Tuesday, December 13, 2005


U know that Hitz.fm advertisement that goes 'drugs took my friends away from me'?

Fat took my friends away from me!!!!

Not exactly making sense there but my reunion dinner with 7 of my friends nearly became non existant cuz one of them gained 3kg. She didn't want to go cuz the dinner is a buffet and she didn't wanna gain more weight.

Why must girls be thin? Why is thin beautiful? Why must i go jogging and not continue blogging? Why?

It's so unfair, my boyfriend and his school friends had 3 steamboat dinners in this month. When i first heard they were having a steamboat dinner i decided to plan one with my close school friends.

Been planning for about 2 weeks now and was so excited to go tonight and then this happens (probably eating ala carte' instead). Please please let everyone decide on the steamboat buffet dinner. Please!!

If no one would i think i'll eat the steamboat on my own.

Hope the restaurent allows such a thing.

Oh... yeah, there's one girl who can eat whatever crap she wants, like 2 large cokes in one day and never get fat. Maybe she'll join me for buffet steamboat lar...

Yer... but now i say until like, that only the girl who can never get fat and me eat buffet, i feel like i dun want already... cuz i'll get fat.

Ps. did not go jogging.


soo imm said...

lolx funny la u.
it's true,
being thin doesn't mean tat a person's beautiful...this perception is so so wrong
just be urself and as long as u're not obese(if u can't walk thru a door then u fall into this category) u're fine.
n i'm oso the type tat won't grow fat, super frustrating. who wanna donate fat? :(

Anonymous said...

haha, well what i think is being fat can be pretty too. It depends on how u feel it. Well, mayb u should look at things this way, u exercise to be healthy, not to ne THIN, and just eat whatever u like regardless of your weight. U just have to pamper yourself with FOOD sometimez.

sue lin said...

Haha, Soo Imm , please tell them that!!! I wouldn't mind donating fat... =P We all want what we can't have...

Yeeli, i always pamper myself with food. Haha. Very difficult for anyone in the world today to feel beautiful when they feel fat.