Monday, November 14, 2005


Australian summer that is. Not that it makes any difference to me, here in Malaysia, where it is rain and sunshine all fricking year round. But i love Australian summers. Cuz i'm taking an Australian degree. So i get a holiday too!!!

Then why haven't i blogged until now?

Naturally, if u knew the pig in me, i slept early on Friday. At 9pm or so. And on Saturday morning there was no electricity. And in the afternoon i discovered my computer died on me. And of course procrastination(read other blogs) yesterday night and SHOPPING today(Sunday), hehehe. Then had period pain...


Shopping with mommy this time, after she showed me the way to my future workplace. She had a RM200.00 voucher (which she obtained through her talent in joining contests with slogans =). So i got a pair or heels!! =) Freeeeeee.

I can imagine the shopaholic Ch asking me for pictures! =) I still owe her a post on those pants... =P Sorry, girl!

Here's a pic of those heels.


Ok ok... i know i can't avoid writing about my final paper so... the paper made me sick to the stomach. Literally, had an upset stomach twice that morning. My eyelids felt so heavy, That's what u get for studying last minute till 5am. My friends, D and Ce weren't so great either. Ce had an allergy, caused by nervousness or something. D kept saying the D-word, DIE. I dunno how many times she said that over the phone, in messages and when she came over to study... freaked me out!! =)

So the paper itself... do u remember taking physics in SPM? Well, it was like that, so many calculations. And u never know if u've got the nominator and denominator right. You know, the pengaka and the ... angka? Err... the word looks weird... my BM is rotten to the core... angka? Is that correct?

Nevermind. So. Calculations. I did read all lectures concerning calculations. I did all tutorial work concerning calculations, i love calculation. So why am i so afraid of how i'd fare in this paper? I love calculations the add maths style, I don't like the physics kind. Why a finance subject's calculation reminds me of psychics i don't know... maybe because there are so many words in the question?

Sigh. Well it's over. Have to thank the kind souls who wished me luck. And also love love love the people who replied when i wish them luck, they made me happy and i feel appreciated. No comments about those who didn't bother to reply.


Holidays for 4 weeks. 2 of which would be spent working for an IT company in a classy area. Pay's good. But expenses kill. The darn office building is 20km or so away from home. And parking is shitty shit shit... Comes up to RM17+. A day.

"Then why don't u take the bus u spoilt brat". Gag... Haha... come on, i've had my fair share of buses and trains. Hear me out. I'm driving there and parking in far far away for free and am gonna walk. Besides, my baby(car) doesn't eat that much (petrol).

Food in the area's gonna be expens$sive too. But there's a McD!!! Yay, u know i love McD, isn't exactly cheap, but relatively cheap.

The kinda work i'd be doing: telemarketing is what they call it. I sit in front of the computer and make calls to other companies to 'create awareness' and to 'update information'.


Last but not least, look at this!! =)

I won it on my own from the cruisers!!

Was just leaving university when E and i heard the announcement on the radio... ther were right outside the Monash University side gate!! We made a u-turn and managed to get a parking spot. There were people already gathering around the cruiser, waiting eagerly for freebies and a chance to win stuff.

That week's CD giveaway was tATu. No one was really interested except me and Is... until the guy said "Let's put it this way, who wants to win a free CD?" and then more people stepped up.

We had to play this game... way back from primary school called 'lat-tali-lat'... and it goes lat-tali-lat-ta-li-tam-plong. Haha, funny actually writing it out. It's a sing-along thing and u kind of... wave(?) your hand to show your palm or your... the... other side of your hand as u sing. We had to match what the cruiser guy did.

Since i distinctively remember reading about the exact game being played in E's blog months ago (He won RM50 worth of KFC voucher), i followed his tactic. Right thing to do! In the second round, i found myself the winner!! =) It's fated to be mine! Muahaha.
Note: E, if u can give me the link to that post, i'd love to link to it.

Listened to tATu while studying Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange.

Note: The heels and the CD aside ... i've lost before, many times... there was the IPod contest, which is worth much more than a CD. Then there's the RM5000 which i didn't win... and i HAVE taken the bus and trains before, for 2 whole years to be exact... can continue upon request.

Correction(10.20pm 2005-11-14): We had to do the opposite of what the cruiser guy did. Sorry! I was really blur at that time, i didn't really know what i was doing... and was really surprised i won.


eries said...

pengangka dan penyebut my dear... =) lol.. i still make it a point to speak in malay to my malay friends... =) cheers to your hols, mine's just ended, and now sem starts...


this sem's goal?
beat those four flatters...

Debz said...

Sue!!! sorry for not being able to go to savanh. (>.<")..hehe i'll make it up to u after my exammies!!! and love the heels! where did u get it from? Ur mum is always WINNING THOSE STUFF!!! SOOO NICE!!

Joey said...

I think I may be repeating myself but.....u r one lucky girl!! (to haf a mum who joins all these contests and WINS!) hehe...nice shoes. Free...the magic word

How much is the pay for ur job? If you don't mind telling la...hehe

sue lin said...

Haha! Thank u eries! Totally forgotten! What does 'beat those four flatters' mean?? Never heard of it but seems to suggest better results. So all the best! =)

It's ok, its ok about Savanh, u study hard and do well okay Debz?? We'll have plenty of time to hang out later. =) The heels are from PrimaVera.

JoeyYa lor, free is the magical word! Love my mum! Hahaha. I'll tell u about the pay in an sms lar. =)

MaS said...

four flat is a grade ... actually the highest grade ... if im not mistaken .... the four flatters she is refereing to r ppl who achieed four flats in their studies ....

it is really superb grade ... the best ....

MaS said...

theres the link for u .... fiding it was tough though .... hahahaa .... have fun with it

Jazzy*Pam said...

Cute heels!! :D I'm still waiting to see that pants! lols ;)

sue lin said...

Thanks thanks mas!!

Haha Cher!! Sorry arr, wait a bit longer arr... so tired!!