Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jitra, North Malaysia, Part 1

Senior colleague emailed me early February. Told me i was going to Jitra for work. Okay, even though i had no idea where that is

The road to KLIA, 6 something am, the boyfriend drove me. The beauty of taking Australian professional papers is that dont have classes on weekdays or weekends (except for focus session), so i am eligible for outstation business trips! =D The ACCA people lose out.

I look more like a kid than a 23year old woman going on a biz trip. Travelled by Malaysian Airlines 8am flight cuz budget Fireflyz depart KL at 9.30am

The plane was less than half full, each passenger travelling alone had three seats to her/himself =) Slept all the way, woke up a bit to see verdent green paddy fields, and went back to sleep =P My kind senior picked me up from the airport (she's an Alor Setar girl so she went back earlier to spend some time with family. She drove her mom's car). Worked.

Thats my room! StarCity Hotel. Damn comfortable, called it home for 4 nights. With the TV as my only companion. I made myself at home by unpacking

The 'kitchen' with my instant noodles, 3 in 1 coffee and of course, a bottle of USANA vitamins =) I never go a day without my Essentials and Biomega, with the kind of hours i work, its a must

My 'dressing' table, facial and skin care products strewn all over it. Loreal, Sense, Oxy, Red Earth, Vaseline to hang onto whatever youth i have

Audit client beared all expenses. Mr YS is the Senior Manager, he'll join the team for review on Thurs night and the whole of Friday. He's a good boss. He's a Japanese man who has lived in Malaysia for 8years, already as Malaysian as can be but works insane hours just like a true Japanese

My luggages, tiga biji ! Hehehe, get to know me, i NEVER travel light. What girl travels light for that matter??

Brought my own hangers! Hahaha, and i realized that throughout my almost 1.96years of working, i have never ironed my shirts till this trip! God, am i spoilt in Malaysia, thats gonna change soon, dreads!

Monday night i watched some reality Nanny series, Tues - Kyle XY, Wed - Phua Chu Kang season and series finale and a travel show featuring Brazil, Thurs... i didnt turn on the tv. Its quite routine. Dinner, bath, tv, online. At 10pm i'd continue working till about 2am daily =(

Camwhored when i got so bored =) 4 pillows all to myself! Smooth skin on Monday night. Picture NOT photoshopped in any way, colour not adjusted, only resized from 769kb to 66kb and added label, click to enlarge =P By the end of the week, there were so many bumps on my forehead, i had to use Oxy 10 instead of 5

View from my room. Clueless me asked my senior, whats that. Hahah, Alor Setar Tower she informed me, a landmark for the little city. I wanted to go up, go visit!

I stepped out wanting to make my way there one evening, but it was getting dark, i decided not to go, all alone. Picture from ground floor. Just fell back into my daily routine. Wednesday night i camwhored again!

Bored and indifferent, my reflection behind my laptop, Excel on the screen

Played the super stressed role, pulling hair included. A photographer friend i met 'through' MDG told me about composing shots- its about deciding what goes into a picture, what to be included and what to be left out of the frame, he told me that composing takes a lot of time. I love whats captured in this frame, even if my pic turned out blur and sengek (slanted), another thing those photographers cannot tolertate, from their comments on pictures in Facebook

A smile to cheer myself up =) Realized that the mirror is SUPER FREAKING clear !!! Why cant all mirrors be this clear?

My night shift desk. Other than working late into the night (12hours a day in total but only getting paid for 8hours), i HATE HATE HATE carrying my whole 'office' on my back, everything in one backpack, stationary, files, the pc, the charger... Its heavy and burdensome. I always stare at other ladies walking to work with just a single handbag in envy


Jacqueline said...

Hahahaha!!! I thought u were shifting to Jitra! U brought lotsa stuff over.... =p

Isya said...

u had an outstation job!!!! best nye!!! but hate the long hours though. AND U SLEPT ALONE!!! SO BRAVE!!!

ur skin sooo smooth!! jealousnyeee...

i hate my stinking bag as well. its soo uncool when we go out after working hours. like budak skolah but trying to be old cause wearing working clothes. hahaa.

Daniel said...

oh you poor girl.

when will your suffering end?

Sue Lin said...

Jac hahaha! If i were to shift those 3 bags wont b enough!!!!! HAHAHA, i brought everything i needed, even somethings i dont need like an extra pair of shoes and towels just in case

Isya yeah! Best! I have no prob sleeping alone but wud have been fun to have a roomie, someone like u there, was thinking of u when i camwhored, wish to have a teman to do funny faces with

After that encounter with the mean facial woman last year, i took extra extra care to look after my skin, her words really got under my skin and pierced through my heart =P But i still miss out on the weekly mask and scrub i am supposed to do

Absolutely agree, its so hard to go out after working hours with that backpack! Such a chore, such a big responsibility

Daniel hey! Last working working day was on Friday, a public holiday. Tomorrow is my official last day, doing clearance and exit interview tomorrow!!!!!!

Jacqueline said...

Hahahah!!! I prefer to travel light... Kekekek! Anything not enough, go buy. =p

Weird Dan said...

Why so nice one... I don't care liao. Better bring me go makan.. LOL

Sue Lin said...

Jac! Ur weird! Hahahah =P

Dan chee yok fun no problem wan! Bila mau pergi??? Weekday yaaa, FB me okay?

Isya said...

i get scared sleeping alone. when i went for an offsite job, even sleeping with a roomie, i was scared. cause they was weird sounds and all. i bet if we roomed together, we'll camwhore more than work. we could play dress up and take pictures too!! haha.

oh, mean facial woman! but good that you're taking care of ur skin. i should start too. pimples sprouting up everywhere.

i accidentally left my bagpack in the car the other day. totally forgot about it!! thank god it was still there when i came back.

Sue Lin said...

Isya what sort of weird noises? Was it a hotel or a hostel??

Hahah, sounds damn fun if we were to work outstation together! Can do a whole 'work wear' photoshoot at night!!! Hahah!

Lucky lucky! Is it still RM5000 for lost laptops? Such a heavy penalty!

Sue Lin said...

That does sound creepy! I wonder what is the real cause... thank goodness nothing else happened =) But its really tough to audit without enough sleep =|

Hahah, i wouldnt be able to fit into hot Racheal's clothes! But thats okay, no need to zip up entirely, as long as it looks good in pix can already!

Bahagia! Hahah, what a word to use, but yes its appropriate, i am bahagia without the responsibility. Now its all about not spending too much

dawn said...

Loving your Monday night picture =)

So lovely with that dazzling smile :)

I find those camwhored pics with laptop quite entertaining! haha! :) Especially the hair pulling one :p

Sue Lin said...

Dawn wow thanks! Dazzling smile? Such sweet compliments from u! =)

Hahah, entertaining ar? Was just trying to do different expressions rather than post 3 same shots same angles =)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Wow! So, this is Jitra. It is a place with a name which I read about in the accounts of the Malaysian invasion in 1941. Now, you have put a picture to it. Thanks.

Were you passing by? Otherwise, what is there in Jitra?

Sue Lin said...

Hie Chuang Shyue Chou! I was there for one week of work, auditing a company there.

There were quite a lot of interesting things i drove by, i wanted to see the paddy museum but being there for work, there wasn't any time