Monday, June 01, 2009

Best Damn Office

I've ever set foot in

Love the black and red interior, the endless coffee supply and help yourself to the snack bar fridge. Bask in the view of the KLCC park

Watch the skys change colour as the day goes by, as it rains and stops. Watch those with the luxury of time go jogging at 4 pm in envy

Gasped in surprise as i noticed the view from where the client sat

Oh, client was so pitiful. First day of the audit, she wore contact lens, fresh and made up. By Tuesday she wore specs, by Friday her skin was peeling. Auditors are from hell aren't we?

Did she get to enjoy the view? I was so excited, didn't care if client, colleague and the South East Asia Area Controller (she's nice to me) were there, I bring u these pictures, snapped before it got too dark!

U see the Petronas Twin Towers's unique design of spikes and semi circles?

The interior designer did a fcuking good job adapting the office!!! One of the spikes was made into a square glass room:

That was our audit room for the week! I worked in one of the spikes yo!!! HAHAHA, uber cool! If only not so stressed

One of the semi circles was made into the bosses's room!! A semi-circle glass room with the other tower behind ya, the bridge visible from your office, god, such beauty!

Will i have something like that to call my own one day? Hang my Gucci and Prada there? And a branded umbrella too?

Sigh, the things power and money can buy. Monthly rental is RM20,000 more than a Myvi!


Daniel said...

yeah, its a nice office.

but i rather work in a regular non descript office for better pay, a better job and better recognition.

A great view at work can't substitute a great work life balance.

Sue Lin said...

Oh their pay is good, i did their payroll. And Friday they went home earlier than us, much much earlier. At 4 something they are chatting among themselves already. They get higher EPF.

I agree with u though, i want the recognition, to feel appreciated and of course work life balance

Sue Lin said...

Woke up at 6.30am to do work i was supposed to 'do at home'. Emailed client at well before 8am. Emailed manager.

Went to client's (alone) to follow up. Not too bad a day. Short lonely lunch outside client's. There was a playground on my way back to the office so i sat on the swing for a bit.

Realised i'm near a friend's house and smsed her to see if she's free after working hours.

5.55pm i called her and she's already home!!! Went over to chill. God, her life is so relaxing at the moment. Chit chat, played with her dog, sat by the 4feet deep pond and watch the koi fishes swim about as we did some catching up. Ate with her parents and its only 7.45!

Went up to her room and looked at her European backpacking photos! Nice!!! I left about 9pm, dead tired, happy =)

gOrgeOus gRaCe said...

wah....jealous la....the office so nice.... =)

Isya said...

oh man, the office looks damn nice!!!! *stares with envy...

hahaha, my word verification is schitism. hi, would you like to join schitism?

Jacqueline said...

hahaha!! I'm in ur dead blog list... =p

I'm gonna start blogging again... Whenever im free... =p

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, Grace, yeah, damn nice. But not MY office, so nothing to be jealous of. I dont work there anymore, thank god! =P

Isya does schitism have anything to do with shit? Hehe!
If u are the President of Schtism, can i be VP?

Hie Jac! Its been a long time =) I'll check ur blog and move u out of the dead blogs list when u do blog! Hahah =P