Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Embracing Differences

Been 'reading' a lot on Culture in MGW2351 international business and in MKW3444 international marketing. And there is a lot of shit on 'understanding differences', accepting it, appreciating it and respecting others' beliefs, customs and values.

Yup, the world would be so simple if everyone can do that and go a little deeper. Understand that each and everyone of us have our own preferences and dislikes, opinions etc...

Really really hard for me to understand why -- chooses to ignore me. Accepted the chioce. And trying hard not to wish 'em ill and blog about them in a negative manner... but i can never understand how something so small substantiate his decision to blacklist us.

Maybe on the other side it isn't 'so small'?

And also... please dun act like it's soooooo unbelievable that i haven't read Harry Potter. The way one reacted made me feel like i'm soooo unintelligent for choosing Sweet Valley over Nancy Drew. Gossip Girl and Shopaholic over erm... i don't know, i dun even know the classics!

Those are the genres i dig. =P Just because i don't read what u read doesnt mean i don't read.

Just because i dun read the Star everyday doesnt mean i dun read the papers. I read the Asian Wall Street Journal u know!

Hahaha, the VU people needed a copy for the free Wall Street J for class and M used to take it for them everyday so i asked for one too and he's so kind to get me one everyday. At first i just collected it and didn't read it... then i realized, when assignments are around the corner, i have no time to go through everything!!!

So for the second assignments for int biz n int mkt, i forced myself to flip throgh the Wall Street J everyday. Until it became a habit.

Something didn't feel right when i didn't read it today! Hahahaha... better read it tomorrow, before the habit disappears.

One last thing... We each have different views on lending n borrowing money to friends. Some of us lend and only return when asked to, otherwise they'd conveniently 'forget' about the loan. Or put it off until it is forgotten. I find these kind of people hard to handle cuz i absolutely HATE asking for my money back.

I'm getting better at it though.

Cuz it's my right and do u think my house has the magical fertile soil that grows Euros? Hehe, Euros cuz i read that it's a growing urrency.

I'm the kind who doesn't mind lending when the friend is in need. Read need=necessity. Like, if they stay at the hostel and need cash to live. Or to the friend who was forced to pay something in cash urgently when all she had was checks from her mom all the way in Kuantan.

She was reluctant to accept the loan and her personal policy was 'return promtly'! And she did, i was so impressed! I didn't have to remind her! I share the same policy! I borrow from E often. But i return promtly although he's my boyfriend and wouldn't mind if i didn't anyway =P love ya.

There are many who see differently. I borrowed from my bestfriend. RM50, cuz i didn't bring enough cash that day. Returned it to her the very same night. So happened she asked me to go shopping too. I said no, cuz i'm broke (that was after perming my hair n getting my tattoo). And she was like "Then return only when u have the money".

I was shocked! She actually wanted to fund my shopping?? So nice ar? But no need lar, i repay my loans before i spend wan... Basic accounting. =P

Okay, gonna read a bit of cost accounting, then sleep. Shit, i'm so behind in international business. Thanks for reading and i appreciate it more than u know it. =P

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I Dig

Just watched X-Men 3!! Haha =) Nice nice, good good, i LOVE it! Paid RM10 full price to watch it on a Saturday night and i find it worth my every cent!!! =P

Willing to watch it again (if can get student price @ RM6)!!! Hehehehe. Love the action, love the storyline only flaw is the characters not good looking. Only Halle Berry and the angel guy look good but there's so little of him! =(

The Pyro guy was so hot in the second movie. That is all i remember about the second movie ok? I wouldn't recognise him anyway since i'm so bad at recognising people, but i remember that the fire guy was good looking in the 2nd movie.

This movie, i was like... did they change actor for the role?!

Okie, the rest is crap. Warning u to skip.

Hm. The phoenix. According to my memory, as told in the cartoons based on the Marvel comics that i watched half my life ago, the movie is totally different.

My bestfriend was sad cuz of this fact, that they changed the story. And they killed of her Cyclops. Cyclops is another rare pleasing face to look at in the movie. She loved the character since 10 years ago.

Anyway, i finally came to a personal conclusion. I finally got a theory (theories can be right or wrong) as to why many people who read the book don't like the movie. Eg Harry Potter, Charlie n the Chocolate Factory, Memoirs of a Geisha, Da Vinci Code.

