Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Job =)

It happened so fast. Wednesday i was doing an aptitude test. Called on Thursday

What i wore to my 9am Friday the 13th interview before my restaurant shift at 12pm. Shortest interview i ever went to. Offered the job on the spot!

Accepted =) Started on Monday. There was a rainbow on my drive to work =) The day flew by. Boss is really nice, he said he wants me to look forward to coming to work =)

What i'll wear Tuesday =) =) New boots ($89) and bag ($30) from Novo, its intoxicating spending Australian dollars I earned, feels soooo good

The real beginning begins


MK Loo said...

new boots? new bag? waahhhhh....!

Biopolymath said...

Congrats for you! Must be so happy right..

Was busy like a bee in third year uni. But course contents are fun I must say! Talk to you soon!

Out of Sync said...

Way cool well done =D Now with the extra money you can go on every MORE adventures ;)

sook yee said...

all the best your new beginning. Missing you dearly here. Hugs..

Sue Lin said...

MK Loo! Hahah, yeahhh =) =)

Biopolymath thanks! Damnnnn freaking happy, u have no idea! Heheh. Glad u are enjoying uni =)

Out of Sync thanks! =) More adventures? Heheh, yeah keen on that! Need to settle in for at least 6months before i take leave, so it'll be about Christmas when i get to holiday! Already looking forward to it!

Sook Yee thanks!!! Miss u too! In fact last night i thought of u!

Joey said...

Congratulations on the job! Things can only get better and better from here :)
Do tell us how it's like working with the Aussies and stuff

Sue Lin said...

Thanks so muchJoey! =) Its totally different working in Aussie. Sooo much better here, a lot happier. My Facebook status is flooded with the word 'love'