Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Internship : First Day

Stepped out of my car and was surprised to feel the air, it's so fresh! Only 7.40am and i already reached work. 20 minutes to when i'm supposed to meet PL and D. 50minutes till work begins.

I took a walk around the open air carpark, the greenery was kinda beautiful. I climbed up a small hill and watched the carpark slowly fill up. Nobody does what i did, no one pauses to enjoy nature.

Or maybe i'm just nuts.

But hey, it works for me, i felt happier and the walk to my building woke me up. Many interns were already there. D already made some friends, i joined her and them.

But now i wonder, would i even see them again? After a very short er... session of what was supposed to be briefing, we were brought to our respective departments.

I was assigned to a cubicle with a tiny window blocked by piles of green folders. I sat.

And watched as the HR lady brought M to his cubicle, which was like, very very far away. At least i can still SEE him, I have no idea where the other girl who's also in tax went to.

Still sitting there, bored with practically nothing to do when D, who's in audit smsed me: "Hey gurl. I wun be joining u 4 lunch. I'm working outside."

Its only 11am on our first day and she's already working outside??! That was the point where i sort of broke down. I really felt like quitting.

I had a bad case of "the grass is greener on the other side" syndrome... i regretted my choice and wished i went for audit in company B. I sent a whole lot of pathetic pitiful messages to a few closer friends.

Alamak... L replied ".......gtg in plane d..ttyl..hugs". Aiyoh.... sooo nice she's still holidaying in exotic Sarawak! Beats my little walk in the carpark anytime.

Thank goodness, after that when i went up to the people i'm supposed to help, they started giving me work.

Soon it was lunch. LOVE lunch!!!! Everyone's complaining! Hahaha. Misery loves company.

And i met my old school friend MY there!!! She's so sweet la, she remembers i love drinking soup. And i was like... u knew i love soup meh??

And she can even remember the details! She reminded me how i always went to buy soup from the noodle aunty at the school canteen!! Yeah, i used to buy, like, 2 or 3 fishballs just so i can get soup! Hahahaha, totally forgot about that!!

Our table, the GIRLS' side of the table, were almost screaming! Haha, so fun. PL and MY got along as if they knew each other forever.

After lunch work just kept on coming and coming! I photostated a lot of stuff... and i Sue Lin-ed a lot of stuff too! Hhaaha. Documents become Sue Lin-ed when i try to photostate stapled papers the shortcut way... =P Not a good idea, it gets jammed. And the paper gets all crumpled

Ready for more tired-Sue-Lin-lame-ness?

U know what i enjoy at work?? When i have to get files from different floors... i'll have to go to the lift area... I LOVE the way my heels clak on the marble floor! =P


Anonymous said...

Happy working there!!! Wish you enjoy your work.

sue lin said...

Thanks! Hope to read about yours in your blog too!

Anonymous said...

haha...i feel so nervours la.it is next week le...

sue lin said...

No need 2 b nervous, its ok if u dunno anything, u are there 2 learn.

I asked a lot of stupid questionss! Hahaha.