Monday, April 20, 2009

Work: loves and hates (edited)

Will start with the pros!
1. Love the traveling, even if its just to a thousand and one different offices. Presenting to u, my cubicle for one week in late February

The client who sits there is a bitch, and she was on MC for the rest of week, so they said i could sit there. I even helped myself to her toilet roll! HAHAHAHAHA, so did my senior!

Stocktake at the Subang airport, can park ur car next to the jets! =) COOL

Purposely opened my car door to prove to u that that's MY Kancil

Guess whats that below?

This company that manufactures packaging, including packaging for medical instruments

In a stocktake for a semi-private, semi-government bus company. Their lunch is super long and so i had their whole store room for myself to work and... ahem... camwhore

The next client was a bit difficult to handle but working with them, i get to go home at about 6pm everyday!!!!! So early! Miss those days

Those are 100Plus cans on a conveyer belt! And the next day u see Anglier Shandy, Sprite and Coke! HAAHAH, sorry to be lame but i found that lil bit of my work FUN. I also got to go on a factory tour here! =)

The latest client,
is a Japanese manufacturer, i quite like them, so efficient. This company really brought the whole Japanese culture to Malaysia, i was shocked to hear that i was given a pair of slippers to wear in the office everyday of work! Haha! And the Senior Finance Exec was serving us coffee, E says the Japs are just VERY hospitable.

Lots of Japanese guys (haven't identified a Jap lady) in the higher positions of the company as well, u see them bowing to one another. They work so late, and so baybeetea also has to work late too =( But thank god auditors dont have to adher to their 30 freaking minutes lunch break! We go for our normal 1hour lunch.

2. I LOVE the mileage claims we get! With a trusty Kancil, the mileage claims to clients place are a nice sweet little commission (since we aren't paid overtime). Love love travelling to Bangi, it takes me about 30minutes to get to work, 20 minutes to go home (gotta love Kajang Silk highway, i just zoom zoom, and pay lots of toll of course) and i get to claim heaps! =)

3. Love meeting so many new people

Now for the cons of being an auditor...

1. Just read this

2. (Added on 22/4/2009) Not only u might have to work 36hours straight (more than one person i know have done that)( 14 hours today is bad enough for me) u MUST DO A POSTGRADUATE part time.

So its work work work weekdays, come weekends time to study. No life. No life. No life

Sue Lin is smashing all the plates, she really just cant juggle


Isya said...

ditto to the travelling. but not soo much with the claims. have to go bangi too but claims will get slashed :(

i got that email for the cons too!!! but havent found time to read it. haih.

Sue Lin said...

Yeah, and they really delay ur claims in ur industry right? So meannnn!

U dun really have to read it, its quite depressing. I need to add a con...

Gonna talk to myself below:

I left client's at 11.34pm, i pressed a lot of gas and was the first (among the senior, manager and the guy) to leave the factory. Haha, i drove at 90 all the way, hogging all 3 lanes switching as i please. Love driving this road, the twists and turns are challenging and fun. I skidded a bit =P

I forgot to bring my Touch and Go today, couldn't bear to slow down on my drive home so i bought a new Touch n Go this morning to be inserted into my Smart Tag! Sue Lin is happy.

Parked in the garage by 11.54pm! Just 20minutes to take on 20km.

My Kancil does V. Vpower! Hahahha. If u watch True Blood u'd know what "do V" means.

Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

think if I go back to KL and work I will melt like a puddle.

On the flipside, I am a bit worried. WHen I am not busy like you guys, that can only mean there isnt enough work to go around, which signals impending doom.

IN anycase, i do love my job. I really like working at my firm. THe hours are alright. The people are great and clients quite nice as well. The learning opportunities are great and the training given is superb.

God, I love my job....(sad but true)

You have a flying kancil! yeah, at 11.30 pm the roads should be quite clear. Watchout for those flying MyVi's that I always bitch about.

Sue Lin said...

