Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Department Trip 2009

Shoulda blog about 2008's, man that was extravagant. This year's was meager, with an RM 200 per head budget.

Beach front Swiss Garden in Kuantan last year, mountain top Selesa Resort this year:

This time i drove. My Kancil took on Karak highway. The first time i drove hilly slopes was in Australia with my aunt's 2.0L Honda Odessey, that was a breeze, damn easy to drive over any uphill bend.

My Kancil on Karak arrr... damn susah, press and press the minyak all the way to the max and at times i was just going at 60kpmh. Was running late, damn stressed to get there on time (not to mention i dont want to swerve and overturn...). Kancils are 850cc city cars la, not mountain climbers.

The trip was fun, somewhat, though it fell below expectations.

No its not the lack of stars the resort has, the corporate teambuilding games and stuff were the problem. Too much waiting.

The rooms are apartment style, 5 to a unit, i snagged the single bedroom, hehe! Baybeetea's spoilt i dont deny

One of the activities required us to crawl through mud, i dont mind, i just didnt wanna kill my Adidas from Smith Street, Melb, so i took off my shoes before the crawl and put it back on after. Hahaha, they still look new though they're almost 2 years old. Indoor gym shoes okayyy

At night some colleagues decided to drive to Genting, i gave that a miss and just spent HOURS chatting with JP! Retreated to bed at 2am-ish. Woke up to sunrise streaming through my window

JP and i had an early breakfast and headed off, she had class and i had the damned to hell ICAA quiz. Studied the whole Sunday and spent my replacement Monday off with E! =)

The boyfriend left his Big 4 job to pursue something unconventional. Scary shit, i admire his determination and here's to him: To a successful business, love you dear, you can make it through!


dawn said...

no more pictures?

to a successful unconventional path E! I like unconventional ;)

Sue Lin said...

Hey Dawn! Nope not many on the department trip, didn't take out my camera during dinner. On the second day i went off early so no chance to take pictures.

Thanks for the wishes to E =)

Anonymous said...

Hey dawn~!!!

Hahaha, you like the unconventional huh. Maybe i can approach you on this unconventional path i am taking. Hehehe.

Sue Lin said...


Jacqueline said...

I'm going up to Genting tmr... And no way for me to drive my Kancil 850 up hill manz! I will probably need a tow truck after that. Hahaha!

Isya said...

i commented!!! i did!!! now,where did it go?? i'll come back in a bit cause i really need to finish unit 2. booo neessss....

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAH, yeah la Jac, DONT do it! Kancils are not meant to climb!

Awww, Isya u did? =( Didnt see it, must be an error with blogger! Hurry up finish unit 2 gurl!

Isya said...

im back! peekaboo*

heh, why so little pictures? i want more!!! i didnt take any for my department trip too. was too busy. i really wanna blog about my trip but i think i would have to make it private first :(

and wow! up genting with a kancil? very impressive.

p/s: i hate icaa.

Sue Lin said...

Create a second private blog, Isya! I wanna hear all abt ur Away Day

Nope, my Kancil only went to Bukit Tinggi, not Genting. Cannot la

I hate ICAA too, so sleepy. Read ur blog! Hehe