Friday, February 18, 2005

It's 17th Feb (officially it's 18th Feb but in MY mind's clock it's still 17th until i sleep ok?). Doesn't matter what date it is, it's still the same Valentines is in the past now. But someone wanted me to write more on it. You can easily guess who the someone is. So here i am, typing away, probably waking my brother up with my noisy typing. I don't mind, Valentines was great, i have so much to say. And i dun care if my brother wakes but. But i hope he won't. Dun wanna kena scolding from him.

So, there was an Estee Lauder promotion, the kind where u buy stuff and they give u a free make over and a photo shoot. And they give u a free bracelet if u show up with your darling, since it was a Valentine offer.

My mom was the one who saw the add in the newspaper last week when we were in PD. She showed it to me and told me to go with u know who! And i was like, "And u'd pay?" and she agreed! Hehe. She actually forgot about it but i hadn't! When we got back from PD, i searched the newspaper, each n every page for that add. Till i found it, called up my mom to see if she'd still give the green light. Then i made an appointment...

So, for us Valentines wasn't just one day. On the day after Vday we went to Midvalley, early, as usual, since u know how my bf is like. He's always early. It's not a bad thing. Just a fact. And i'm the total opposite. There werent many people there on that Tuesday afternoon so this make up artist called Cath started doing make-up for me... and then another lady did my hair.

Didn't seem that long to me but i can see my dear feeling sleepy. I was sleepy too actually. When it was done i was kinda scared... i couldn't decide whether i was pretty or ugly. My sweetheart was looking at me and said i looked different, i didn't know if that was good or bad. Until i read his blog... what he wrote sounded positive... =)

Then there was the photoshoot. The camera people talked to us, tempting us about additional photos for a fee. I hesitated but my knight in shinning amour saved the day, haha, a bit dramatic, he paid an extra RM100 just like that for a few more photographs!

I was so damned shocked. It was so damn sweet! =)

Hey, no wonder he wanted me to continue writing, he knew i'd praise him. Haha, but he does deserve the praise la.

The photos won't be ready till 18th March so i can't post up any of the pix taken there.

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