Thursday, April 08, 2010

Farewell with Ex-Colleagues

(20/3/2010) Was afraid the busy auditors won't be able to make it for my farewell if i planned one, but the turn out was good =)

I did have to send them threatening smses to harass these professionals into coming to my farewell. Hahahha! None of the guys showed up so it was a girls night out

PY and i, loved our AT times and lunches together. Only worked with her for a day. Worked till 3am, it was a mad life we led

WY, she was also there working with PY and i till 3am on 15/1/2010, i will never forget that night! After the Away Day, WY and i became good friends over Facebook =) Other colleagues were shocked we're close

I've mentioned before that i love meeting many people in audit. I think i only worked with her for less than a week in 2008 but we pour our hearts out to each other

My roomie wayyyy back in Port Dickson! We email and call each other from time to time =) Hope i am able to keep it up

Smart and pretty JT and RC, ex-auditor YS who is now a fashion merchandiser and unemployed me who's going on spontaneous crazy trips

One of my beloved school till work bestfriends MY, i felt so sad seeing her sad as i left the firm. JY from university (but we were just acquiantances), photogenic YH and fashionable AL. Going to miss all of them

Too bad fellow Blogger Isya couldnt make it. Such a shame that her Suju concert fell on the same night as my farewell, we didnt get to do a proper goodbye =(

The attendance list i made. All that confirmed came =) Thanks girls for making it a special farewell for me!


Isya said...


is JT wearing zip-bra print? hehehe
i hate how RC has such nice clothes and always look soo good in them. but oh, RC if you're reading this, i love you :S

blehh... im still sulking over the fact that i couldn't go.

Sue Lin said...

Isya yup JT was wearing fine zebra print =) RC... no surprise, she's always prettily dressed

Wish u were there, sighhh, not the same without u!

supplementals said...

wow. so much i missed. Good to know ur doing good still :)

Sue Lin said...

Supp nahh u didnt miss much, i haven't been blogging as much as i should! =P

How're you? Eating enough Nasi Lemak for the both of us?

supplementals said...

Unfortunately i'm on a seafood diet which requires me to have only ONE meal a day.

I see food, i eat. So become one CONTINUOUS meal! XD

Sue Lin said...

Hhahaa, good one Supp! Sea food diet, one meal a day! Hahhaha

Anonymous said...

Wahlao no wonder I am sniffing the whole week!!
Isya, I miss your cheerfullnes >.<
Aiks, the top is from FOREVER NEW!!!

I am going to Melbourne soon!


Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, Rach u sure u didnt just get a cold? =)

I miss Isya's cheerfulness too! Always nice seeing her smile in the office! When are u coming to Melb???!?!!??! Gonna FB message u now!