Friday, February 13, 2009

Bali has gotta wait

Cant picture blog, need to work till late tonight before the client's Group Finance Manager goes back to Singapore.

Ms BayBeeTea, struggling with files, in the lift. Yet she manages to snap a pic! =P

Yesterday after work i went over to Midvalley to meet RC before he goes back to Australia (i turned on my laptop to work a bit in Midvalley while waiting for him ok?)

Yummy fushion Japanese food, weird la but i love my Unagi whatever set, i love unagi everywhere tho. Its near Toys R Us. It was fun just hanging out there (the restaurant, not ToysRus) chatting with him and his Communication Degree friends.

Then i went home took a shower and headed over to neighbour/bestfriend's house right next door for a long good chat (till 1am). She n RC are taking the same flight back to Melbourne, wont see them for months!

Ooohh!! And Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 is comin' up! One of my closest uni buddy, DL, is at the 3days 2 nights closed audition as i blog! Prays she makes it through, you can't not love her!

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Sue Lin said...

Urg so so so stressed, so many things to do.

Plus why cant i be naturally slim? Need to allocate time to the gym

No time arr i so wanna die
Working, from home but still working, on Valentines Day.

I am terribly sleepy i have no idea why