Thursday, July 14, 2005

Spring Cleaning

This Blog is shit, it has been so full of self-pity and worthless posts. I feel like deleting the past few, but i've sorta agreed to not remove or edit anything after 16hours of publishing...

Erm... way back in form 5, during Moral education, my teacher asked us to bring gory photos. Form 5 = 2003 = War on Iraq. Then she asked us what we felt about the pictures. Someone said she didn't feel anything because these pictures are sooo common in the papers that some of us are immune to it. I agree with her.

I mean... i do feel for them, but only for a moment. And then sorry to say, it's back to all my self-centered thoughts. It's not like i can do much anyway. I will do stuff like buy charity bands, i'm going to buy the Starbucks one where RM4.90 out of the RM5 paid goes to charity. But I'll leave creating awareness to people like SI and J (not the usual J i refer to).

And i'll talk about frivolous stuff to take your mind off the world.

Enter my room, and if u have a sensitive nose, you'll start sneezing. Once, in a Friendster bulletin survey that asked "What do u collect?", my answer was "dust". Yup, i have layers and layers of dust. Some of the dust in my room are grey and fluffy like cotton, some are brown and spotted like... i don't know. The dust in my room is horrible. And it's everywhere.

It has been like that for years and years, i'm not sensitive to dust but my sister is, she sneezes when she stays in my room for some time. The maid just cleans the floor, windows once in a while and nothing else.

Actually do they clean the windows? Hmm... something for me to wonder.

This time i am seriously decluttering my room. I'm opening drawers that haven't been open for years. There's this one of CDs and cassettes that were treasured when i was 13. There's this drawer in this big cabinet that is full of important stuff, like fancy unused stationary. Don't laugh, i know it's stupid, but this fancy stationary was important to the 8 year old me. And there are more recent stuff, like books i've bought but never read some.... 3 years ago? Hehe.

I also found that my room actually has a lot of space, all i have to do is arrange everything properly and nothing has got to go. Obviously the less important things go, but most stay. They have sentimental value to me.

Last night WS called me, she's my childhood friend who lives next door, she of all people knows about the pigsty i sleep in. She asked if i found any 50 dollar notes in my junk. Hahah, i found them all already the last time i cleared (part of) my room dunno how long ago. And no la, my parents didn't put money beneath my stuff to motivate me into tidying up my room, i used to hide money when i was younger.

I don't do that anymore, so don't get any ideas! =)

Well, that's all for now, i've been clearing my room because i felt guilty about something really stupid i did. And i'm blogging about clearing up my room to avoid writing about the really stupid thing i did. Please do not ask about the really stupid thing i did. I'll write about it later, some time, some day...


Joey said...

Don't be silly. Don't delete anything. Blogs ARE supposed to do that. Let us rant n rant n gossip n bitch. :P my opinion la
And hey, I DO create awareness okay? I create awareness about my mundane life. hahaha.....kidding :)

MaS said...

hahahaha ... joey .... she is not talking about u .... she is talking about jeremy .... like in her post .. not the normal J ... but the other J .... hahahahaha .... well .... at least u perasan ..... hahahaha .... well well ... waiting for ur reply ... hehehe

sue lin said...

Haha, Joey, Thanks! And sorry la, yup u do create awareness but... sorry la, this time i was refering to Jeremi and his post on Muslims and terrorists.

Mas, u arrr, nothing 2 do but laugh at ppl horrr? =) Thanks for commenting, nice 2 see 2 comments.

Joey said...

I understood la. Because u said Jeremy create awareness (not the usual Joey), so, it sounded as if Joey doesnt create awareness. Only Jeremy does.
So, I said I do create awareness. About my mundane life. Sigh.....nobody got my joke. cheh :(

MaS said...

hahaha .... a joke .... very hard to get jokes online .... its better transmitted face to face ....

sue lin said...

Haha, Joey, sorry sorry! Ya lor, good also what, read ur Blog to be aware on what's happenin in ur life right? Thats what blogs are for, Not to know abt the world... what is the newspapers for la then?? hehe