Sunday, December 18, 2005

Since I've Been on the Topic...

Been so long since i watched tv.

2-3 weeks? Maybe more? 4-5 weeks? No idea!

Was actually nicely snuggled up in bed by 11, brushed my teeth, about to sleep (long tiring day, will get to it later), then i remembered i haven't read the sms i received. Thought it was from E and obviously gotta read his smses b4 i sleep.

But wasn't from him. Was from a friend, who is the cousin of the other friend who is a Miss Malaysia finalist. She told me that it's on tonight, the Miss Malaysia pageant.

Would not have sat in front of the tv otherwise.

Contestants are like, wow! All beautiful and slim. Saw them catwalk in batik first. Then it was eveningwear. Black eveningwear, really good tailoring, the dress made them all look really skinny, not that they need the illusion.

And during the evening wear parade, the announcers had to annoyingly announce their vital statistics man! Shiiiit... sitting there i was trying to not listen and do some sudoku...

If u didn't know, vital statistics is chest measurement-waist measurement-hip measurement. And it goes 36-26-36. All in inches.

Obviously, they all had small waists, like, 26 and below? The tallest is 5'11 and her waist is 26? I'm stupidly shorter than her by... 8 inches? No, 9 inches and my stupid waist is a 4 inches bigger than hers. =( =( =(

Wud do some sit ups now but i still feel full... Actually i feel bloated (had catered sort-off buffet with my mom)...

Maybe i'll seriously have to eat less la... or...

Maybe i'll try being bulimic. Just kidding... besides. Dinner was 4 hours ago la, the food is not in my stomach anymore and can't be puked... it's already in my intestines by now... right?

Anyway, back to my friend, she is hot... =) And i guess she's blessed, doesn't have to diet, she eats normally, u know, like economy rice and she snacks on Oreos and milk...

Sigh, maybe i have 2 admit that what E says is true? I'm a glutton... =( I over eat...

Back to my friend. So she's also a great person. Fun to be with. Easy to talk to. A few days right after the pageant i asked her about it and she told me about how she answered the questions. She was damn funny. When i watched the show tonight i remembered what she told me and was laughing away, not because she sucked but because i knew what was going on in her head. Poor girl.

Worked today (Saturday) . Yeah, again. Workaholic aren't i? This time for Monash open day. Peanut pay at RM37.50 for my day's work. Compared to my previous 2 jobs.

Was quite excited anyway at 1st but i was disappointed.

Pretty boring... until i went to give a Campus Tour! That was cool... not cuz i'm great at tours but because the girl i was bringing around is interested in science.

So i brought her to the science labs and let the 3rd year and honours students explain. Since i'm a business student. I mostly listened and asked questions too, like i'm on the tour instead of giving the tours.

Hehe. Cool yeah? And i get to look at all the microscopic stuff... and just be in these cool labs! There was this flame thingie that is 2000 degrees Celsius and there's this sterilised(?) room or something that costs RM2million to build! The guy said that most biotech students dun even get to go in there!

Only honours and some 3rd year students get to go in and there i was!! The other business degree student tour guide who was with me and i were openly "wow"ing looking up and around, squealing and giggling! Hahaha

That was fun! Also great to make friends. Though i can't remember all their names... =| Sorry! Hope i remember their faces! Really really hope i do, they're all so nice...

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