Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lalala, i'm in the computer lab, making the most noise with my one hand lefthand typing. Very the hungry here, waiting for the biotech people to finish their chem online test. Their test arrrr, is really troublesome for me. Cuz i have 2 keep on waiting for them. Haha, good thing i didn't take science or i'd hate the chem comp test for different reasons.

Anyway, i'm kinda happy cuz i did most of my economics assignment. All i have to do is type up everything... and do one more long question. I'll just crap. With stupid references to 3 books i borrowed from the library.

Do u think 3 books from the library is a lot? It's not, i originally wanted to borrow ten books, didn't turn out. Couldn't find any books for my other two assignments. Dissapointing la, see other people carrying out 6 books from the library. Cannot, i'm a nerd now, must carry many books out of the library... Haha, kidding. So i'll just concentrate on Econs first. I kinda really like Econs, don't mind doing the assignment.

Which makes me think... should i take Econs as my second major??? The first major is definitely accounting. Cuz it's stable, high demand whatever. For Accounts i don't mind doing the homework and the reading... only the stupid assignments are shit. Imagime writing 800 words on Accounts??? U just imagine ok, i'll have to do it.

So, usually people in business take up 2 majors and usually it's Accounting and Finance. Even my tuition ex-teacher -- she's my friend too and she's teaching my brother now so i got to talk to her -- so she adviced me to do Accounting and Finance. Dunno if i can handle that. Or if i wanna take something like marketing, which she adviced me against. Well, i can take my time deciding... I have until the end of this year to do so.

I should be typing my assignment up now but i'd rather do that at home la. I wanna annoy people with my fast loud typing, hehe, make people think i have so much to type. Haha, i hope i increase someone else's stress level... like the people around me. Haha, evil.

Ohh... i'm really the hungry. Maybe i'll eat now and then again later. Hehe, who here doesn't know how much i eat??? =)


meL.a.Nie said...

hey gal!!
so sweet of u!!i'm so glad 2 b ya fren..yup yup,i miss those me a favour..punch elwyn 4 me..i think u know why..stupid fella..hehehe

luv ya lots!!

sue lin said...

Hey Mel,
Thanks! But remember, u started it! =)
Yup i'll definitely punch him for ya, i always do. Since can't poke.

luv ya too