Hey Daniel, u mean melt as in its too hot or the hours are too long???

Its just the Japanese year end 31 March thats why we're so busy. Wait till July, i dont wanna imagine how it would be like...

I dont mind the analyzing and poking around people' accounts,

but i HATE the stupid UNREASONABLE deadline and the FCUKING unpaid overtime, its like... its only Tuesday but i've worked well over 3days worth of hours (one day 8 hours so should have worked 16, maybe 17 but i've worked 24hours)

soo imm said...

haha i luv the way u blogged this post!
and it's realy great to find pleasure in work somtimes ;)

supplementals said...

wow. i like this post. and the comments. and the post in the comment. and the deleted comment. and the smashing of plates!

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Soo Imm =) Its the little pleasures that've kept me in the company for slightly over a year!

Not to mention that the 14hours i clocked in yesterday was the longest i've had in my one year

Supplementals haha, funny la u, the comments and the post in the comments! Whats there to like abt the deleted comment? It irritates me! I wonder who said it and what that person said! HAHAA

I like my smashing plates/ juggling metaphor too... been over using it a bit on msn/Facebook =P

Gonna do another post in a post: Haha. Anyway, i guess most of u dont know that i have been actively frequenting and engaging in comment wars.

Many people have visited here via the link i leave on MDG, however, i've never gotten a bad comment though anonymous comments are allowed here! YAY! =)

Sue Lin said...

Loved lunch today. Ate with batchmates RC, MY, LI, JT and senior GK joined us.

Loved chatting with the girls, it was so much fun, it made me happy for the rest of the day.

Oh, and maybe an underlying reason i'm so happy is cuz i PASSED MY ASSIGNMENT!!!! I was so so confident that i was gonna fail it man! I passed! So so happy, there is hope!

I used my yahoo mail for the paper and not the work mail, and the office blocked yahoo, hotmail and Facebook, so i couldn't check. So during lunch, hearing them talk about it... i was dying to know and decided to try using internet on my phone.

Just tried and nearly got a heart attack when yahoo mail loaded so quickly! Crap, i entered my username and password... and the stupid first message in view was EP results

Hesitated, everyone wanted to check for me. Haha

Then i just did it, opened the mail and scrolled and scrolled! Finally i got to see the total marks! Pass Yay! Just 13.5 over 25, but i wasnt doubting i would get even 8marks, so i'm happy

Thts the first time i ever used internet on my purple phone

Traclyn Yeoh said...

everything look great at your working place...

psst~ don't tell anyone in your company, smuggle some make-ups for me if you have any! hehe... (joking joking!!!)

Sue Lin said...

HAHHAAH, i say i curi toilet roll and u ask me got make up to curi or not?! Crazy ar? HAHA, but we've got an email to a warehouse sale =D Will forward to u! I wanna GOOOOOOOOO!!!

Daniel said...

Melt in terms of the long hours, demanding work requirements and horrible hellish rush hour commutes.

I am pretty sure a 2hp air con unit can solve my other melting problem!

Sue Lin said...

Hahha, 2hp aircond would solve ur other melting problems! HAHA, ur funny.

Yeah man, u get ur 3donkey years of experience is labour strong Aussie and then only come back.

But even the managers here work so late. Poor things, i left earlier then them on Thursday(10.30pm) n Friday(8.30pm)

Traclyn Yeoh said...

What warehouse sale?? Me pokai liao!

Sue Lin said...

Alamak... then dun forward to u la

ying2 said... the warehouse sale in Park Royal Hotel?dun noe is the same warehouse sale u talking about..haha..when n where is it?maybe we can go 2gether...haha

Traclyn Yeoh said...

Ai let me know laaaat

Sue Lin said...

Smsed u TraclynNot that one Ying2, going to buy underwear! HAHAHA. You sms me the email u want me to forward u if u want me to forward to u

Isya said...

totally random, but am i LI?


Sue Lin said...

Yup, thats u Isya! =) Thanks again!