Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Summer School 2005/2006 Part 3

U know how teachers go "i'm sure u've all have read the text by now"???

And i'd be looking down, evading... laughing sheepishly.

In MKW2402 Consumer Behaviour, the lecturer says "i'm sure u all watch tv".

And guess what? Haha, same thing, i was laughing sheepishly... i dun watch tv one. Haha. And guess what was the homework? Go home and watch tv.

But not watch the show, watch the adverts... =P And yet i didn't do my homework! Hahaha, i found that really funny wei...

Most of the time it's fun but today's lecture was boring... =(

Anyways. Summer school has it's advantages. The campus is empty! Quiet, and i can study ANYWHERE, there are vacant chairs everywhere.

Also, free parking!!! On normal semesters the free parking's all taken up by 8am but in summer, i can just take my time and at 8.20 i can still get a good parking spot right outside the gate!!

And classes are short. So i get to go home early. Which means i can take the Federal Highway without getting stuck in traffic! =) Yay, i don't have to pay toll!!

Also, if i take Federal i'll pass by the place E works at. So i get to see him for a while. Bring him lunch/snacks etc.

And still i reach home so early, like now, i have time to blog... and then go jogging!

I'm not happy to go jogging per se. I'm just happy i have so much time... =P But i'll have to study later. Have to, have to, have to!! If u can please sms me asking "Are u studying??"...


Joey said...

Wow, cool "homework"! hehe...we did a bit on advertisements last year in English. Really cool, some of it.
Not sure if u noticed, but in Cleo, sumtimes they have this ad for a pregnancy test kit. The lady is standing by the beach with some yatches at the bg. Look carefully n u'll notice sumthing :-)

sue lin said...

REALLY? I never knew, would look out for that add!! =)

Very fun right studying advertisments!