Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wild Wild West Nite KSP 2009

The bi-annual (once every two years) dinner was cancelled due to the bad ecomomy, but we've still got this KSP dinner at work. Dont ask why, i have no idea. KSP dinner always has a theme.

All thanks to MY who kept on persuading me to go for the dinner.
I almost didnt feel like it this year:

One of my closest friends, you'll see her in most of my pix today.

Are those girls or are those guys with us?

I found their costumes DAMN cute! Our friends were came near our table but we coulnt recognise them! Good disguise

Who are they?

Only when they were nominated for Best Dressed

Their names were called out did i realize who they are!

Ahhh, its fellow blogger, Isya and her work bestie, MN !

Girl dressed as Pocahontas is WC. She reminds me of u Dawn! =)

Only worked with her for 3 days about a year ago but really could connect and talk and laugh a lot. She travels alot and got me interested in Krabi

I took the liberty of playing with Isya's gun. Even helped myself to MN's and passed it to MY!

Face off. Catfight, whatever u wanna call it.

I ignored the surroundings and had fun with my friends for a few mins. Bit malu when WY, who's a year younger than me in the firm saw my little camwhoring session.

But in the end i was like, why dont u two shoot me?

They layan, with expressions and all ! Hahaha, thank youuu

Payback time

My turn to get shot by WY and CN

Had to return the guns after that. Normal pix henceforth

Batchmates, a fraction of the 100+ people who joined the firm at the same time as i did

Girl in blue, RC, she's really entertaining, fun to have lunch with and msn chat till i couldnt really blog ! Girl in white, AL, is really smart but humble, we share a lot of gossip.

My blog reader, YS! =)

She shocked me during training saying that she's read this blog ! Check our her hair, my god! So daring, shaved sides and longer in the middle ! It suits her, she looks so good !

Love JP's vest top

We get along really well, the one i spoke to for hours in the Department Trip

Next up, YH!

I usually remember the first time i meet a person but i don't remember the first time i met her. It was like, suddenly we have each other on msn. And we were chatting a lot!

Extremely sociable KL

Though he's a colleague, i've never really worked with him before, its usually just multiple coffee breaks and online chats.

Thats one of the few things i LOVE about my job, get to meet hundreds of colleagues, even ones u never work with

Coincidentally, MY works with a uni mate of mine, A

Because the dinner was on his gf's bday, he purposely took the day off to spend it with her! MY and i thought that was really sweet!

Saw my manager, i mean Senior Manager, SS

One of the nicest, smileyest managers around. Actually, almost all the managers in my department are nice. Only one is really stern.

Threesome pictures now =P

CCC and us

YW and us, we had Co Rep Updates training together

MY wanted a full length pictures since all 3 of us are dressed from head to toe to the theme ! =)

L, whom we met at Tax training

The two of us love to gang up and bully him! Haha

High schoolmates are also colleagues of mine now

BBGS girls. SBU is the school's new name

Caught a zebra, i mean... another ex-schoolmate

Only 64 photos that night summing up the night

The dinner reminds me of those balls or proms u have in uni

So much fun ! =) Already lookin forward to next year's

Lemme try this

Checkered button down shirt: BodyGlove
White spaghetti strap, worn inside: MNG
Frayed worn and washed jeans: Levi's
Boots: Australia, only A$10!!!! =)
Cowboy hat: Borrowed
Black gloves: Hand-me-downs
Stringy belt: Discounted goods


dawn said...

Coooool :)

Your last part of let me try this is so cute. haha! :)

How come the Pocahontas reminds u of me? :)

Isya said...

omg. i see a video. *cringe*

and i think YS's hair is sooo damnnn cool!!! i was staring at it all night. hahaha.

okay, i'm going to blog mine now. but i don't have as many pictures as you though.

Sue Lin said...

Haha Dawn thanks Dawn, just felt like it, funny la!

Cuz can chat a lot and also laugh alot like u la!

Isya hahah, if u wanna remove it just say so, i will =)

Yeah, if i could i'd also stare at her hair more!!! Hahah

Will visit ur blog soon, just give all u've got! =P

Mei Yen said...

Hi Sue,
Thought I wanna take a break from studying to read ur blog and I ended up feeling so touched and happy as i read it... Anyways, I agree with you and Isya, YS hair is damn gorgeous. Was just imagining how mei yen would look like if she had that hairstyle too...and what would the bosses and partners say...

Isya said...

hahahahaha. its okay. ian thinks the video is amusing. sigh*

anyhoos, i forgot to ask earlier. why is your hand on mei yen's butt. notty notty ;)

and btw, isya wondered what mei yen was wondering too! the hair thing.

Anonymous said...

naughty naughty~!!!!!

bad girl, dun grope and get caught on camera~!

Daniel said...

There were cow girls?

Worth going indeed.

Sue Lin said...

Mei Yen, hie! =)
Awwwwww so glad u felt happy reading it =) Did u read the Alaska one? Our ice cream stock take! Haha.

I think u can have really short hair cuz ur face is not round like mine but no idea what the bosses would say !

Isya hahaha, u showed Ian the video??? Can pass u a copy by thumb drive =p

My hand wasn't on her butt! It just looks that way. Hahah

U try the hair cut one day la! Since ur face is not round, u could probably pull it off =)

E, no laaaaaaaa

Daniel hahahah! Yeah it was fun dressing to the theme, quite a lot of people didnt follow though

supplementals said...

How come only u look like a cow girl? must be the hair and hat haha

kenwooi said...

nice pictures!
yeeee-hah! =D

Sue Lin said...

A lot of people didnt bother to dress up. Did i overdo it? Haha

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Kenwooi

Mizzsharon said...

Hey is this event somehow related to KDU?
I have this friend who attended the same theme-like party. Awesome outfits!

Sue Lin said...

Hie Mizzsharon, nope it has nothing to do with KDU =) its a company event.

Yup, the costumes made it fun! Thanks for commenting =)

Jacqueline said...

LOL!! He took the day off, but end up spending the morning for his work also... *sigh*

but, dun tell him. He doesnt read blog.

Sue Lin said...

Aw, Jac really? At least he had the intention of spending it with u. Still had lunch and afternoon right? =)