (KBU)'s Modeling Club. So we went. What we were expecting was totally different from what was.

In short they were hard selling their event to us: coaxing us to participate in three sub-events, to commit. And the thing is we would only had a week to prepare! Yikes no!

But since we went all the way there, the coordinator/advisor, Ron said that they'd just show us what they are about aka join their club for a day. It was more like a dance club, sort of like the movie Take the Lead.

What really fascinated me was one dance, there is no specific name for it... i'll just call it the flower dance. The dancer rests a flower on each of his/her palm, facing upwards, fingers outstretched. So the flower just sits on the hand instead of holding it.

Its really slow dance... the music is those... er... spiritual chanting kind of dunno what song! Hahaha. And the dance is... ahh, i can't describe! The dance is of slow flowing movements, focusing on wrist movements... its very free.

L passed me a flower and asked me to try. Its wonderful! A bit the self conscious at first, but after being taught the basics and after being told to just combine anything, it became just the music n the flowers! Just kinda move with it, i know i'm not great but it feels wonderful!

Also watched the very talented assistant coordinator/advisor, Christina talk about the art of geisha! She could really do and explain all things geisha: the tea ceremony, the way geisha enter the room, the Kabuki...!

Re: Vegetarian

I imposed this rule upon myself: if i missed one day, i'd have to replace two days. So Saturday was half day vegetarian, so i had to replace a day. And Sunday i wasnt vegetarian, so i'll have to replace 2 days.

So my vegetarian sentence was dragged on till Wednesday. And on Wednesday i didnt wanna go vegetarian cuz of the steamboat dinner. So thats means i'll have to be vegetarian onThursday and Friday.

So basically my one week of vegetarian became two weeks. If i'm not careful, i'll become vegetarian for life, forever in debt. Hopefully today'll be my last day. I can do it!


Since my contract ended and wasn't extended by the Green n Black company... i've had two offers. I rejected the promoter one by J n J though it pays RM16 an hour due to the time: 5-10pm and the undetermined locations. The other one, Eperiperi rejected L and i!! Sheeeesh! This one pays even better: basic pay of RM12-16 an hour plus commission! Wasted

I hope 2 people back out and they'd call us tomorrow.

Received an unrelated, surprising call from a private number today, asking me to go for a briefing on Saturday. The girl didn't tell me what it was about so i can't assume much. She did tell me what event it was for and i'm excited! We'll just have to go and see.

Re: Touch Up



After hearing D went for like 5 classes at the gym she's on trial in, i wanted to do that too.

Not possible. In the beginning of my second class today, somewhere in the left side of my stomach hurt.

So decided to just do take it easy n just treadmill, cycle, the other thing and do some leg muscle workout thing... since i hate my fat bumpy cellulite-filled thunder thighs. The muscles in my butt actually hurts after the exercise.


But i also slept like a baby for god knows how long after that... Bad. Yawns.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Cut into another lane on Kesas. Heavy traffic, rush hour. Expensive bike sounded its horn at me. I horned back lar, u think u own the road? =P

The guy horned back! And i horned back again! And he horned again! Wahahaha, while beeping/horning/whatever me, i saw him bounce on the seat of the bike! Damn funny! Hahahahaha. Like sound effects-the beep is the sound effect of the bounce!

I laughed like hell. Dunno if u understand me. =P

Next. I fell out with a friend last year. Used to be very very close, but hardly spoken to her since July last year. Just hellos, sms birthday wishes. A couple of short conversations online once in a blue moon etc.

On the way to E's place this morning, i passed by her house. Her brother was reversing out so i stopped and waited. I saw a girl in a passenger seat but i didn't know if it was her or the brother's girlfriend. So i did not wave/smile.

I did smile at her brother but i guess he didn't see me since his expression didn't change.

In uni, i saw someone that looked like her from afar. I looked again, longer, trying to assertain if it were her, since i'm VERY bad at recognising.

When i determined it was her, just as i was about to smile and wave, she turned away deliberately, bithcily, in a frown, before i managed to smile, wave.

Okayyyy, so it was her in the car with her brother. And she must be mad at me for not smiling/waving?? So she's returning me the cold treatment?

Is it my fault? Do u think its justifiable that she did what she did? What about next time? Should i smile when i see her? Or should i do the same?

There is not much left to salvage from the friendship, honestly, i don't enjoy her company anymore but i don't want to see that five-six years of friendship degrade into completely nothing. I don't wanna say "that girl and i were close but now we don't even say hie to each other anymore".

But at the same time, i don't want to smile at her, only to have her intentionally ignore me. I don't know why but it still hurts to have her treat me that way.

Interpret the title of this post in whatever way u wish. If u think i am the childish one, so be it, but do tell me. I need to know, i need to learn. But comment diplomatically. Thanks.