Sunday, March 23, 2008

As first weeks go

Mine wasn't bad at all.

I'd say its a good first week
at work cuz: Monday n Tuesdays was spent in five star Avillion, Port Dickson. Wednesday is a day at the office. Thurday is a public holiday and then its Friday another day at the office. Then its the weekends! Hehe

How not to be happy seeing views like that on your very first day of work? I miss the ocean so much, used to see it between Carrum and Bonbeach when taking the Frankston train to the city in Melbourne

Thats me and my roomie!

H is the first person i spoke to during the signing your offer letter session and its such a coincidence that we were assigned to the same room

EW is my the friend i made on the bus to Port Dickson!

She's nice and sweet and always smiling when she sees me! She'll turn 25 this year and she's married! Cool talking to someone who's further in life than me, looking forward to meeting many more experienced people

MY is the high school close friend i had on the trip with me!

If i was more hardworking i could dig through my 18th Birthday's pictures and she would be there!

I barely knew these girls the night this picture was taken, i didnt even know all their names!

But these are the girls i eat lunch with for the 2 training days this week. Of course i know their names now =P

Someone set up a tripod to take a picture of this view and i had to follow suit. Minus the tripod of course =P Love my camera, i just walked passed and snapped! =P Hehe, and this is even possible after dropping my camera in Movieworld. Sony aint as hardy as Canon.

MY and R woke up early and had their breakfast by the pool side!

Then they closed off this section and asked the rest of us to eat upstairs =((( Stole a picture with them anyway.

I almost wanted to sleep through breakfast cuz morning tea was provided but then i remembered that Malaysian hotel buffet breakfasts serve NASI LEMAK! Thats all the motivation i need to jump outta bed!

The week ended with a Firday night dinner in Madam Kwan's all paid for by the company and then a bowling game, even shoes are paid for! I've been eating prawns almost everyday this whole week wei!

Lugging around our laptops (all auditors get one) to Midvalley was a chore though. And i got a scare when this lady walked so close to our laptops, i freaked out and thought she was gonna steal them!

Losing the laptop would incur a RM5000 'cost price' fine oh my god over 2 months' salary. We are getting paid RM2350 a month by the way. Its totally shit cuz u can easily buy TWO and a half laptops for RM5000 these days....

Just a thought, if one person loses a laptop and gets fined, the company can easily use the fine to pay for the whole Madan Kwan's dinner and bowling game. These accountants are smart i tell ya

I freaked out today(Saturday). This lady at the bank filled up a form for me and asked me to check if my info was right. I glanced though and it says i'm a student under occupation. With Monash University as employer. I had to strike that out and write "Auditor" and i had to write my company's name as employer.

Shittttttttttttt, this really is it, a new chapter in my life!


Jazzy*Pam said...

Hie babe!

Congrats on the great first week. :)
And you do get paid pretty well for a fresh graduate! :D

Oh and HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!

meL.a.Nie said...

hey u know hui chung?!?she was my former classmate back in DJ

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Pam.. but regarding the pay... thats what everyone thinks, and thats what i thought when i first heard of RM2350 way back in Dec or Jan. But to be honest u guys are just WAY outdated la sorry! I dont want to sound rude but for the amount of hours i will have to put in RM2350 is slave labour, the day will come when u hear get an sms from me at work at 2am.

Mel who is Hui Ching? Most of them used Eng name

Joey said...

All expense paid? Wow!! Hope you aren't over-working yourself. How are your colleagues so far?

Sue Lin said...

Joey hey, yeah la, just a 2 days one night thing without much time for relaxing but its alright as i dun have to go straight into actually working yet.

God training itself is tiring like shit... its like i gotta study!

Colleagues are nice 70% of them... but it was easier talking to people on the first two days than it is talking to new faces now... now kinda like talk to the people u already know, slightly more click-ish la. People i share a table with are great and funny la... but might not actually be working with these other fresh grads later on... we'll be assigned to different seniors under our respective industries

meL.a.Nie said...

ok,u know dat pic where all 8 gals r sitting on da 4-poster bed,da small size gal wearing blue top wearing a black jacket?

she's my former classmate & 1 of my good frens

jAmEs said...

that's a very good start with a trip.... let you relax first before the booze starts to comes along ... haha.... good move.

seems like only lady auditors get to go for this trip ...hmmm./.. just wondering

Sue Lin said...

Melanie, ohhhhh i seee!Haha, i'll ask her about you tomorrow! Everyone knows someone somewhere. There are a few ex-Ausmats working with me as well!

Hey James, haha, no la, plenty of guys went for the trip. But only this group of girls went to look at my garden view room and then i went to look at their water chalet.

Alvin Lim said...

mmm not sure if my previous comment has been posted since it entered error page.

anyway, most companies would've some insurance coverage for the laptops. i lost a 5k laptop last time, stolen. luckily i don have to pay :P

anyway, seems like u r enjoying ur work a lot there :D

Sue Lin said...

Hie Alvin Lim! Sorry it seems like i was ignoring you, i didnt know you commented back in 2008.

Lucky you didnt have to pay, i think it depends on the situation, i've heard that in cases of housebreak-ins, you dont have to pay. But there was a horror story that a girl's laptop got snatched and she was forced to pay. Not sure if that is true