Monday, July 18, 2005

Really Stupid Things I Did

Let's start with really stupid thing #2. I forgot to renew my library books during the holidays. Completely forgot about it. Never check my mail either, they sent me warnings. Warnings which i saw three weeks after the bookS are due.

Yeah... if u can see the receipt. I paid RM42.00 to the stupid library because of my carelessness. Sad. And RM5.00 for the toll to and from Sunway. Bloody waste. Made me feel like a terrible failure. Especially after really stupid thing #1.

Ok, can't avoid it anymore, really stupid thing #1. I fell asleep while driving. Yes, ok. Go ahead, leave me a million comments. I've heard them, i'm great and amazing. And i have to admit i'm lucky in many ways:

1. I fell asleep driving on a highway, going downhill. During rush hour. Yet no other car was involved. And i'm totally fine. Not a scratch on me. But my baby... my baby Kancil. The WHOLE right side... brutally dented, paint peeled, from front bumper to rear bumber, a result of scraping the divider. And i busted a tire real bad, it was totally flat and beyond repair. Lost two wheel caps too.

Had to stop by the road. My biggest fear then was a lorry slamming into me. You have no idea how it is like, standing there on side of the flyover, on the left lane where all the huge lorries zoom by, this is Kesas highway.

2. I called E, then i called my father. E was coming, he got stuck in traffic. I can change the tyre, i just changed one a few days before the accident at home, but it took me and my maid an hour plus.

For a while, I just did nothing... Besides talk on the phone. In the distance i could see my wheel caps. On the right lane where my accident took place. I saw it roll and i saw it spin until it settled. And i saw the cars zoom by over the thing. It was so scary. I dare not cross the road to take it back. I dare not.

A biker stopped, so did a Waja, was it a Waja? Don't remember. I waved them away. After reading J's friend's Blog, about the mugging... after reading KT's blog, about the guy asking for help... i could never be too careful. The Waja left but the biker wouldn't go away. I was scared shit.

3. But the Malay guy told me he was a mechanic, and one look at his pants confirmed it, u know... greasy pants? Ok, fine, he gained my trust. He told me to change the tire. But he changed the tire for me. Really quick. All i did was nothing. Except bring out the tools and carry the tire. I even talked to him. I asked him if i could leave the tyre there on the road. He advised me against it or i'd end up having to buy the metal thing, u know the part inside the rubber bit? I took out my wallet and gave him RM10. Do u think it's enough???

4. Since he was almost done i went to keep my safety triangle thing. That's when i thought "Oh, my god, i left the keys in my car together with my wallet and everything, with the tire fixed he's gonna drive my car away... he's going to steal my car!!!". But he didn't! Thank God, thank God....

5. My engine and everything was fine so i could drive home. After thanking that kind soul a million times of course. I'm thankful no lorries and i collided. Throughout the whole ordeal, i saw this as a sign... to show us, or at least me that not everyone was evil. During that week, i kinda lost hope on strangers.

But why the hell must it be such an expensive dangerous sign??? WHY?? The repairs to my car costs RM1070.00 and the tire... RM92.00. Oh my God. My father didnt ask me to pay but he was freaking dissapointed in me. I'll have to study extra super hard this semester.

Furthermore why didn't i do well that semester? 3 Cs! 3 out of 4 subjects are Cs... and only A distinction. My God... Even in accounts i didn't do well.

Oh yeah, remember the second half of my Friday, May 20, 2005 post? I was involved in another accident there?? My father thinks it's my fault. Although even the policeman says it isnt my fault.

Horrible. I know i said this before, i'm going to be a nerd but i wasn't really one. Hopefully, when i start my new semester tomorrow, i will truly become one. I mean, isn't this a stupid big lesson for me to learn from?? If i don't learn from this, who knows what things worse would come my way??

Oh, by the way, during this accident, i wasn't wearing the 'unlucky' shirt. In fact i was wearing a red one. I guess that's why i'm so lucky to be alive??

Front. Notice the missing wheel cap, cost RM35.00. But thankfully my lamp's ok.

The side. Driver's side door can't be open.

In between the front door and back door.

The back bumper. I know, nothing much but this just shows that i managed to damage my car from the front right till the end. And notice the second missing wheel cap, another RM35.00.


Cheryl said...

Heyy, look on the brighter side. there's always at least one. like, at least there's this mechanic who stopped by to help ya. that's really nice of him! and hey, at least u're safe and no other cars were involved. believe me, it could get worser than this. and thank God it didn't!

and yes, go on, be a nerd! lols, at least u're a cool nerd! ;)

Joey said...


Ok, I'll leave the nagging for other ppl. hehe...

sue lin said...

Yup Cheryl, i know it could have been worse. I know how lucky i am. But believe me when i say it sucks... i am soo afraid to ask for second semester fees... i don't wanna see my father stressed and i don't wanna hear him sigh.

Thanks for saying i'm a cool nerd... but maybe that's cuz i wasnt really one yet?? =)

Joey... yeah, i know, wow... =)

supplementals said...

omfg.......... incredibly blessed....

sue lin said...

Supplementals, nice of u to comment, thought u dun read my blog d. i know... incredibly blessed.

Did u see what happen in the papers today? The guy died trying to help accident victims...

I know how lucky i am but i'd rather not be in an accident at all.

Oh and i guess i was unreasonable when i thought the guy's gonna steal my car. How can he? If he does, he'll have to leave his bike behind... and i can see his number plate... unless he throws it into my car...

Rejax - Jayshen said...

Wao man... you are really lucky!!

I got a fren last time, he slept while driving on the highway too and scratched his wira on the divider for like 10 secs at the speed of 130 km/h!!

Hey, i want to experience it one day too. We dun get this often you know :)

sue lin said...

Hie Jay Shen, yeah, i know i'm REALLY lucky...

Wah how bad was ur friend's damages?? I don't know my speed, but i think the car slowed down. The only thing i remembered before the accident was telling myself that if i fall asleep, even for a second an accident would occur.

Haha, trust me lar, u dun want to experience this. Feel sooo stupid, everyone asking me how can i fall asleep on the road. Haha. Glad to hear from u that i'm not the only one