MAYBE it's cuz they dun give the scriptwriters the freedom to change the story (this sentence only in regard to X-Men). They want it as the books tells it (regarding other novels). The movie can't give u every bloody detail u desire. Time constraint. How long did u take to read the book? 6 hours? 6 days? How long is the movie? 2 hours? 3 hours?

First impression is a lasting one. They read the book and they were impressed. The movie can't 'wow' you if u've already read the book cuz u know the ending!

So i came to the conclusion that I MUST WATCH THE MOVIE FIRST, then read the book. Worked really well with Geisha (i enjoyed both the movie and the book) but i don't think it is the case with Da Vinci Code.

I would say that Da Vinci Code wasn't a good movie. I didn't like it that much. And i thought my thoughts were valid cuz i didn't read the book, that i am judging the movie as a movie alone and not in comparison to the book.

But then a friend who has read Da Vinci Code says the movie is nice...

So it is just probably just me. I don't dig the movie genre Da Vinci Code falls under anyway and i totally dig X-Men 3's genre. So u know, everyone has their own opinions.

But it IRRITATES ME WHEN SOMEONE WHO has read the book SAYS 'the book is better'.


Watched Da Vinci with E and afew others. Oh my god, the random people on my left.... the minute the movie ended "the book is better". Ah shit go to hell!!!!

After watching Memoirs with my mom, she said, "the book is better". Arrrrrgh, spare me!

Told Ja i was gonna watch Da Vinci, and he said "the book is better".

Arrrrrgh, please kill me. And do it before the exams ya? =P

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

They Made Me Smile

The semester is almost over. Shits. Week 12 now. Exactly 2 weeks to me 1st paper. Can i say shit again?

And i'm sad lar. This sem has been pretty fun. Got to know a lot of new people... i guess. Got to know enough people to keep me smiling anyway! Though some of them gave me a headache over assignment group work =P

But in the end the international business (IB) group work was fun. My pimples from the managemenet accounting went away! Hahahaa. And the 2 and a half hours the 3 of us spend in front of a computer was hilarious. I have no idea how we could find so much to laugh about.

Both my group members have the initials, DL. I'm the odd one out... =P

I'm so thankful that the DL girl and i are still so close! Love this girl, who knows i'm blogging now. Never fail to laugh when we are together. And it's great that i can scold her n she never gets offended. Plus she gets the message! Haha, E even said a 4 letter word 2 her n she laughed. Crazy la u! =P Ohhhhhh and doing the assignment on Skype was great! Talking through microphone!

The international narketing group wasn't bad too. Chit chatted a lot instead of doing work. A group member worked as a clown n she told us about clowning throughout our "group discussion". =P Not bad u know the pay of a clown!

All three of my group members are seniors and would be graduating after this sem. Always hear YM, MH and ES talk about their job applications and which of their friends got accepted/is working in E n Y la... PWC la... scary u know?

Fun and very knowlegeable getting to know 'the laptop guy', Ja. Hahahaha, he always has a laptop in class. Same double major as me, thats why i see him in every lecture and in a few tutorials! Good study partner. More like personal tutor! Hahahahaha

Closer to H L this sem. So easy to talk to her despite the fact that our horoscopes don't match. We share so much. Talk in lectures. =P But she has the "work hard play hard" motto. So i never get too sidetracked.

Then there's Sh. It's kind of a routine for him, DL and i to eat lunch together on Mondays after sitting together in IB class. He's easy to talk to and always bullying DL. Which is funny. Damn it, he bullied ME the other day too. This must be the 1st n last time! Haha

KM!!! Love this lazy girl. Makes me feel hardworking! Hahaha, sorry ar, i know u read my Blog =P Sad to know u're flying off in July! =( Gonna miss ya!

And J T ! =) So glad that when u fly off, i know i'm flying off to the same campus as ya and for the same semester! You're the only person i know who is crazy about donating blood like me. Go to Aust and donate blood together! Hehe.

Also, the VU people. They are always so nice to me even though i'm just E's girlfriend. They invited me for MI3 which i has to turn down cuz i had a test. And then they invited me to Da Vinci Code! =) This i skipped class for.

Went bowling with LY (she invited me for MI3! =), JH, S, E and M, the newspaper guy... haha, no no, lets call him the Wall Street Journal guy! Cuz he always picks up a free copy of WSJ for us! Nice fella! If u are reading this, thanks =) D, SL and TC went for the movie too.

E, did i get all their initials right?

