Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My 'cubicle' at work

One thing i like about my work is that i dont have a little cubicle to go to everyday.

New environment every few days.

Sometime August after i got my new phone

And then it was a long off peak period for me with no clients to go to before i was sent to audit the unit trust:

Seriously, it was more cramped up than it looks

Look at this room the next client gave us:

Feels like... ur one of those special ones in Heroes and u are captured and being observed in this room...

And this is NOT what auditing should be like:

Auditing is not supposed to be All U Do Is Tick. But the previous year auditor certainly did that. AHAHAHA, had a good laugh

The next client seemed cool, they print packaging for cigarette companies, look at their shelf on display

But thats all thats cool about them, it was SPLITTING HEADACHE auditing them, so many issues and exceptions. And i had to drive all the way past the Subang airport to end up in this ulu place:

Factory area. See my lil trusty Kancil? I think i hurt it going through 12km of bumpy roads for 6 days =(

Last but not least. What i wore to work.


At LEAST we get to park in the building on Sundays, and Saturdays and after 6pm on weekdays. Certainly helps reduce the pain of going to the office after working hours.

Study break has ended, i am not burdened with exams for some time but it means back to WORK. Help me...

All i have to look forward to is 3 public holidays in Dec, another 3 in Jan, a short February and slug through March and i'd reach the one year mark, baby!

Cant wait cant wait. Time, please fly!


typlotion said...

lol anything wrong with Subang Airport? I'm staying there.

Sue Lin said...

After the end of the airport, its another 6km in. Bloody far from Cheras man! Its like.... Federal already 22km and then i need to go in another 12km aiyooooo. Everyday drive 70km

Daniel said...

hi. nice blog.

Interesting posts about audit life. You put up a lot of disclaimers on your blog, as if you were writing a terms of engagement letter!

Sue Lin said...

Hey Daniel! Thanks for the kind comments! =)

LOL, i wrote those disclaimers in my first year of uni, after studying Business Law, didn't realize the linkage with engagement letters!

So u in auditing too?? In a Big 4? In Malaysia or elsewhere? =)

She's Jess said...

Your working life is so interesting. Travelling here & there.

And you look hot there!

Sue Lin said...

No la, its not that interesting, Jess, i just blogged the tiny interesting details cuz i dun wanna bore my friends to death =P

And thanks! =) Almost the same pose as the shadow picture in my Blog header

Daniel said...


yup, i'm in audit too , working for one of the big 4 in Melbourne.

It's not the most exciting job I must admit, but I'm glad I just have a job. Espescially in today's gloomy economic climate!

Sue Lin said...

Hey Daniel, thanks for coming back here and answering my questions =)

Mind me asking more? =) Hows it like in the Big 4 in Australia? I dont know anyone currently working there. I see from ur profile that u are my age, so i guess u've been working for about a year?? PR there in Aust or born there?

Your right, we're lucky to have a job these days. I need to remind myself that often. Especially when i gotta work on a Sunday morning =(

Daniel said...

hi. howz monday work? hope it hasnt been hellish.

answered your queries on FB. didnt want to post up too much of my job details online and couldnt find your email address to mail you.

In anycase, I just got off work today at 7.30 pm. latest ever for the past few months. Guess that spells out how the working life is like in aus.

Sue Lin said...

Its alright today, just some stupid bad traffic crawl cuz of some mad police block. Ridiculous.

Wow, so its not a myth, u people really do go home early there! I heard that if u go home at 8pm, u're like god!

Here, its like... if u get to leave the office at like 7 or 8pm, its early, so when i got home and showered before 8pm i was so thankful!

See u on Facebook. Let the comparisons continue! =P

bacterium said...

Very interesting job you have. Dont you have seniors to accompany you to go to client place?

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Ian, but u must know that i just blogged the interesting parts, the not interesting parts are conveniently left out! Hahaha

Yeah, usually there will be a senior and an A2 (my position, the lowest of the low) but at times we A2s have to go in on our own, say when the senior has training, or meeting, of if there just aren't enough seniors!