Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We All Want What We Don't Have

So the dinner was good lar. Was fun. Ate in this Hong Kong-ish restaurant. Had my cheese baked rice and lots of fun talk.

But i still want steamboat. I'm making my mom prepare steamboat for dinner this Sunday i don't care, must remember 2 remind her. And tomorrow E and i are gonna look for steamboat for dinner. Don't think two steamboats are enough, anyone else wanna go have steamboat with me, Thurs or Fri night?? Please?? Email me at NOW.

I want steamboat. Seriously. Badly craving for it, i could cry....

Am i pregnant?


Anyways, tonight. I can't help but notice and feel VERY FRUSTRATED hearing the word "FAT". They just had 2 say it, don't they? "I feel fat". Irritating.

One day... i'll burst out and yell at them.

Sigh... calm down. So anyway, 2 of them curled their hair and one of them regrets, wishing she has straight hair again... To make a long story short, those with curly hair wants straight hair again. Those with straight hair, like me, want wavier and fuller hair... By the way, those of u who know E, did he tell u what he did 2 his hair??

And those with big boobs, at least 2 of those who were present today, wanted smaller boobs!? And errr... vice versa. Obviously.

Oh yea, and i've heard of many thin girls say they want to be fatter. And when they DO gain a lil weight... an unnoticeable miserable one kg or so they get upset and eat less. %^$@%&_*(*&^%( Damn angry at them okay? Been keeping silent and hating it. By the way, err, SI is exempted from this paragraph.

Ok la enough la. Sleepin now. Stupid summer school started. I'm so dumb. Why did i register for summer school??

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