Then there is K, E's swear buddy. They like, swear all the time when they are together.... Haha. Damn funny. K is always funny. Always asking me to "CHILLLL"

Of course, there is M Y !!! The head of the public relations department for the Monash Biz Club! Are u reading this, girl? Our friendship is mostly online and in Blog comments! Hahaha. I find it cool! =) But bad in a way... saw her in class but didn't recognise her and i ignored her! Ahahaha. Lucky she understood when i apologised!

There are many other people i did not mention, some i don't even know their names! Recognise them from the CPA club meetings. Some of them are friends of friends.

I wish i could recognise better. Instead of always depending on people to come up to me and talk to me while i slowly recall where i knew them from.

I was complaining that i never met anyone at Tiesto. When in actual fact, M H was there and she saw me but i ignored her! Shit! So mean right!? Haha, thank god she understood too, when i apologised.

And i complain that i never meet any other Malaysian Bloggers on the street/shopping malls etc. Er, hello!? So many Bloggers went to Tiesto but i guess just couldn't recognise them.

Oh help me!

No, shoot me! And do it before the exams so i'll be spared.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Take It Away

Make me heartless.

I don't want to care. I want to be self-centered. I want to say no to charity without feeling bad. I want to use plastic, styrofoam and err... paper like the world is not dying.

But conscious stops me.

Take it away! I wanna live without worry.

Sigh. Not possible. Anyway, blood donation people coming to Sunway again! Tuesday to Thursday this week! Aiyoh... they should come in like 3 weeks time... Why are they so early? Wonder if they'd allow me to donate blood. Has to be three months after the last time i donated.

And i have a few things 2 Blog about. But gotta do this stupid assignment. Last one due. Have to do well cuz i did badly for the first International Business assignment! Shit lar,65% when the average is like 70. Like no one got 65. Yeah, there is one 55 and one 45... but other than that everyone's is at least 2 marks higher than me. So i'm like.... below average man!!!

Sigh... so gotta work harder for this one. =( Then have to study. Aiming for 2 HDs and 2Ds. Possible?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Promised Pictures

Here's the pictures of the food from the mother's day lunch i had with my mom. Just realized didn't get any pix of me n my mom. Will inist on one next year. Wait, next year i would be in Australia on mothers day. Shit.

I have a feeling this is the first time i'm posting pictures of food... That's the main course, such a small meal right? And the plate is so huge...

This is dessert. Also so small right??? But very nice design! And yummy too, love the mango sherbet. However u spell it. But it's kind of a waste wiping chocolate on the plate... had to use the fork to scrap it to eat it...


How do u define everyone? Who do u refer to when you say everyone?

The word is subjective. And carelessly used.

In those teen movies, the popular kids always say "Everyone would be there". And then there are always a group that is left out. The 'geeks', the 'nerds' and the 'weirdos'...

How do i say this nicely, in Malaysia, it's the same, people who are rather popular tend to use words and phrases like that. "Everyone was there", "All of us".

They say it carelessly. They have no idea of the impact of their words. What about those who were not there??

I'm no geek, not a nerd either. Though i really really wanna be a nerd. I'm a weirdo, possibly, but i'm not as weird as the guy who paces back and forth in the foyer!! Whatever, point is, sucks to be left out.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mother's Day

Maybe i'll insert photos later, write first!

To be truthful, i did no nothing. All i gave my mom was my time. She wanted to go for a spa thing in Star Hill, just me n her. Oookay. She wanted all 5 of us to go to Genting for a night. Oookay, we all went. She planned everything, won the night's stay at Genting with buffet breakfast and fine dining lunch at The Olive, we just went along and i tried not to complain much (stressed over my stupid assignment).

I'm such a terrible daughter aren't i?? But it was fun. And the fine dining is just for two. So i went with my mom cuz father n bro didn't want it. Hehehe, my mom was happy i went with her cuz i'm the kinda person who enjoys, i mean APPRECIATE food, just like her.

Hahaha, i read menu also i happy d. I eat each bite must say "hmmm... soooo nice" and then she gets happy! Hahaha... Like that also can.

We live to eat, My mom and I!!! =P Guess she was happy to have someone to enjoy the food with her. My father doesnt enjoy food with her, he eats to live. She was also happy i wanted to take pictures of the food. Bro would be embarassed if she did such a thing. Pix tomolo!!!

Watched the movie The Emperrors' March with E. U know that penguin movie that was on GSC's international screen some time back?? It's like a documentary of how the emperror penguins' 60 mile journey across whats the south pole called??

