Friday, January 08, 2010

Ciggie Break

Without the cigs, i dont smoke! Hahaha

Just had to step out cuz it was FREEZING in the meeting room the client assigned to the auditors for the week. Snapped a pic of my attire:

Pink sleeveless shirt inside my warm wooly long sleeved overall thingie (from Aust autumn sales!), white jacket with a ribbon instead of buttons from Sub (got it for half price if i may add =) and a shawl over it all (from Bali)

Took the tissue box down from my car and was blowing my nose and sneezing all day =S Thats my 3rd day of work in 2010. Was stuck in traffic on the 2nd day of work:

KL skyline at 8am, Chan Sow Lin area.

Take a look at this, note that the monitors are on the right of the desk while the keyboard is on the desk:

Hahhaa, found it hilarious when SA told me that the client's staff put it that way so that they can Facebook during office hours! Their boss sits behind them, in a glass windowed room.

I smsed my Senior last week to check in advance if client wants us to work on the 4th, Monday, before i made any plans. She told me that its our firm hol and "enjoy urself" =)

So i headed to Midvalley/Gardens (cant believe parking's full!) to meet E and DLTM, whom i met online through this blog over a year ago, for lunch and just to catch up. DL thanks for lunch! Forgot to thank u tht day!

On Tuesday, i found out tht Senior worked on Mon since the client insisted they wanted the auditors to start the audit on the 4th and she didnt call me in to work cuz she had already told me i didnt have to! So sweet of her, right? Other bosses may not be so nice!


Daniel said...

NO worries! glad you could make it to hear me babble non-stop....

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, glad to be there, was fun! =D

Isya said...

your clothes look like you're in some winter country!! but yes, offices can be soo damn cold!!!!! brr...

now, let us all say WELCOME to peak :) think positive!

Sue Lin said...

Hie Isya!

Yeah, it does feel like i'm in some winter country every day in that damn meeting room! Even the client's wear those bubble jackets in the office!

I never fail to bring those 2 jackets to this client!

Chants with u, WELCOME peak!!!

Jacqueline said...

My office is hot at 1 time, cold at another time... Sigh... Our termostat is in the CEO's office. So he controls the temperature. Sad right?

I find your client's monitor positions very funny... how they type? Wont they get neck pain? Hahahaha!

Sue Lin said...

Jac AHAHAHAH! Thats funny! The boss controls the temperature! Hahaha, kesihan everyone

Yeah man i also found the monitor positions very funny! No idea how they type! Crazy, i only went in during stockcount so i have no idea how they do it!