Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hey, uni was much better today although there was this long 4 hour break in between the English diagnostic test and my course advice session. First of all, things were better since there were no boring talks, not yet anyway. And then i had stuff planned to fill up the long break.

During the break i smsed a lot applied for my library card and then had lunch, my fave chicken noodles, alone, there were faniliar faces around but it was just hie and bye. Lunch didnt taste as good as it used to, i'm not sure if it's cuz i'm eating alobe or if it's cuz of the cafeteria.

Then i went to donate blood! =) There was this blood donating drive in college so i decided to help out, after all i had nothing to do and there'll be a bed for me 2 sleep in! =) It was kinda scary, poking the needle hurt but draining the blood was nothing. But when they took blood in a test tube, that was scary, cuz u get to see ur blood pour out of the plastic tube and into the test tube.

They told me 2 lie there for ten minutes, rest. I lied there for about 40minutes? I had a little chit chat witn the girl next to me, she's from CIMP and there was some problems when she donated blood, so she changed bed, i was alone there most of the time. But it was kinda fun actually... watching stuff around me. And many ex-Ausmats walked by n said hie! =) There was the ex-Ausmat-now-Monash gang, one of the ex-Ausmat couples, another group of ex-Ausmat-now-Victoria and another girl whose name i can't recall.

When i got backache from lying so straight for so long, i got up. They gave me a cup of free hot milo! How cool! =) Nice sipping it. Then i hung out with the ex-Ausmat-now-Monash gang for a while before they had 2 leave for their assertive skills workshop. That's all for now, i've gotta get to my dumb course advice session, can't wait to get it over with, then i can build my timetable.

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