Atlantic (after checking d map, haha). They have to find suitable grounds to lay an egg. It's like -80 degrees there. And it shows how the male penguins sit on the egg to hatch it. Poor things have to go without food for 6 months!!!

I was thinking... in developed nations, the birth rates are really low, even reaching negative figures. People there are saying "it costs so much to bring up a child, so i won't have any children". Makes sense, economically.

But selfish lar... what about those penguins?! Not difficult meh, walk 60 miles with short little stumpy legs in harsh harsh weather just to find the best spot to lay an egg, and without food for months. What if they just say, don't want to have any chicks lar, it's so much hardship?

Not to mention, the eggs MUST be kept warm or they freeze over within seconds! Which is difficult cuz the female lays the egg and she has to pass it to the male...

There were so many poor parent penguins looking at their dead eggs... and u hear their sad cry... =(

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Milk & Co

Life's been dull. Tests, assignments and then exams coming up. I can write about how wore red to bring me luck in a test. It kind of works. The test was postponed! Yahoooooooo. And so is the assignment!

So. Wear red during exams, it helps.

Nothing much else to write about, so look at my puppies!!! If u are sick of them just say so ya?? Or just click on the X of my browser. Bye!

Coco girrrrl!!!! She looks like a teddy bear when i carry her like that. Look at my hands... i'm suffocating the poor pup! Haha

Aiyohhhhhhh. She's so cute. Haha. The pic on the right reminds me of one of my older dogs, Happy who died 9 years ago. So much time has passed since then...

Milk-milk!!! Not many photos of him cuz during the day he goes to stay with my neighbour. Gotta train them to be seperated. Milky kept on crying for Coco. Poor thing. He even cried at the fence in the rain for her... Only stopped when they're together. Hard to take photos of them together though.

Last but not least. Little Co again!!! =)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Puppiessssss!!!! =)

Look at them! Look at them! Look at them!!!!!!!!

1. That's Milky!!! He's biting the strap of the camera as my mom took the picture!!! So cute right???

2. "Hie, i'm Coco!" And i'm Sue Lin's!!!!! Hehehehehhehehe. She's my little puppy girl!!!!!

3. If u didn't read the previous puppy post, my neighbour/bestfriend's aunt's friend found these two pups by the roadside. Coco was given to me and Milky would stay next door.

But when seperated the cry and cry and cry for each other. U know, that puppy bark???

Since we're sharing puppy vitamins and ear drops for their infection, we agreed that they'll stay with me for a few nights and then we'll pass them over the fence for a few nights. Not cheap u know the puppy vitamins. Each paid RM60 for these pups' vitamins!

And forcing them to eat the vitamins is even harder...

Also had fed them de-worming medicine and look at what's in their shit!!!!

Yuck, right??? Number 3 is Milky's. I saw how it came out of his ass...

People! Don't ever abandon your pets by the road, please!!! These puppies are barely two months old and look at the worms that was in them!

If u can't take care of your pets, least u could do is fine them a new home. Or as a last resort, SPCA and PAWS are there.

I wonder why the owner threw these pups out. Just look at them...

Sooooo cute!!!! They were sleeping in the mud today... so naughty! Took a few pix of them before dragging them out! Ahahaha. By then poor Milky boy was already asleep.

They're smart too. At night when they need to pee and shit, they'd bark. And bark and bark. Until we let them out of the cage. They'd then go to the grass to pee. Smart right, they don't mess up the cage.

Then they'd be quiet. A peek at them would reveal two sleeping pups! Such angels. =)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I don't...

1. I don't like make up. Unless someone does it for me!! But still might not like the way they do it. Hate the 'natural' make-up... er, whats the point? Haha.
I like the really dramatic kind, the ones u see only in magazine adds. U know the kinds in deep bright shades. The really over kind. I like it, but can i carry it off???

2. I don't like giving out FULL soft-copies of my assignments! Even after it is marked. Can't believe i actually said it straight, to a friend who asked!!!! Oh my god, i felt so bad... but its ok between us. Thank god. Sent him so many messages suggesting alternatives (eg. lending him the hard copy)
The only person i gave a soft-copy assignment was a friend who failed. Felt bad... cuz i got distinction n she's repeating the subject...

3. I don't believe IN god. I've Blogged this before but i'm Blogging it again.
I believe there is a God but i don't believe IN god la. But if anything good happens, i say 'thank god'. And i mean it. But when i use the phrase "oh my god", it's just an expressive phrase.