Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hie!!! =) smile smile smile. I feel GREATS.

Hehe, yeah, i feel greatS. Not a grammatical error, and not a typo.

A week before exams, my friend, D and i were given flyers outside college. The English used in the flyers was really bad. They wrote "How are u feeling recently. Feel greats?" And we had a hysterical time laughing away.

But after that it stuck... we talked with an 's' at the end of any word. Example in an sms: "Huh?! C me at 5s?! Where u goings?". And i'd reply the same way. Really hilarious. Try it. Nice way of expressing how u feel.

D and i conversed that way in front of A and he said we talked like we have the disorder lisp. Haha, but even he got influenced.... started writing the 's' at the end of words....

It's NOT lame, as E always claims it is. If anything, it's lamesssss. Hahaha. And it's not stupid.

Yea, thats right, you're learning fast, it's not stupid, it's stupids.

So expect me to write this way in the posts to comes. I'll writes more laters.


soo imm said...

so cutes~~

u got taggeds!
since yours darling didn't tags you so i shalls have the honour of tagging yas :p

sue lin said...

Hie Soo Imms, thanks for commentings. It's nice 2 and funnys. Made me smiles. Thanksss

No thanks to the tagging =P But i'll do it anyways.