Saturday, November 12, 2005

2 Times in a Row!

Again, gonna talk about animals. Haha, dun worry, i have nothing for animals... except love.

Wait, that sounds peculiar. But i hope u know what i mean.

Anyway, yesterday my father announced that he was gonna tell my little 7yr old sis about sex. My mom and i were like, "WHAT??!".

And was curious to know how he'd tell her, so i stuck around to listen/watch.

My father opened a file on the computer to show her pictures. Of animals la. There were couple of dogs mating, couple of lions mating, couple of fishes mating... and there were ducks, not a pair but 3 of them. Haha, cannot resist, had to bully my father, must ask, "Why got 3 ducks??" just to see his answer.

Guess what he said? "Dunno... playing lor". Hahahaha. And my mom came 2 see.

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