Saturday, August 22, 2009

Community Outreach Program 2009

One thing i love love love about the co i work for is that we get to do charity during working hours for two weeks! And get paid like normal =) Its a great eye opening experience.

Kinda stressful though. Cuz we are there to help push the kids to a brighter future. Its like, society is depending on us. Thank goodness the ones i taught last year show improvement this year! =)

In the morning, we teach the kids who go to school in the afternoon. I was assigned to two form2 kids:

N: He's quite smart, comparatively. Had to recall what i learned in form 2G nine years ago to teach him. My god, theorem Pythogoras, circles, faints! I can do the math but explaining is not easy!

U: He's slow with studies. But good attitude. Couldn't do minus last year! But luckily the school systems now allow form 1 and above to use scientific calculator! He's good with the calculator

I taught him for UPSR last year. 1B and 4Cs. One of the brighter kids. Grown so much over a year.

With a few of the other kids, the little one on the right couldnt even write A-Z last year. This year he can read!

Kinda looks like jail with all those bars. Anbu Illam means house of love. The girl's home Karunai Illam means house of hope.

They've got good donors, thats a spanking new van there! They even got sponsors to give each secondary school kid a scientific calculator!

And they've got us =P On our last day at the home, we bought them snacks. In the back, my colleague and i distributing chocolate wafer

My afternoon boys:

Standard 2, 3s and 4s. They are a handful! They fall asleep in class, need u to push them to work, basically they need attention. They make noise and they run around!

There was one day, after lunch, i was running a lil late, my colleague was already there before me. He smsed me "You'll laugh when u get here"

When i got there all the boys had tape on their mouths! The aunty who runs the home did that to them to keep them quiet! I felt like taking pictures... =P But held back.
The one in the yellow shirt is my sister's age, my sister's height. He wrote an essay last year which broke my heart. It was so sad, about his father
My guy colleague is admired by the boys, they look up to him

I'd really like to do charity instead of work, its stressful but so meaningful. But i cant live without a paycheck. I'm too materialistic and not afraid to admit it.

Come on, E, become a Datuk, and ur Datin will do charity! HAHAHA


supplementals said...

I said it before and i'll say it again. Thats really awesome what you did!

dont pressure E so much la..albeit for a good cause haha!

Fawked said...

Wahhh doing charity! Thats great. I still remember the first time I went out with Dawn, it was to a retarded kids home.

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Supp and Fawk, its all thanks to the co la. I mean, if not for them, i'd just stick to making donations. I was quite sesat going to the home last year. Didnt know what to do and all

Supp, Haha, joking with E la, though it'd b damn nice if that could be the case =P

Fawk Really? I didnt know that was ur first date with Dawn! Tell me more! =D

Jacqueline said...

Haha!! Datin Teh!

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, Jac! Join me, i need kaki to go facial! HAHAHAH

Janette Tang said...

Hi Datin,

Probably you can bring me along for ur next visit. I always tot of helping out in a charity house but never take the initiatives. You're doing a great job and its a good way ur company get people involve

Isya said...

i wanna go COP!!!!! but why am i always fully booked. boooo!!!!!

Sue Lin said...

Hey Janette! Haha, dun call me that, not yet! HAHAH.

Yeah its really great that they got us involved. But a lot of people dont get a chance.

I've never went there other than during the program. If i am not assigned to a task of teaching, i think i wud be all sesat if i go there, wudn't know what to do. We can try

Isya, i heard u guys can still go even if fully booked, just more troublesome gotta get approval and all. Have to make an effort lor. Hope u get a chance next year! =)

Isya said...

if we're booked, its a tad bit harder la. mngiam didnt get to go in the end cause she suddenly had a job to do. soo kesian.

are u going for ksp?

Sue Lin said...

Aiyo, so kesihan her! Such a waste.

No, i dun think i'm going, its so near our exam... are u going??

Isya said...

yeah, i plan to go!!!! since we wont be having any annual dinner, its the only dinner we're gonna get. but no one i know is going...

Sue Lin said...

Oh, when is it again? Maybe i'll go with you, not sure... Talk to u tomorrow