Saturday, October 01, 2005

I'll Try to Keep Things Short

or maybe i'll just type fast?

Decided to go for Gentle Yoga and Bollywood dance at the fitness centre at the last minute. Cuz i really wanted to. It was at night. And i was alone. I missed the most crucial turning. Ended up being forced to either drive along either NKVE or Penchala Link. I chose Penchala. Stupid dumb road, not yet reach one 1km ask me to pay toll. RM2. Crap and then i went through a really nice tunnel. Spend so much $$ on tunnels and make me pay stupid toll! Shit.

Who takes those roads?? Shorter meh? No jam is good. But that's cuz ppl avoid the damn toll. Ppl only take that road during emergencies and when they blur blur go and take the wrong road. Ended up reaching the darn place late. Missed my yoga. So much for destress. Nevermind go for Bollywood dance. Fun fun fun.

And then decided to do a bit of the treadmill. Walk and walk and walk and the calories burnt go up so slow. So sad lar... walk fast for ten minutes only burn 40 calories. Stupid. And my nasi lemak with chicken breakfast how many calories? 1000? Shit.

There were mirrors everywhere too. So i saw myself. Look like hamster running in a wheel. But of cuz minus the hamster and minus the wheel. And i've got a nice butt! Hahahaha. Only fr the back la, from the front my thighs are too big. Dun wanna do more than 10mins of treadmill d. The other machines burn even less calories. Indian dance nicer.

Then on the way home, dunno how 2 go home. Stupid signboards either too close to forked roads or too far away from traffic lights. I passed the signboard and waited at the traffic lights for dunno how long figuring where 2 go. Luckily my direction instinct not too bad. Then took another wrong road. Which turned out to be just an alternative route. Lucky...

And i left my IC at the centre. Since i have no membership pass they took my ic. Damn. Neburmind. Excuse to go there again today (Friday). So i went. Late again, this time no parking. Went for HI/LO class, it's aerobics. So hard 2 find the class. Dunno go around e building how many times. That is already a workout on its own. Not to mention the walk fr my baby(car).

Then went for Bodycombat. Fun, like martial arts... I wonder why all the other ppl so free, go gym at 9.30am. No work ar? No classes ar? So much money to join the centre? Not cheap, for me, cheapest is RM159 a month... excluding 5% tax. And u have to sign a contract: 24 months.

Actually if i'm working i'd LOVE to join this place la... my Indian dance... so fun... the teacher is from India, i asked cuz he didn't sound local.

But dunno i will have time or not. Now also no time, what more when i work??? And u know what really scares me?? The consultant who helps me out says he works fr 11am-8pm. But he goes home at 11+. And my cousin, who has a biz degree, she's 4 yrs older than me works till late daily, 8pm? Later? The other cousins work till 11pm... Why like that??? What happen to 9-5 working hours??? Or are all the other ppl in my family just so successful but me???

So i left my ic there and the receptionist asked me to see the consultant guy after my workout. His name is V. And i did look for him... i want my ic back! But he was on leave! The people there called him for me and i spoke to him. He said he'll deliver my ic to my house at night.

Wah so good ar? Of course i say yes. I do feel bad, but his fault right? Since he never bother giving me those temporary pass thing. My mom did ask for it and so did i again later. So his fault la.

My parents were very considerate... my parents n i walked out of our house to the junction after ten pm so he wouldn't have to drive in... and while waiting, i saw a couple mating. Looks like it anyway... snails! I saw a couple of snails mating. Which one is male and which one is female? I heard they have both genders... whats the word for that? My bio rotten d.

Also saw a few smaller snails. Hehe, never knew they could be sooooooooooooooo cute! Wanted to keep on as a pet. But how to? Made me feel like walking around the garden at night... Also, at the moment i WISHED i had a camera phone... so i can capture a picture of those cute snails and post them here!

=( All the digital cameras my family own are HUGE and SLOW. Very jealous la no camera phone, see all those other couples take pix together and E and i dun have that... So sad lar. J, u are soooo lucky regarding cam phones and ur new digi cam. Congrats! Good idea though, gonna ask my mom whether she got any dunno what points... go get a tiny faSt digi cam. Too bad mummy sleep already...

On Monday, i brought my cam to uni to pass some of the photos to the others. Before meeting up with them, i serviced my car. Can't leave the cam in my car right? So i carried it out wit me. And then i saw some accident cars parked outside the service centre... so i took a few shots. Here's one of them.

Even the popular Myvi is not invincible...

That's my baby Kancil. Sorry for the bad image quality, took the picture through the glass, was in the waiting area. My car's floating up in the air. The tyre specialist told me my tires need to be rotated and they need allignment. Huh, what??? I called my father and he said go ahead... since i kinda banged up a tyre real bad in my last accident...

Many people don't like Kancils cuz they're tiny and many of them get into accidents. Honestly I never liked Kancils in the past. But now, i love them and this is my baby. Don't u dare insult her.

The accident i got into was purely my fault and not the car. And the other accident i got into was the other driver's fault. I think there are many Kancils that get into accidents because there are a lot of them on the road. So, that increases the number of Kancils in accident. Same goes with Wiras.

Oh yeah and the service people were really good... as in soooo soft spoken and polite. So soft spoken i had a hard time hearing what the tyre specialist was saying! And he called me Akak... haha, so respectful, it means big sis in Malay. I think i'm younger than him!

But for them to begin the service... what took them so long? Don't they open at 8.30??? I reached there at 9.10 and i was one of the 1st few but they started on my car at 9.50!

The fitness centre people were good too. I'd definitely reccomend that centre, True Fitness. In Hartamas. I'm not getting paid by them... just doing this out of goodwill. Thanks, V, for driving all the way to return me my ic. Kesihan him a bit la, had to return my ic... he was obviously dating, there was a girl in his passenger seat...

I have another incident about returning ics. Later. 1200words + already. Did u even read until here? =P Don't lie to me! =)


She's Jess said...

Yea.. I did read everything :)

sue lin said...

Haha, hey, thanks... didn't really expect u, or anyone to lar...