Sunday, October 02, 2005

Treasure Hunt, Cultural Night

Got a strange call a few days ago accusing me of signing up for a treasure hunt. All i did was fill up a form to win RM5000, no one told me about any treasure hunt. Damn reluctant to go. But i did, first for a briefing. Where i met this girl, J... not the usual J i refer to here.

Happen to be paired up with J, cool, cuz by then we got along well. Managed to get a good start but did very badly in the end. Oh, the treasure hunt was organised by Cinema Online, Cadbury, hosted by Red 104.9fm in Sunway Lagoon. So the thing was basically like a mini Amazing Race, without the air travel and cab rides. Involves roller coaster rides since it was in a theme park. Had to walk or run if u can, which i can't. Took off my shoes at one point and man did my feet kill me. My partner took off her shoes too but her jeans were really long and they protected her feet. Shit... my feet... soaking them in hot water as i blog...

We were number 3... third last. Was sad, my partner didn't wanna bother completing the task and i saw the staff starting to write something on our envelope, she wrote "Not..." and i couldn't take it, i don't us to be the team with 'not completed'!, we're completing it. So we continued... had to take a ride, called the Lost Gold Mine.

I sat it, my partner didn't want to. I sat alone. Holding our clue ticket, depressed, eyes open but not seeing anything. The roller coaster ride started going up, u know usually at the beginning roller coasters start going up and all the anticipation of not knowing what's gonna come next scares the shit out u? I didn't feel that and i started thinking, "this is the first roller coaster that i don't feel any thrill" and then suddenly, what the hell, so scary, the thing suddenly zoom down and i forgot all about our loss and held on tight to our clue, cannot let the thing fly away.

Then felt better a bit...

Went for lunch at Kim Gary's... yummmm, my pork chop cheese baked rice! But this time i wasn't full even after eating every single grain of rice. And i paid, treated E for supporting me.

Then, idiot! E asked me to belanja him dinner as well cuz he ordered 'cheap' stuff at Kim Gary. Asked him to carry me to the car then i'd belanja him (cuz my feet really hurt). He did carry me, in the car park, only a short distance la, piggy back ride, hahaha, very funny, ppl stare at us. Ok la, can la, he earned his dinner. Hahaha.

In the evening, after a nice bath and a too short nap, i went out with E and his bestfriend S. To the Indian Cultural Night in Taylors. S wanted to meet his net friend there. At first the performance awed me. I mean, how much good stuff have i been writing about Indian dances in the psat few days? So, i was fascinated... was like wow!

A while later the was some singing, like poetry, by a guy, which literally sent shivers down E's spine. Literally and observable, i saw it and had a laughing fit... next to him, i saw S yawning without cover his mouth... haha, i laughed harder. Guys! Hahaha. Too bad no girls with me to laugh along.

Not long after that i started to yawn too. My lower back started to ache too, useless metal chairs, your butt keeps sliding... haha... I think the performances were too long, the same dancers danced more than 3 times tonight and it was still not over! Some of them were really hot, wish i had that girl's rock hard stomach... so beautiful and defined, she had a navel ring too.

There were plump and downright fat dancers too. It's great to know that they are confident despite their size. And it's great to know that they don't succumb to eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. But! One of the dancers, oh my gawd. She is so fat and yet she wore a bright pink top! Disgusting. The girl next to girl wasn't thin but looked sooo much better simply by wearing a dark colour.

And this fat lady... in a later dance, she wore a better top, loose and white, can't see her fats shaking about, but her pants! Ahhh... yuckkkkkkkkks. It's baggy but it was slit high up the thigh on both legs. Eeeew... seeing her legs... is that necessary?


Joey said...

hahaha sounds like fun

btw, regarding ur earlier post, I did read until the end. hehe

sue lin said...

Haha, it was fun, but on Sunday legs aching all over!

And thanks for reading my last post, haha, not boring meh?? =)