Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye 2005

I'm excited! Countdown tonight! =)

Usually in the English new year i'm all happy. Only a month into the English new year later, which usually happens around Chinese New Year, would all sentimental-ness and stuff hit me bad. So i'll leave the reviews of 2005 and stuff till then ya?

Don't really have time to Blog now, so i'll make ONE major resolution here and then that's it, Happy New Year People.

Ya, so, i wanna lose 5kg.

Haha, kidding! I wanna work on being more assertive, voice out my opinions more and keep my mouth shut less. Be like the two people i've come to admire greatly this year. These two people u may not know but these two women, have qualities i admire and wish to emulate.

Just in case u might think i admire someone i don't admire... these two women are not part of the Blogosphere, as far as i know.

That's it, Happy New Year, people!


She's Jess said...

Happy 2006 Sue Lin!

irene said...

hapiiiiiiiieee new yearrrrr! dear cousinnnnn!!!mwahh!! may you ahve less stress in yo studiess!!

paranoid said...

hey happy new year!hope u do lose dat 5kg!

paranoid said...

hey happy new year!hope u do lose dat 5kg!

Joey said...

U r not serious about the 5kg thingy, r u? Plz, plz don't jump onto the "extremely thin" bandwagon

hehe...Happy New Year!

sue lin said...

Happy New Year too!!

Haha, thanks irene!!! But i think i need the stress la, if i dun stress i waste time all the way! =P

Hey paranoid, errr, thanks for coming back and commenting... and it WOULD be nice to lose 5kg =) but...

Joey, nope, dun worry, it's me... remember how much i love eating?? Chicken noodles, porridge... i might stop overeating but i will never diet lar. =)

soo imm said...

lol my major resolution would be to gain 10 kgs!!
so how was your countdown??
saw ur rush entry too! mayb we shud go boogy together sum day ;)

sue lin said...

Haha, i'm NOT serious about the 5kg. It was a joke! =)

Yup, let's go! But in February please! Damn busy la in January! Stress!