Saturday, October 15, 2011


Because i've successfully migrated to Australia, suddenly i'm valuable to Malaysia! They've realised they are losing talent to countries like UK, Australia and Singapore.

A government linked company (GLC) was set up and they planned a networking event for Malaysian professionals working abroad. I was honoured to get an invitation to the Melbourne event!

View from the 25th floor, the penthouse of the Langham Hotel, where the event was held. Taken by the iPhone 4. I was told that there was another event for non-Accountants, held in the Melbourne Aquarium the next day

Not knowing what to expect, i went with an open mind. They weren't pushing us hard, they werent trying to get us to go back. Its a pretty simple evening, just mingling and small talk with other Malaysians and a couple of ex-colleagues. Buffet dinner too!

A good friend i met through this blog was there too, and when people asked how did you meet, he'd go silent and i'd say "Friend of a friend", which is true. A friend's blog link!

The highlight of the night was chatting with the Executive Chairman of the company i worked for in Kuala Lumpur for 2 years

Chats were in groups of 3 or 4 people. I noted how he read each and everyone of our business cards and asked us about our work. Before he left the group i was with, he drirectly looked at me and gave me advice specifically related to my job! =) Never had that honour when i was in KL!


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Sue Lin said...

Yeah! Wow!

Isya said...

i always thought the executive chairman of our firm's really goodlooking. like a bollywood star! hahaha

Sue Lin said...

Yeah i'd agree! =) He is a little bit geeky but very confident and smooth, we have a lot to learn!