Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thirrrd Stock Take and counting

I'm drowning in work the whole week cuz i was so insistent on going for the stocktake but i dont regret doing it. It was quite an experience, never would i normally walk into boutiques with salesmen wearing tuxedos.

But as an auditor, i parked in Pavilion at 7.30am and wandered around cautiously, following the directions i sought from the directory. Found the boutique, felt weird. Job is to observe the stock count.

When the staff is done with the first count, i asked the manager if one of the staff could assist me in the List to Floor Testing, basically where i pick the expensive stuff on their stock listing and DEMAND to see the goods. Hahah

So i picked whatever with a huge exorbitant price tag. Most of them were not memorable but...

There was this watch i randomly picked, the sales guy opened the glass cabinet and presented me with the shiny thing. I am to look at its boring label to match its item code to the black and white stock list but i was instantly mesmerized by this beauty.

Instead of 12 numbers on the face of the watch, there were 12 different coloured diamond, in the order of the rainbow. Awww, i love it! So glittery, shimmery and pretty! "So nice", i exclaimed before returning to the work i was supposed to do.

Back to the listing and item codes. God, the price tag on the listing shocked the hell outta me! RM38,100! "Wow, its more expensive than my car!", i said out loud. And the sales guy said that its solid gold.

God, almost 2 years salary! HAHAHA, crazy.

While waiting for them to do some shit, i watched as they opened the outlet at 11am and customers started comin' in: I saw this China woman and her much older white husband, she was carrying an awful LV bag and her little girl was with her, there was more foreigners, and then there was this Malay family.

Why can't my father be like the father, so filthy rich, why cant my father bring the family shopping on a bloody TUESDAY morning? Why dont some people need to work?

Needless to say, the Malay family walked out the shop with a purchase.

While i had to rush off to the next client in Bangi to look at more documents,
taking with me, only more homework!


Sue Lin said...

GOD, my fourth stock take sounds shit scary! In the briefing email, it says i gotta make sure i count fuel (diesel)

How do u do that? By litres?

And stocktake procedures are in BAHASA MELAYU

Mati la saya, kena print document itu dan perlahan-lahan baca!


I am gonna go get gloves, and wear torn jeans... and better NOT wear my Polo tee, better not wear the white company tee, better find something REALLY old to wear

Sue Lin said...

Damn 6 pages of BM i am forced to read! Double spacing thankfully

But make me read this on my weekend i damn pissed lor... cannot charge all these preparation time to client somemore

Daniel said...

huh? cannot charge? that's shit.

why cant roll forward last year's file? haha!

i usually charge an extra 2 or 3 hours for reading that shit and writing up the report. not counting the time i'm actually at the stocktake and travel time.

diesel..interesting. usually just see the label on the tong/container i guess. for raw materials usually the client purchases it and the stuff comes in batches that are label XX kg. they wont have measurement equipment. not their job to measure the shit they order.

just hope everything ties! no fucking variances please....

p.s my worse stocktake....was my first one. -30C cold storage. counting pallets of meat.

Sue Lin said...

Its usually unwritten, unsaid and the NORM for everyone not to charge for preparation. Free labour.

Sigh. Malaysia Boleh. I'll just call the other 2 i know, who doing the same stock take in different locations and maybe work something out together. Power in numbers

The stocktake wasnt so bad actually. I was just exaggerating, expected it to be a lot worse. But its fine, i think, so far anyway.

Just count the drums and hit it abit to see if its empty or full, i guess.

Wow! -30degrees! Thats SO COLD! Must be torturous, no wonder u've got phobia of stocktake

There was no aircond in the warehouse i went to today, the staff were complaining that all the other warehouses got aircond except this one.

But i'm fine la, the staff are nice and helpful and thats more important than finding myself in a cold room with cold staff! HAHAH

Valdez Lisa said...

haha..i went stock take recently too. But nothing special, just counting ready made photo frames that were packed, and drums of paint. Your stock take is much more interesting. hee

Sue Lin said...

Hey V Lisa, its just that i highlight one little detail. The RM38100 watch is just one of my 60samples

All the hardwork i is do, is the same as what u do, its just that... try not to blog about it or people dun wanna ever come back to my blog again! Hahah

Were the frames nice to look at? Kinda scary right if u drop one, can break or not? Is it ceramic?

Sue Lin said...

My 4th stocktake was actually quite good! =) The client's staff are damn nice, damn helpful and damn layan. My friends/colleagues in the other bus depots received the same treatment, we agree that this bus co has nice staff

Gave my BM a good workout! Not easy but pretty ok conversing in Malay. The stocktake supervisor is my age, graduate from UTM a few months back, is a komuter train programmer in the Headquarters, could easily be my classmate. He's really polite to the Store Manager and the other guys

Chit chat with them a bit. The Store Manager told me that the mechanics wanted my phone number. Haha, of cuz i said no la, but in a nice joking way. Chit chat with the store assistant too, he's only 21, stopped studying after SPM! He wanted to join the army but wasnt accepted cuz of shortsightedness. He's new and didnt really know where the items on the stocklists are located but he did try to help. The other store assistant, knew more stuff and he also helped me with lots and lots of photostating!

I think the stocktake's pretty cool, eye opener la, meet people of different walks of life

My colleagues and i spent Wednesday morning, xmas eve in the office documenting the stocktake, it was fun sitting with them, chatting as we worked

Oh! And we agree that counting the diesel was cool! Hahha, its so easy, i was just being so pessimistic earlier on! Such an experience! Happy happy!

Valdez Lisa said...

wow...60 samples? that many samples you need? The photo frames are made by timber, not ceramic type therefore.

Sue Lin said...

Yup, 30 each way... aka 30 floor to list, and 30 list to floor. I see, good la, i quite scared client's goods damaged due to auditor! HAHAHA