Sunday, April 18, 2010

Curry Puffs

Really good curry puffs sold from the car boot of an illegally parked car

The friendly uncle who sells those delicious sinful curry puffs used to drive an old green wira. He upgraded to a nice new shiny car. I wonder why... Dont underestimate 80cents per piece. It goes a long way!

Some say he used sell his curry puffs on a motor bike! Look how far he's come along! (Picture taken in July 2009)


Anonymous said...

I see all the hungry auditors lining up there! Gosh you really miss PwC? LOL HAve you found any jobs yet. I see HAys accounting and Ferrier are hiring!!!!!


Isya said...

<3 uncle curry puff. yet to find out about his son. hihihihiih...

Anonymous said...

LOL his son is drivin the shiny car eh?? Ok, from now onwards I shall initiate to go down and buy curry puffs hehe


Sue Lin said...

Rach, u know what i realised i missed? I miss typing "Below SUD posting level of RM#####, immaterial, suggest leave" and changing the colour of the text to blue! Thats what i miss, the satisfaction of making the reasonableness test reasonable! Hahahahahhaha

Will look into Hays and Ferrier, thanks dear! Ur the best! =)

Isya its been ages! Find Prince Curry Puff! Marry him! Become Princess Curry Puff and ride in the shiny car! Hahah, i am full of nonsense

Rach u dont have to, u have Mr CFO =P

Isya said...

Princess curry puff? that sounds nice :)

who is Mr CFO??!!!!

Sue Lin said...

Hahha, sounds like a fairy tale huh? Princess Curry Puff! Look at Rach's Facebook status updates, u'll see

dawn said...


My favourite part of this blog post:

"Though I'm a free thinker, I said a little prayer for the kangaroo..."

So SWEET! :)

Sue Lin said...

Dawn i felt bad cuz i should have stopped completely and let them chill, just couldnt manage to stop for them =(